Nunes the Hero vs. FISA Court Zeroes

The presiding judge over the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), a lady named Rosemary Collyer, has finally weighed in on the fact that James Comey’s FBI punked her with fake documents. Judge Collyer, who sounds like she’d be fun to take to a monster truck rally, has wrung her hands and declared, “Well, I never!”

Her remedy to the FBI repeatedly perjuring itself to the court, forging documents to frame Carter Page, withholding relevant exculpatory information and attempting a seditious coup against a sitting president is… revised procedures at the FBI.

That’s weird, especially when you consider that if you did the same thing as the Comey Collusion Squad did to a court, you’d go to federal prison for up to 15 years on just the forgery charge alone. (An FBI lawyer altered the contents of an email submitted to the court to make it appear to say the opposite of what its author asserted, per the IG Report.) The correct remedy to this situation, contrary to Judge Collyer’s opinion, is jail time for every crook involved in the crimes.

The problem with Judge Collyer’s huffy proclamations all of a sudden is that she has known that the FBI committed these crimes right in front of her since February 7, 2018. That’s when then-Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes (R-CA) sent Collyer a letter explaining exactly what the FBI did, who done it, when it was done and why it was done.

That letter was sent five days after the House Intelligence Committee publicly released its report for the whole world to see on FISA court abuse against former Trump campaign employee Carter Page. By the way, Nunes’ report was completely vindicated when the IG Report on FISA abuse came out on December 9, 2019.

Nunes got everything right, and he sent the same info to Judge Collyer. But now she’s shocked, shocked I tell you, to learn that abuse of her court took place nearly two years ago.

Nunes also requested transcripts from Collyer’s secret FISA court of the hearings in which the court rubber-stamped all of the criminally bogus warrants against Carter Page.

Rosemary Collyer’s response was to turn up her nose and sniff at Congressman Nunes that if the transcripts did exist, they’d be classified. That’s also weird. Does Judge Collyer not know that the Chairman of the House Select Committee on Intelligence is a member of the “Intelligence Gang of Eight” in Congress?

This group, comprised of four Representatives and four Senators, is one of the only checks and balances against the Executive branch and the FISA court when it comes to classified documents. Those eight Members of Congress can view any classified document that they request, as part of their oversight of intelligence agencies. Nothing can be withheld from them.

But Judge Collyer dismissed Nunes’ request for the Carter Page warrant transcripts and told him to ask the Department of Justice for them. As if the DOJ would suddenly cooperate with Nunes after two years of withholding evidence from the Intel Committee.

The only conclusion we can reach in this is that the presiding judge of the FISA Court, Rosemary Collyer, is a pink-hat-wearing #Resistance member who believes despite all lack of evidence that President Trump colluded with Russia. If she took her oath as a judge seriously, she would have held a contempt hearing and called Rod Rosenstein, James Comey, Sally Yates, Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe and the rest of the coup plotters to appear before the court and explain their criminal actions.

But she didn’t do that. She turned up her nose at Devin Nunes and dismissed him, even though his information was 100% accurate. And now she pretends that she just found out about all this when the IG Report came out.

It’s not Judge Collyer’s fault that the FBI lied to the court and submitted forged documents to it. But she’s known about the crimes committed in front of her court for almost two years and hasn’t exercised her considerable power as a federal judge to do anything about it. The fact that she has pretty much smeared Congressman Nunes who was doing a patriotic duty to his nation in this matter tells you everything you need to know about the FISA Court. It’s just as corrupt as the FBI.

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