The Real Reason Democrats are Pursing Impeachment has More to do with AG Bill Barr’s Upcoming Report on the Origins of the Trump/Russia Probe than Trump’s Call with Ukraine

Impeachment 1.0 under the auspices of Robert Mueller and his band of Democrat partisan investigators ran out of steam when the report said, “No Russian collusion here.”

However, the report included a straw that the Democrats quickly grasped: “We’re not exonerating the President, because, you know, we can’t indict a sitting President. There is no hard evidence of obstruction, but maybe there is. That’s up to Congress to decide.”

It was a lovely parting gift for the Democrats. Nevertheless, Robert Mueller’s testimony at two committees verged on embarrassing. One Republican member asked Mueller, “Since when is it the purpose of an investigation to exonerate someone?” Mueller’s response, “Uh, this is a unique situation.”

By the end of the hearing Mueller looked more like a beffudled old grandpa who couldn’t find his slippers than a weather, non-partisan investigator who once held the high honor of being the head of the FBI.

Enter Attorney General William Barr, who further dashed the Democrats’ hopes that maybe, just maybe, if you don’t exonerate someone in an investigation that takes over three years, there must be something still there. There was nothing there: no evidence either of collusion nor obstruction. The Trump administration cooperated fully with Mueller’s band of partisan marauders. Who said so? Mueller did, and he said it quite forcefully when asked directly.

So, what was the Russian collusion scam all about?

It wasn’t about Russia. The investigation was based on a fake intelligence dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign. It was the bait that ended up in the fake news media and became the basis for the FBI to plant a spy in the Trump campaign.

Meanwhile, the Obama cabal worked closely with the Ukrainian government and others to dig up dirt of candidate Donald Trump. The point man in charge of keeping the Ukrainians on task was Vice President Joe Biden. His tools? Over $1 billion in aid and his son Hunter, who had a highly paid seat on the board of a corrupt Ukrainian energy organization.

Joe Biden leveraged both those tools to short circuit a Ukrainian investigation into Hunter’s cronies. He bragged about it openly.


We are now at impeachment 2.0, and it’s not about Ukraine.

The best they’ve got is a second-hand whistleblower report that sounds more like the “Deep Throat” revelations of the Watergate era. Dopey Democrat spokespeople like reptilian Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi, the glib Speaker of the House posing as a real leader have made a mockery of the process. They’ve progressed from “No president is above the law” to “No president is above impeachment.”

Of course, President Trump broke no laws in his telephone call with the Ukrainian President. What he did was foil Schiff and company’s plans by releasing the call transcript quickly. The President could have claimed executive privilege, which was what the Democrats hoped for: See? The President is once again obstructing justice, they would howl.

But when the transcript didn’t match the whistleblower’s claims, they had to go another route. That route was to characterize by innuendo the “real” purpose of the President’s conversation. Schiff’s shameless “parody” of the President pressuring the Ukrainians like a Mafia don was the best they could do.

Now the Democrats are unleashing a blizzard of subpoenas in desperate hopes they will come up with something, anything. Anytime any Trump administration official asks for someone anywhere overseas to help get to the bottom of the Russian collusion charges, Democrats will double down on their specious charges that Donald Trump is trying to influence the 2020 election.

Here’s the real purpose of the Democrat’s rush to impeach:

They are running out of time, because when Attorney General William Barr releases the results of his criminal investigations of the likes of former FBI Director James Comey and the CIA’s John Brennan, Adam Schiff will see a real-life (but bloodless) parallel of the end of the first Godfather movie—when all of Michael Corleone’s opponents got their own parting gifts.

When Barr produces his own investigative report, followed by indictments and exposure of players like Fusion GPS, the President’s deep state enemies will have lost again. And this time their case is even weaker than the fake Russian collusion investigation.

Meanwhile, the mainstream press is hoping that they can convince the public that Joe Biden is pure. It is impossible for them to report that Donald Trump tried to coerce cooperation from the Ukrainians–where there is no proof—without reminding everyone that Biden actually admitted to the same thing.

So, listen closely to the next time Lester Holt refers to Hunter Biden and his dad’s conflict of interest. What you will hear nearly every time are words to the effect that “there was no evidence of wrongdoing.”

Stand by, folks. Schiff wants to subpoena the President’s top gun, Rudy Giuliani. It could be the most entertaining spectacle since Oliver North handled President Reagan’s Iran-Contra mess.

When Rudy shows evidence of $3 million in corrupt Ukrainian kickbacks to Hunter Biden and friends, Joe Biden will, at long last, leave the public arena and retire on Hunter’s ill-gotten gains.

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