Rep Ilhan Omar Demands UN Take Control of U.S. Borders over Immigration Crisis

It happened again. Ilhan Omar opened her mouth, so we have more stupid, radical policy to dissect. She’s completely incapable of saying anything useful. This time around, she discussed border policy.

According to the brilliant Omar, the United States needs to invite the United Nations to take over our border security. That’s right she wants us to give up our sovereignty to a group made up on unelected globalists. We need to be more like “any other country” in how we process illegal immigrants.

That’s hilarious considering we have the most generous border policy on the planet, but reality and truth were never a part of Omar’s politics before. Why should she change now?

Concentration Camps

This is the completely rational and reasonable talking point for the left. The U.S. is running concentration camps on the border according to them. It’s obvious that we’re rounding up people who want to leave the United States and putting them in these camps so they can’t ever escape.

Wait. That’s not right.

A concentration camp is not a temporary processing facility where people receive free health care, yet that’s exactly what’s happening on our border. When immigrants illegally enter our country, they are detained long enough for us to vet them. We ensure that they aren’t violent criminals, carrying deadly diseases or trafficking human beings. That’s it.

As soon as we can clear them of those three issues, they’re given a court date and released. It’s literally the same policy that Obama ran, but there are 10 times as many immigrants right now.

This is the great evil that Omar is going to save us from. This is why she has invoked the mighty, infinite wisdom of the United Nations.

Here’s where things get truly ironic. Omar took this stance because she wants us to be less like Israel, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America or Africa. She wants our border policy to be more like Europe.

In December of last year, the UN passed a resolution to make immigration easier around the world. It was approved by more than 150 countries, including the major players in Europe. The entire thing was a thinly veiled attack on U.S. sovereignty. Since the orange man is bad, the whole world has to try and dictate U.S. immigration policy.

Here’s the ironic part. Pretty much none of the nations who approved of the resolution have adopted its policies. That includes major European countries like France and Germany.

In fact, since the resolution was passed, the United States has proven to have the most generous immigration policies in the whole world. If we actually adopted the European model on immigration, we would severely cut the number of refugees we accept and tighten our borders substantially. It would be in violation of UN directives, but no nation on Earth seems to care much about that.

Omar’s Genius

Obviously, we must defer to the brilliant Ilhan Omar on issues of border security. It’s not like she’s made her career by propping up terrorists and supporting genocidal regimes. She hasn’t displayed open anti-Semitism or called for the end of the state of Israel. She’s the only one we can trust because she’s a paragon moral virtue, scholastic achievement and reasonable policy.

For anyone missing the sarcasm, Ilhan Omar is telling us to be nicer to illegal immigrants while she is under investigation for using campaign funds to finance an extra-marital affair. The Somali-born woman who is only alive because of generous U.S. policy is telling us that we’re doing it wrong.

The woman who supports radical, deadly policy like the Green New Deal and state-sponsored infanticide is on a soap box, condemning our country because we have the gall to try and process refugees who knowingly break our laws.

This is the left. There’s no logic in any of their positions. What was celebrated under Obama is intolerable evil under Trump, even when the policies are identical.

In terms of border policy, President Trump is actually nicer. He doesn’t literally put children in cages the way his predecessor did. The platform of the left is railing against the very existence of our country and the West. They genuinely want the destruction of modern America.

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