Brexit Shows What Happens When Leaders Care About Their Own People

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The phenomenon of people in power despising the very people they’re supposed to be governing isn’t happening solely in America. It’s happening all over in Western nations. The result has been fascinating to watch. Leaders who favor their own people over foreigners from the Third World have been getting elected in landslide victories.

It’s like having a bunch of mini Trumps out there! From Bolsanaro in Brazil to Matteo Salvini in Italy, are you starting to sense a pattern?

If you think Trump’s impeachment was bogus, by the way, check out what Italy’s government is trying to do to the wildly popular Salvini right now. That nation’s Senate has filed criminal kidnapping charges against him, for having the audacity to force a boatload of Third World invaders turn around in the Mediterranean Sea and go back to Africa.

And in Great Britain or whatever we’re supposed to call it these days (The UK? Just ‘Britain’ because the ‘Great’ is offensive? I can’t keep track), the people have finally achieved “Brexit” after only having to vote on the referendum approximately 7,000 times. And Brexit is going swimmingly, from the latest reports.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government is now very close to implementing a points-based immigration system. This is a fulfillment of a long-standing campaign promise to the people of Britain.

Unlike America, where we have lots of space so the globalist elites can hide our demographic destruction by flooding places like Portland, Maine and Twin Falls, Idaho with hordes of Third World welfare cases, Britain is relatively tiny. They couldn’t hide mass immigration from the Brits, because they were seeing it all around them.

It didn’t help that the soulless British government kept passing increasingly totalitarian measures to shut everyone up. Police in London now spend most of their time looking for thought criminals on Twitter who point out that foreigners are stabbing people in the streets. Sending British patriots to prison for noticing that Pakistani grooming gangs seem to be raping an awful lot of British schoolgirls wasn’t very popular with the voters, either.

So now, the British people have finally voted in a government that is not only free from foreign control by unelected EU bureaucrats in Brussels but is also beginning to take the first baby steps toward saving themselves from the damage that’s already been done.

Eventually, Western nations will have to choose between sending all the invaders back home or having their nations destroyed from “within.” Blocking who gets in is a great start for the British government.

Under the points plan that people have seen, migrants have to score fairly high to be able to immigrate to Britain. First, they have to be able to speak English. I know, crazy baseline, right? Xenophobic weirdoes!

New immigrants to Britain will need to have actual skills in an actual job that people do in Britain. Goat herders need not apply. Plus, there won’t be any British workers being fired the moment they finish training their replacement from India on how to do their job. (Hello, Disney!) If you need to be “trained,” you’re not getting into Britain. In addition, you have to have an actual job offer to do the job that you’ve been trained in, with a minimum salary requirement.

Here’s where it starts to get incredibly wonderful for the British people. Even if a migrant surpasses all of those hurdles – English-speaking, skills, job is needed, actual job offer is in hand – you still would not have enough points to be allowed into Britain. That would get you 50 points, but you need at least 70 points, or they’ll put you back on the boat.

If you want to get those last 20 points, you need to be an especially impressive sort of immigrant – and there needs to be a shortage of workers in your particular field. Basically, unless you’re a doctor or nurse with years of experience, or you have a PhD in your field and there happens to be an opening, you don’t get to move into Britain.

True story: Britain has a labor shortage of classical ballet dancers right now. Something tells me the boatloads of migrants from Syria and Africa don’t have special skills in classical ballet. Congratulations to the Brits! This is what an immigration policy looks like when a nation’s leaders care about their own people.

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