Democrats Hypocrisy: Hillary Did What They Accuse Trump Of So Why Weren’t They Upset When She Did It?

Democrats are good at spreading a lie across the country before the truth can get its pants on. The current lie is that President Trump pressured a foreign government to influence a U.S. election and threatened to withhold U.S. aid.

The transcript (a memorandum summary of the call) shows that the Ukrainian President brought up first on the call known drug abuser Hunter Biden’s questionable activities in his country. And that there was never any mention of withholding U.S. aid or quid pro quo.

Just as in the Russian collusion charges spread by Democrat deplorables, what they are falsely accusing the President of, they did so twice over themselves:

* In 2016, to prop up Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, Obama’s team of political operatives repeatedly exerted pressure on Ukraine to meddle in U.S. politics. First, the White House summoned Ukraine officials for a little show and tell and get them on message for the upcoming Democrat presidential campaign.

It worked. The Ukrainians cooperated and became foreign partners to Democratic political interests.

* Valeriy Chaly, the Ukrainian ambassador the U.S. confirmed in a statement to the press that in March 2016 a Democrat National Committee operative also pressed the Ukrainian embassy to find Russian dirt on candidate Trump that might be in Ukraine’s intelligence files.

That one didn’t work, because, as the Mueller investigation reported, there was no dirt.

Lately, another Democrat deplorable, Rep. Adam Schiff, Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, has decided to stick his own shovel in the dirt. Rep. Schiff sent out an email asking that rabid supporters cough up cash to him so he can impeach the President. “Send me money. Trump tried to get a foreign government involved in our elections! The horror!”

Where were Little Adam and his chorus of Democrat fake whiners three years ago? They knew that the DNC had paid for an equally fake intelligence dossier to launch a shameful investigation that would cost over $30 million and go nowhere.

Schiff remained silent when Hillary Clinton’s campaign used one of Russia’s favorite investigative services, Fusion GPS, who hired Christopher Steele, a foreign intelligence operative who had been employed by the British government. That operative wrote a scurrilous description of something Trump never did while visiting Russia.

The report, which anyone with any common sense at all laughed at, apparently was also enough for Trump-hater James Comey to authorize planting an FBI informant into Donald Trump’s campaign.

Two-thirds of the main Democrat presidential candidates–Warren and Sanders—are no doubt happy over recent developments. Their chances of beating the former front runner Joe Biden are better now.

On the other hand, something that will probably occur to them later when President Trump shines the light of truth are the following:

* Democrats cannot characterize a sitting President’s dealings with a foreign leader as blackmail, if the blackmail never occurred.

* When they mention Ukraine in the same sentence with Donald Trump, they piggyback a subliminal message: One of their own not only used his position as a sitting Vice President to blackmail the Ukrainians for his son’s personal gain, but he also bragged about it. Yes, folks. Watch it here.

So, the bottom line here is that Pelosi, Warren, Schiff and other Dems are hell-bent on impeachment regardless of the facts (or lack thereof). Otherwise, Pelosi, out of prudence, would have waited for their release before announcement of the impeachment inquiry.

They don’t care about facts. Democrats and liberals have long since mastered the art of linguistic subterfuge and obfuscation. Their talking point will predictably say, “Well, the transcript did show the President, a powerful world leader, seeking a review of Biden family corruption. And that’s intimidation, isn’t it? Oh, wait, did we say Biden family corruption? You know that has never been proved. Just ask the news media.”

In any case, Democrats in their zeal to finally undo the 2016 election do not care what is in transcript. They want to talk to the whistleblower and see the Inspector General report so that they can subject them to the political posturing and browbeating of Adam Schiff and company. They will present the whistleblower as a true American hero, rather than anti-Trump deep-state partisan, who hijacked the system for political ends.

The real damage here is to the country. Pelosi decided to go on camera the same day that President Trump was speaking before the United Nations General Assembly. She undermined our country’s foreign policy. Also, what world leader will be willing to have a private conversation with future American presidents with vultures and opportunists like Adam Schiff circling?

Pelosi showed that preserving her power was more important. He rabid left wing was flapping away, and she had to silence Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow Congress girls.

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