CNN and MSNBC Triggered when Bloomberg Runs Edited Twitter Video But Remained Silent over Schiff’s Lying Telephone Stunt

Mike Bloomberg didn’t have many good moments in his first debate, but one of them was priceless. He ran the moment in an edited Twitter video. He asked, “I’m the only one here I think that’s ever started a business. Is that fair?”

The video was a 20-second edited shot panning to each of his opponents, and, of course, no one spoke up.

Yes, the Bloomberg tweet poked fun at his rivals, who, of course never started a business. The individual shots homed in on each candidate who showed varying degrees of perplexity and discomfort.

Liberal pundits on CNN and MSNBC were outraged. “He’s making another mistake,” whined CNN’s Dana Bash. “That didn’t happen. It is a deceptively edited video.” Well, the chirping cricket sounds didn’t happen, but the effect was nevertheless hilarious.

But where was their outrage over Adam Schiff’s lame stunt at the House impeachment hearings? Schiff actually read a totally fictional telephone conversation between President Trump and the Ukrainian leader into the official committee proceedings. The mainstream press response was breathless silence. Maybe, they hoped, if they didn’t push back, some of the mud would stick to the President they despised.

When Schiff was finally called out on his fake presentation, he shrugged and said words to the effect, “Well, it’s only parody. Don’t you get it? If you don’t, that says a lot about you.”

Yeah, we get it. Unfortunately, when it comes to humor, satire, and parody, liberals don’t get it either. Good satire must be based on reality. Bloomberg’s video exaggerates to illustrate the truth about Democrats. Schiff’s parody both in style and substance because it was a scurrilous lie.

In any case, having to answer a question on whether anyone there ever started a business put Democrats off message. Bernie Sanders hates billionaires with the white-hot heat of ten thousand suns. Bernie’s message is that the time has come for billionaires to stop controlling our elections.

It must be difficult for Democrat candidates to stand on the same stage with a billionaire former Republican. Bloomberg is the antithesis of Bernie Sanders’ message. In fact, one could imagine the thoughts of the other candidates when Bloomberg asked them whether they had ever started a business on their own: (Spoiler alert: the following is satire.)

Bernie Sanders: Why should I start a business when I can kick back millions in campaign ad funds and tax dollars to me and my wife?

Elizabeth Warren: Let’s be careful here, folks. We need guys like Bloomberg and Soros to help pay for those welfare programs I love.

Pete Buttigieg: Is this guy really a Democrat? Democrats don’t start businesses; they tax them and give jobs to their friends and family.

Amy Klobuchar: I think I’ll pass on this one. I’d really like to run for Vice President, but it’s not looking good for Joe Biden and Buttigieg gets on my nerves.

Joe Biden: I wish I had refused that cup of coffee before the debate. Thank God for Depends. Wait. What was the question?

If the liberal media would ever play fair they would have been as outraged at Adam Schiff’s fake phone call depicting President Trump as a mob boss as they were at Bloomberg’s edited Twitter video. Perhaps if they acted like the unbiased journalists they claim to be and pushed back when politicians lie on national TV more Democrats wouldn’t keep pulling stunts like this. That’s apparently too much to ask for from our media.  

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