To Defeat the Left’s Woke Cancel Culture, We Must Destroy Public Schooling

Where are all of these woke social justice warriors coming from? Young men and women aren’t sitting on their couches and suddenly deciding one day that it’s time to go set some cars on fire in Portland. They are being groomed and trained from their youngest years to be revolutionaries.

And the madrassahs that are cranking out the SJWs are our local public schools. Public schooling in America today has become such a social justice nightmare that it is practically unrecognizable when compared to just the early 2000s.

Progressive author George Packer has written a piece in The Atlantic that describes how dramatically public education has shifted. Packer and his wife had two young kids in elementary school during Barack Obama’s administration, so he witnessed this shift firsthand in the lives of his own kids.

His kids attended what is considered the very best public school in the State of New York (to a progressive). It has a diverse student body and the standardized test scores have always above the national average.

Packer says a dramatic change happened almost overnight in 2014. That was the time of “The Great Awokening” in America, when Barack Obama told the nation that if he had a son, he’d look like Trayvon. Obama used the bully pulpit to spread lies about police brutality against blacks, which treasonously fractured the social contract in America and led to riots in major cities. Packer notes that in 2014, things suddenly got weird in his children’s public school.

The school was already very progressive, as all public schools are. First grade was devoted to recycling, sustainability and global warming instead of, you know, reading. His daughter was devastated to learn that the Founding Fathers were white men; her only previous exposure to them in school had been in a musical which portrayed Alexander Hamilton as a Puerto Rican and Thomas Jefferson as a black man.

But then Packer’s daughter started frantically rushing to the bathroom every day when she got home from school. It turns out that the school had switched all the restrooms to “gender neutral.” Boys were suddenly terrified to use the urinals, and girls were too afraid to use the school bathrooms at all.

Some of the boys – bullies, of course – were only too happy to go into the former girls’ rooms and kick the stall doors in to try to get a peek. The girls’ solution was to simply hold it all day until they got home.

The school didn’t tell the parents it was making this decision. Administrators just did it. They knew that all good progressive parents thought the same way as they did, so what was the big deal?

Eventually, children at the school settled on a low-tech solution to the psychological and sexual abuse that administrators were subjecting them to: The kids self-segregated. The boys all agreed to use the former boys’ room and the girls used the former girls’ room. The kids with “neutral” genders mysteriously never materialized.

During one visit to his children’s K-5 school, Packer noticed “Privilege Cards” which were handed out to students who say something “problematic” in front of other students. If you espouse an idea or thought that offends woke orthodoxy or racial identity politics of the left, you get a card and have to check the boxes that signify your “privilege.” There are only boxes for “White,” “Christian,” “Heterosexual,” “Able-Bodied” and “Citizen.”

Kids who fit into one or more of those groups are constantly harassed into self-censorship. Shut up and obey, white Christian able-bodied heterosexual Americans!

Ronald Reagan campaigned in 1980 on a pledge to abolish the US Department of Education. The writing was on the wall even back then. The promise was even written into the Republican Party Platform that year, when Reagan won. But the establishment GOP feared the power of the teachers’ unions (which never would have voted for them or donated to them anyway), so the promise faded away into history.

Today the Department of Education stands for global warming, gender-neutral bathrooms and a deep-seated racial hatred for heritage Americans and our Constitution. It is dedicated to social justice and it is churning out an endless army of woke social justice warriors who used to just be American kids.

If we want to defeat the ‘cancel culture,’ we need to rethink what we’re going to with the American education system, which has been turned into an enemy training camp.

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