Ilhan Omar’s Name Pops Up in Florida Murder-Kidnapping Lawsuit

I’ve written in the past about how the political left in America plays dirty-trick psy-ops against conservatives in order to protect their own corrupt members. When I first ran across some new information about Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN), I originally dismissed it as one of these fake news psy-ops. But when I had a little bit of free time on my hands, I did some digging and – holy smokes – this one turns out to be mostly true.

For those who don’t know how these psy-ops against the right work, I’ll first use Ilhan Omar in a hypothetical example.

We all know that the Somali-born Muslim congresswoman married her own biological brother in a Christian ceremony a decade ago in order to commit immigration fraud. This has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. In order to minimize the damage from that scandal, the left would run a psy-op something like this.

First, they would craft an outlandish, fake story about Ilhan Omar and disseminate it on phony, Soros-owned conspiracy sites. The fake story would be something along the lines of, “Trump suspends posse, arrests Ilhan Omar as co-conspirator in 9/11 attacks.” That’s so obviously fake that most of us would shrug and dismiss it. Unfortunately, there are always a few everyday people on the right who are duped by a story like that – and they will spread it all over social media.

Then, the “real” news outlets will run a story debunking the Ilhan-Omar-Arrested-Over-9/11 hoax. Outlets like, the Huffington Post, Snopes, PolitiFact and Taterhead Stelter on CNN will all run stories about how toothless Tea Party Trump supporters in MAGA hats are all so stupid that they fell for an obvious hoax about the poor, innocent little Ilhan Omar. “They’re always attacking her with these easily-debunked conspiracy theories! Dummies!”

Finally, any mention of Ilhan Omar’s marriage to her brother in the future then has the “conspiracy theory” shield around it. From that point on, media talking heads will look straight into the camera and tell viewers that Ilhan Omar could not possibly have married her own brother, because she was never arrested for the 9/11 attacks. It’s all one big conspiracy theory!

This is why I originally dismissed the new Ilhan Omar story out of Florida, of all places. It sounds too outlandish to be true. But up to a certain point, a lot of the following is 100% true.

Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani is being sued in federal court in Florida by two of his former American employees. The Sheikh is the brother of the grand poohbah Emir of Qatar.

You’ve probably seen Al-Thani in the news a couple of times over the past two years. He’s the “Beverly Hills” Sheikh who’s always getting arrested for driving his Ferrari 145 mph in a 35-mph zone and going to the hospital for cocaine overdoses. Yeah, that guy. One of the employees suing the Sheikh is a paramedic who the Sheikh hired to revive him when he parties too hard and ODs.

Pro Tip: When you’re doing so much cocaine that you have to hire your own personal paramedic, perhaps it’s time for some rehab. I bet Hunter Biden knows someone who can help!

The two former American employees of the Sheikh are suing him for monetary damages. They allege that the Sheikh offered to pay them to murder one of his rivals. They say that when they refused, the Sheikh held them hostage in his palace in Qatar and refused to let them come back to America.

Sounds pretty wild so far, but again, all of this is true so far. They’re suing the Sheikh in federal court in Florida and you can look it up for yourself. Attorneys for the plaintiffs are now deposing witnesses for their case. One of the witnesses they just deposed was a Kuwaiti-born man who is now a Canadian citizen, a guy who goes by the name Alan Bender. Mr. Bender has deep ties to a lot of important folks in the Middle East, including the Emir of Qatar (Sheikh Snorty Ferrari’s brother).

During his deposition, Bender says that he had multiple conversations with the Emir’s Secretary for Security Affairs and other high-ranking Qatari officials. In several of those conversations, Bender alleges that the Qataris boasted to him about how they have bought and paid for several American politicians.

Bender says the Qataris told him that the “jewel of the crown” in this scheme is none other than Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). Bender also alleges that Ilhan Omar has used her position in Congress to pass sensitive information to Qatari officials, which they in turn shared with Iran.

How much of this is true? Well, the Sheikh is definitely being sued for trying to coerce his employees into committing murder and then kidnapping them. And Bender did give a deposition in which he made his claims about Ilhan Omar being a bought-and-paid-for agent for Qatar and Iran. Whether these claims about Ilhan Omar are true… we don’t know yet. But a Canadian businessman was confident enough in the claims to state them in a federal deposition.

One thing we do know is that every previous allegation against Ilhan Omar, regarding her wild marital history, immigration fraud, student loan fraud, campaign finance fraud, adultery, abandoning her husband and kids for a campaign advisor, and paying that campaign advisor hundreds of thousands of dollars for “travel” during non-campaign-related trips that she took with him, have turned out to be true.

What do you think? What are the chances that this latest allegation against her is true?

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