We Won’t Get a Second Chance After the Illegal Immigrant-Democrat Axis Outvotes Us

Sorry if this sounds like something the dimwitted bartender congresswoman would say, but we are in an existential crisis and we only have about 12 years or so for Western Civilization to survive unless we turn it around right now.

Unlike the dimwit (and every Democrat running for president), I’m not talking about the weather. America’s existential crisis is mass immigration. Unless we turn off the immigration spigot right now and halt all immigration – legal and illegal – America is lost.

When the lights go off here, what do you suppose happens to the rest of the world? American farmers still feed about 80 to 90 percent of the rest of the planet, so it’s not likely to be pretty.

Demographics are destiny. Texas is about to flip to permanent “blue” status in presidential elections. Once that happens, patriotic, conservative, Christian Americans who built this country will never be able to send a president to the White House again. We will never hold a majority in the House again.

This isn’t happening because Texans are suddenly smitten with Bernie Sanders. It’s happening because mass immigration is changing the population of Texas – and 80% of immigrants allowed into the country since 1970 are socialists who vote Democrat.

Anytime a Republican politician tells you, “Golly, I just LOVE legal immigrants” you can rest assured that you are dealing with a certifiably stupid person who is incapable of second-grade math.

Dear Congressman Bonehead: 8 out of 10 legal immigrants will never vote for you in any circumstance. If the federal government plops 5,000 legal immigrants in your district annually, how many years will it be before you are permanently out of a job?

In case no one else has noticed, America is turning into a Third World hellhole. The “state” of California was worried that heavy winds would spark wildfires this month. The state’s solution was to have power companies shut the electricity off for several days for more than half a million serfs. An elderly man who relied on oxygen tanks to survive was dead within minutes of electric company PG&E shutting the power off.

Shutting the power off for days at a time is not an American solution to a problem. That’s the sort of “problem solving” that you see in countries to the south of our southern border.

Our infrastructure is crumbling everywhere you go. You might still live in a nice neighborhood, but how does the city or town where you live look? Let me guess: Things are starting to look a little bit shabby in the UN Refugee Resettlement neighborhood, right?

The City of New Orleans is trying to decide whether to evacuate several blocks of its Business District and the French Quarter, because a single vibrantly diverse immigrant had an oopsie with the hotel he was constructing. After Praveen Kailas spent several years in federal prison for defrauding the State of Louisiana, he somehow ended up in charge of the Hard Rock Hotel build project in the middle of New Orleans. Praveen – who looks just adorable in a hardhat – is accused of hiring non-union illegal aliens to cut corners on the project.

In an accident that we used to only see in news stories about a mine collapse in India or Bolivia, 100 workers were trapped in the rubble when the building toppled and three were killed. Two massive construction cranes are still teetering in the breeze at the top of what’s left of the hotel and are expected to collapse and crush nearby buildings any day now.

Praveen’s dilemma reminded me of the Amazing Footpath of Diversity at Florida International University in 2016. The University wanted to build a simple footpath across a busy road so that students could avoid getting hit by cars as they walked home from class. Local media wrote glowing puff pieces about a female engineer who worked for one of the two companies that built the bridge. Leonora Flores was described as a strong vibrant diverse woman of color and diversity who is way better at engineering than all the yucky white males who have dominated the field in the past.

So naturally, the tiny and simple footbridge project collapsed just five days after it opened, squishing six people to death in their cars and injuring ten others. Leonora then quickly corrected the media, saying she’d never worked on that stupid bridge in the first place. The collapse of the simple footbridge was ultimately blamed on the brothers Raul, Juan, Jorge, Lou, Fernando and Pedro Munilla of Munilla Construction (the company Leonora worked for).

Any politician who tells you that continued mass immigration is not a problem in America is a fool. Only a moron would care about Syria or Ukraine at a time like this. Right now, we have buildings and simple footbridges collapsing and killing people. Imagine how bad it’s going to get when the power goes out in your town, and the diversity hire from Pakistan can’t figure out how to turn it back on – ever. That’s how serious it’s getting.

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