Watchdog Group to Force Government to Reveal Whether or Not Joe Biden Forced the Firing of a Ukrainian Prosecutor to Help his Son

President Trump lives rent-free in the febrile landscape of Rep. Adam Schiff’s mind. This is evidenced by Schiff’s repeated charges that President Trump colluded with the Russians and obstructed justice, even after Robert Mueller’s sad performance shot Schiff and his demented cohorts down in flames.

Nevertheless, when the lunatics took over the asylum that is our current House of Representatives, Adam Schiff inherited the chair of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. The specious whistleblower complaint–from someone who wasn’t present during the event he blew the whistle on—was made to order.

The notorious leaker and Democrat partisan liar Adam Schiff introduced a new twist. During what was supposed to be a serious public hearing designed to get at the truth, Schiff took a feeble stab at comedic parody. In Schiff’s description of the event, President Trump took on the persona of a Mafia don. The President’s consiglieri, Rudi Giuliani contacted Ukrainian officials and made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.

Reading from a prepared script, Schiff read a sarcastic fictitious transcription of the President behaving like a gangster complete with threats and “and I’m only going to tell you this seven times…”

Any reasonable person hearing Schiff and comparing the contents of the whistleblower complaint to Schiff’s ridiculous performance got the message: Schiff was trying to use humor and parody to make a point unsupported by the facts.

When Republicans on the committee challenged Schiff, he admitted that of course the President Trump didn’t say all that. It was parody. What’s the matter with you guys, don’t you get it?

What Schiff doesn’t get is that liberals can’t do humor without being vicious.. (Remember Kathy Griffin’s posing with a severed head of the President?)

Schiff also needs to remember that the purpose of parody is to produce a funny and exaggerated imitation of someone. He got the exaggerated part correct. But does he think an impeachment inquiry hearing was a joke?

In all seriousness, the current Democrat witch hunt is another diversionary tactic to take the spotlight away from the real scandal: Vice President Joe Biden used his influence to shut down an investigation of Hunter Biden’s role in Ukrainian corruption.

One reason that the Mueller report produced no bang for the $40 million spent on it was that there was no evidence—testimonial or otherwise that could nail President Trump. There is, however, real evidence—and you won’t see it on the mainstream news—of Vice President Joe Biden bragging that he blackmailed the Ukrainian government into doing his bidding.

If there ever was a video made to order for the next presidential campaign, that will be the one. The poster quote will be when Biden puffed out his chest with this testosterone-laden remark:

I said, ‘I’m telling you, you’re not getting the billion dollars, and I’m leaving here, I believe, in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money…Well, son of a bitch, the prosecutor got fired.”

As to documentary evidence of malfeasance and corruption on the part of the Obama administration, those documents likely exist somewhere in the archives of the State Department. (You know, that would be the organization that Hillary Clinton ran from her own personal server.)

Doing what the Republican representatives should have done, Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog organization, announced last week that it is filling a suit in federal court to force the State Department to release all official U.S. government documents relating to the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor targeted by Joe Biden.

Previously on May 7, Judicial watch filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the documents. The State Department violated the Freedom of Information act when it failed within the time limits to respond.

Thank goodness for Judicial Watch. We wouldn’t know HALF of what we know about Hillary Clinton’s misdeeds without them.

In the end, according to Ken Starr, the Clinton impeachment prosecutor, Impeachment 2.0 will flop. The impeachment efforts amount to a “terrible mistake for our country,” said Starr. The Democrats, undergoing their own generational power struggle moved too quickly. There’s no evidence that could amount to an impeachable offense.

On the other hand, the impeachment push, like Biden’s braggadocio, plays right into the wheel house of the Republican’s game plan. If the recent surge of public outrage and campaign donations are any indicators, a unified GOP will help push President over the top in 2020.

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