Democrat Leaders Breathe Sigh of Relief as Joe Biden Stuns Crazy Bernie on Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday was a stunning wakeup call for Bernie Sanders supporters. The one who finally woke up, apparently, was Sleepy Joe Biden.

Biden’s best evening ever of his life started with a big win in Virginia. Yes, Virginia, you gave Joe over 50% of the vote. That was an incredible win considering Biden didn’t campaign in the state, had no offices and only spent a $1,000 running ads. He basically did nothing and still won big. Sanders walked away with 23.1% of the votes, and Elizabeth Warren won 10.8%.

Mike Bloomberg, on the other hand, may want his money back after Tuesday’s disastrous performance. After essentially setting nearly a quarter of a billion dollars on fire, Mini Mike got less than 10% with no delegates in Virginia. He didn’t win a single state on Tuesday (except American Samoa which is a U.S. territory). Bloomberg immediately fired all his bogus political consultants and dropped out of the race yesterday. At least he still has some sense.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren is proving she still has no sense by vowing to stay in the race. I’m positive at some point we’ll see Elizabeth Warren go off to the hill to writer her version of Hillary’s “What Happened” which will undoubtedly include how, despite her humiliation in her home state, she still hopes for a brokered convention come July in which she can somehow steal the nomination from Biden or Sanders.  

Some Bernie supporters and surrogates are calling Joe’s surprising Super Tuesday performance a coup. They believe the establishment rallied around Biden to hurt Sander’s chances. Everyone’s favorite crystal-loving hippie flake, former candidate Marianne Williamson ranted after Biden’s astonishing wins that Biden’s surge “was a coup. Russiagate was not a coup. Mueller was not a coup. Impeachment was not a coup.”

Whether coup or visceral reaction, Bernie knows he’s got an uphill climb ahead of him to win the nomination. He chose the socialist-friendly CNN to state the truth of the matter, “I think, as you know, from day one we have been taking on the establishment, whether it is the corporate establishment, you know, Wall Street, the drug companies, the insurance companies, the fossil fuel industry, or the political establishment.”

So, the score at the end of 4 innings is establishment 1, socialist Bernie 0.

The irony is that Crazy Bernie opens most of his winding rants along the lines that he wants to defeat “the most dangerous and corrupt President in American history.” In the self-delusion of his Marxist megalomania, he doesn’t get it. Actually, Bernie is the most dangerous candidate for president in American history.

Bernie’s words again, “Our administration will transform this country to create an economy and a government that works for all of the people, not just the 1 percent. It will not be the same old same old.”

Presumably, “all of the people” Sanders is talking about includes the 20+ million illegal aliens in this country, many of who are on welfare and Medicare. Apparently the “same old same old” establishment spoke up quickly and, except for the People’s Republic of California, agree with President Trump that America will never be a socialist country.

But it is still early, and there are over 60% more delegates to be won in future races. Biden is at 547 delegates and Sanders is at 484 (with more still rolling in as final results from all 14 Super Tuesday states aren’t completed yet). Both candidates still have a path to victory needing 1,991 delegates to secure the nomination.

Nevertheless, Biden had a much better night than Sanders. Biden won nine states against Bloomberg’s big bucks and Bernie’s earnest Bolshevik true believers. His wins in Texas, Minnesota, and Massachusetts were incredibly shocking as every political pundit had predicted Sanders would win those states.

The Democrat establishment has taken Bernie’s power grab seriously. They and their Wall Street donors, and the Washington swamp don’t want everything to fall apart with a Bernie Sanders candidacy that would cost them the next election—including their majority in the House of Representatives. The nightmare scenario would be his actually winning the Presidency and an inauguration speech that would rival the Communist Manifesto.

So far, so good, as President Trump continues his winning streak.

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