Bloomberg Has a Dossier of His Own, and It’s Not Good

How long did we have to hear about the Steele Dossier? Was it two whole years before Mueller finally came out and said it was bogus? Though it was obvious to Trump supporters from the get go, the ridiculous claims in the Steele dossier were disproven and Democrats finally had to admit it.

It didn’t go too well for Democrats then and this next piece of information isn’t going too well for the Democrat who is the subject of a new bombshell dossier.  It turns out not all dossiers alleging bad behavior by a billionaire are fake.

You see where this is going. There’s a new dossier, but this one is all about failed presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg.

This dossier is a lot more interesting than the Steele one about Trump. First off, it’s a lot more believable. The claims in it make sense with what we already know about Bloomberg. Moreover it’s already been verified.  

The Bloomberg includes testimony from at least 40 employees. That’s not a small amount of dirt. The problems for Bloomberg start small enough, but they escalate into some damning stuff.

For starters, the employees retell that Bloomberg wouldn’t call women by their names. Instead, he made up unflattering nicknames like “horse-faced lesbian.”

Now any Trump supporter can laugh at ridiculous nicknames and shrug off these accusations. Being mean isn’t a crime. The problem is that the Democrats have spent the last four years condemning Donald Trump for being mean. Bloomberg clearly doesn’t pass their purity test.

Can they really accept money from a man who goes so clearly against their ideals? Of course they can. Hypocrisy is the first principle of leftism.

In escalating allegations, Bloomberg refused to promote a woman because she weighed too much. That probably violates existing discrimination laws. It’s also a bad plan if you believe in meritocracy. If she was the best for the job, why wouldn’t he hire her? Did he discriminate against men based on their weight the same way? Probably not. This is at least bordering on a civil infraction. It’s also stupid.

Still, the biggest dirt in the dossier involves Al Hunt. He was a higher-up in Bloomberg’s company for decades. Hunt was charged with a bunch of sexual problems, including sexual harassment and sexual assault.

In fact, the full list of complaints against Hunt was long and extremely vile. It starts with him giving unsolicited massages. It includes sexual discrimination in hiring and promotion practices. It includes sleeping with junior staffers, and it’s capped with multiple accusations of criminal sexual assault.

Where does Bloomberg fit in? He made all of those charges and complaints go away for Hunt. This alone means that Bloomberg was complicit in the sexual assaults.  

Then again, Bloomberg dropped out of the race. He entered the race late, spent three quarters of a billion dollars, and then proceeded to be completely demolished on Super Tuesday. He literally paid nearly a billion dollars to embarrass himself and prove that American elections aren’t really for sale.

So, should we let him off the hook?

Of course not. Bloomberg may not be running for office anymore, but he isn’t done trying to sway this election. He’s promised to spend hundreds of millions more to help Joe Biden defeat Donald Trump in November. We need to make sure that every American in the country knows exactly who is trying to buy their votes. Share this story far and wide. Make sure you speak up every time you see an ad paid for a Democrat super pac. It’s time to be relentless. This guy needs to go away and leave America alone.

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