Warren’s New Plan to Fight Climate Change: More Homeless

Good news everyone! Elizabeth Warren has a new plan. She has recognized the issue of climate change, and she’s going to save the world.

How is she going to do it?

She’s going to be elected as president. Once she holds that office, she’ll make laws that regulate new housing development. If housing is green enough, then CO2 emissions will disappear around the globe.

Thanks Elizabeth Warren! Your plan to cripple the housing market and increase homelessness is something no other candidate had the guts to propose! You’re a genius!

I hope you knew that was sarcasm. Warren’s plan is so crazy, that only liberal elitist like her would think it’s a good idea.

Homelessness is a problem everywhere, not just California. But, we all know that CA has it much worse than other states, and there are clear reasons for that. We can use California as a case study, and it will really highlight everything wrong with Warren’s ideas.

There are two main reasons California has more homeless than anywhere else: housing policies and homeless policies. With the latter, they have basically made it illegal to get homeless people off the streets. It’s pretty obvious why that’s stupid.

The housing policy is actually the bigger problem though. California zoning laws, construction regulations and intricate red tape make it genuinely difficult to increase the state’s housing capacity. People constantly move to California for good jobs — which are still fairly abundant — but they can’t find a place to live.

The regulations make new housing construction slower and way more expensive. Most of the ridiculous housing prices you hear about in San Francisco or L.A. are not natural reflections of the market; they’re artificially increased by bad policy.

When people can’t possibly afford a place to live, they end up homeless. It isn’t rocket science.

This brings us to Elizabeth Warren. She said that in order to fight climate change, she would make it federally illegal to build new homes that don’t live up to harsh efficiency standards. She wants to take California policy, multiply it, and then unleash it on the entire country.

Let’s make this as simple as possible. The population of the U.S. is growing. If regulations make it hard to construct new housing, then the population will grow faster than housing. That leads to more homeless across the country. Again, this isn’t rocket science.

Either Warren doesn’t care that she’s promoting policy that will make millions of people become homeless or she doesn’t care. Either way, what she’s suggesting is dangerous.

Even worse, it won’t even help with climate change. India has the worst pollution in the world. They have the second-highest greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, and in a few years, they’ll be number one. The majority of people living in India don’t have access to cars, electricity, heating or — you guessed it — housing. The majority of people in India live in homeless conditions at least part of the year. Despite that, their pollution and greenhouse gas emissions are pretty much the worst in the world and growing fast.

Warren’s plan for climate change would push the U.S. in the direction of India. Instead of curbing emissions faster than any other country, our emissions would skyrocket, all so she could push Americans out of affordable housing options. There’s no justification for this. Elizabeth Warren is clearly unfit to hold any office in this country.

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