11,000 “Climate Change Experts” Want to Kill Billions to Reduce Carbon Emissions

A few weeks ago a woman appeared in the audience at an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talk. The woman appeared crazed and said AOC’s plan wasn’t going far enough to counteract global warming.

She said, “Even if we bomb the Russians, it’s still not enough!” Then she pointed to the people in the audience saying, “All of you are a pollutant! We need to eat the babies! I love that you promote the Green New Deal, but it’s not enough- we need to start eating babies!”

No one has heard from that woman since she made her bizarre statements. Some people think she was just trolling Ocasio-Cortez and her audience. Some people think she was speaking in earnest, and earnestly insane. The one most shocking thing we noticed was that no one in the audience seemed shocked, disturbed, or even moderately disquieted by the things she said. One woman sitting near her can even be seen emphatically nodding.

Imagine being called a pollutant by someone who wants to bomb the Russians and eat babies, and agreeing. Think of what kind of mind a person has to have to behave that way.

What that moment taught us is that the people who believe in what Ocasio-Cortez is saying are thoroughly insane. Even AOC herself doesn’t believe those things. When the woman began chanting about eating babies all the color drained from Ocasio-Cortez’s face. It’s obvious she is not fully in mental lockstep with her rabid fans.

Now that we know that the progressive left is sufficiently anti-human as to smile and nod at the prospect of eating babies- it shouldn’t surprise anyone to hear that 11,000 so-called scientists have called for billions of people to be killed in the name of saving the planet.

This week Bloomberg tweeted, “Some 11,000 scientists call for population control in mass climate alarm.”

In an article published on Tuesday in the Journal BioScience, two spokesmen for the group of mad scientists wrote, “We declare, with more than 11,000 scientist signatories from around the world, clearly and unequivocally that planet Earth is facing a climate emergency. We are encouraged by a recent surge of concern,”

The spokesmen continued, “Governmental bodies are making climate emergency declarations. Schoolchildren are striking. Ecocide lawsuits are proceeding in the courts. Grassroots citizen movements are demanding change, and many countries, states and provinces, cities, and businesses are responding.”

You read that correctly. They are calling their plan, their policy, their evil plot- “Ecocide.”

Like all double-edged ideas to come out of the globalist Left, the name of their plan is an inversion. The so-called scientists say people are suing in resistance to what they are calling “ecocide.” They are the “Ecocide” lawsuits. But the term implies what they intend- global murder.

The plan does not just call for drafting into law measures that would cut carbon emissions, curtail pollution, or other such things. It mostly just calls for population control-ie killing people, aborting babies and stopping new births.

On its surface, these groups say it means cutting birth rates. But in the same way cries for abortion privileges have been a way to push for after-birth child murder, these efforts to make population control normal are part of a push to normalize mass murder.

Remember, you are made of carbon. When they call it a pollutant- they are calling you a pollutant. All they want is to justify their murdering you.

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