Why Hillary Will Be the 2020 Nominee after New Hampshire

Have you ever seen anything as chaotic and topsy-turvy as this ongoing Democrat primary? I can remember one in my lifetime, and it wasn’t that long ago: The Republican primary in 2016.

In 2016 the GOP establishment couldn’t stand Donald Trump. The other 16 Republican candidates didn’t think much of him, either (although some, like Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, later embraced him as allies). Trump was a revolutionary figure who tossed the GOP establishment on its head, and then metaphorically stole its wallet, pushed it down the stairs, kicked sand in its face and left the banquet with the GOP’s girlfriend on his arm. It was brutal.

The difference between that primary and the Democrat primary of 2020 is that ultimately, the GOP decided to have fair elections. They were still ethical enough to not cheat the rightful nominee out of the job. But no one in the Democrat establishment has any qualms about cheating their rightful nominee in 2020. Bernie’s got a long road ahead of him!

This political turmoil is happening everywhere in the Western world right now, by the way. The British people finally achieved their “Brexit” to separate from the EU. German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Minister of Defense, a woman named Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, was widely expected to be the next leader of that nation when Merkel finally steps down. But Kramp-Karrenbauer resigned from government service this week when she realized from all of the polling that her political career is doomed. Nationalist voters who are sick of Germany being overrun by foreign migrants and bowing down to the EU are on the rise, and Kramp-Karrenbauer stood no chance of surviving the next election.

And Irish voters are so disgusted with the EU that they’re about to put the Sinn Fein party in charge. That name probably doesn’t mean much if you’re under 40, but for those of us old enough to remember, Sinn Fein started out as the political wing of a literal terrorist group. But Irish voters will take that over being ruled by despicable, unelected EU bureaucrats and bankers.

In the US, Donald Trump was the choice of traditional Americans to upset the elite’s apple cart. And for many Democrat voters who are secretly disgusted with the Clinton/Obama wing of the establishment, Bernie Sanders is their choice.

The Democrats are clearly in a panic about this. Even Chris Matthews of MSNBC is waxing philosophical about how much he hates socialists all of a sudden. He told a panel over the weekend that he expects to be killed in the town square if a socialist like Bernie takes over the country. We’ll probably be right there with you, Chris, but unlike you, we didn’t ask for any of this.

The Democrat establishment put all its money on Joe Biden, and we all know where that got them. Joe’s latest bit of wisdom involved calling a woman a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier” at a campaign event. “Turn on the record player” and shout it from the rooftops, Joe! And don’t forget, “Poor kids are just as smart as white kids!”

After the sad and pathetic collapse of Biden, we’re now entering the bloody free-for-all stage of the primary season. Remember the 2004 primary for the Democrats? First, John Edwards’ hair was going to save us from George W. Bush. Then it was Howard Dean, then it was Wesley Clark, then it was Joe Lieberman.

If you had given me a billion monkeys typing away on a billion typewriters for one billion years to come up with a prediction, I never would have guessed that John Kerry would have been the ultimate nominee that year. But he was.

This year is going to be similarly chaotic, and here’s why: Tom Steyer is positioning himself to take the South Carolina primary on February 29th.


No joke. He’s the screechy little billionaire who hates Donald Trump, not to be confused with the other little billionaire who hates Trump, Mini Mike Bloomberg. Steyer has dumped a record $14 million into TV and radio ads in South Carolina, another $100 grand in black-owned newspapers, has 93 staffers hired and an army of volunteers that dwarfs many of the other candidates’ support. The screechy little fellow is now in second place in all the polling coming out of South Carolina – and rising.

After Iowa and New Hampshire, if Tom Steyer comes out of nowhere with a strong showing in South Carolina, the Democrats are headed for a brokered convention. The Biden campaign realizes this too; immediately after Biden tanked in New Hampshire, his campaign began spreading a rumor that Steyer had dropped out of the race. (Totally false – Andrew Yang and that guy from Colorado dropped out, but not Steyer.)

And a brokered convention is what you-know-who and the DNC have set as their back up plan to stop Bernie. If there’s no nominee by the time of the convention, Hillary Clinton will crawl out of her hole as a safe “third” alternative to rescue the party from the socialists and the dullards.

A lot of Bernie delegates may be so disgusted with the antics of the Biden, Buttigieg, Warren and Klobuchar campaigns by then that they’ll vote for her too – as their third choice.

And then it’ll be a Trump-Clinton race for the general election.

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