Ha! Illegal Aliens “Pokémon Go” to Jail & Deportation

Some of the most cringe-worthy moments of the 2016 election – aside from Hillary Clinton’s seizures and collapses – were when she attempted to reference pop culture to try to show people how hip and cool she is. Like the time when she said she was going to “Pokémon Go” all the way to the White House. Yeesh!

That was brutal and it backfired spectacularly on her. Candidate Donald Trump immediately tweeted a meme spoofing the popular kids’ game, in which users tried to catch Hillary’s missing 30,000 classified emails before she deletes all of them with Bleach Bit.

In a hilarious turn of events, the Trump administration is today using “Pokémon Go” and other children’s games that adult illegal aliens are fascinated by to track and locate them for arrest and deportation. The Wall Street Journal reports/complains that the totalitarian Trump regime is using cell phone tracking data from phone apps like games and weather reports to catch and detain illegals before shipping them south to await a “refugee” hearing under the Remain in Mexico program. (Current chances of an illegal alien being granted refugee status by one of Trump’s fancy new immigration judges who can read what the laws say: Statistically near ZERO).

The two big drug cartel tunnels located this year – one in Arizona and one in California – were discovered by illegal aliens using their cell phones as they marched through the tunnels into America.

It’s almost too funny for words.

In other immigration news, the Department of Homeland Security is cracking down on sanctuary states, with particular emphasis on New York right now. New York started granting driver’s licenses to illegal aliens at the first of the year. You’ve probably seen the insanely long lines at New York DMVs as hordes of illegals jump at the chance for an ID which they can use in turn to steal jobs from Americans and register to meddle in our elections unlawfully.

The Governor of New York, Fredo Cuomo’s brother, added to the insanity by blocking DHS, ICE and other federal agencies from accessing its DMV databases – in order to protect illegals even further. Oh, and illegals in sanctuary states don’t have to get a Real ID by next November in order to continue accessing our air travel system. You have to get a Real ID to take a plane – but the illegals don’t.

In response, the DHS has announced that it can no longer allow New Yorkers to access certain “trusted traveler” air programs, such as “Green Light.” That’s a program where you go through a background check once a year, so when you fly overseas and come back to the US, you don’t have to wait in a super-long line at Customs.

Since the DHS can no longer access New York’s driver license database, it can’t administer the Green Light passes – to anyone from New York.

This is also nearly too funny for words.

New York features several of the largest airports in the US. They’re crowded and the lines were crazy to begin with. But now, because New York’s state government refuses to comply with federal immigration authorities, all New Yorkers who are frequent flyers get to pay the price. Hilarious!

New York voters will ultimately have to decide whether they want to elect politicians who favor them first – or illegal aliens. In the meantime, frequent flyers from New York had better bring some reading material to the airport. (Or, might I suggest they try out the new Pokémon game to pass the time!)

The open borders crowd is really between a rock and a hard place on this one. They know that if DHS is allowed to check driver’s licenses in the state database, they’ll be scooping up lots of illegal aliens who fly into New York.

And now the New York voters are enraged because every day at the airport has become just like the Thanksgiving break – interminably long lines. Good luck with that when the Coronavirus starts spreading at La Guardia, guys!

Plus, it’s too late to back out now because so many illegal aliens in New York have received new driver licenses.

Just as the Dreamers are now hilariously being moved into deportation proceedings, those state-issued driver licenses have now created a near-permanent paper trail. When an illegal alien signs their name to any government document (such as a driver license and application), it’s a violation of federal immigration law – whether a sanctuary state issues the driver license or not. In other words, it’s one more crime that can be used as a mark against an illegal if they end up in deportation proceedings.

So, sign up for those driver licenses, illegal aliens! Just understand that President Trump is gonna “catch ‘em all!” And then you can “Pokémon Go” straight to jail and deportation!

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