North Carolina Democrats Blown out by a Last-Minute “Trump Bump”

Republicans are celebrating a recent sweep of two seats in the House of Representatives. They were both in North Carolina. One was a slam-dunk. The other was due in part to President Trump’s influencing normal voters to send the left-drifting Democrats a message.

One of the races, which got scant media coverage, was Greg Murphy’s 62% to 37% thrashing of his Democrat opponent. Nothing to see there, folks.

CNN and the mainstream media preferred to focus on a more contested Ninth District race where Dan Bishop—to the disappointment of the media–won the special election by a narrower, but still respectable, 4,000 votes.

Hardly a landslide, but considering the district is home to pointy headed academics and research-grant funded intellectuals who believe they’re better than normal folks who live in the suburbs, it was a good victory.

NBC and CNN prognosticators branded the Bishop election as a “bellwether” indicator. If the Democrats could make inroads and steal a seat in North Carolina, maybe, just maybe, there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Unfortunately, for the Democrats the light was the Trump train heading straight at them. President Trump stood up with Dan Bishop at a rally the night before the election. Said Bishop of his win, “[Trump] was a tremendous help…So, the president and the vice president stepping in and committing the way they did to this race was tremendous. And a lot of credit goes to the president.”

Even CNN Trump hating host Dana Bash admitted that the sweep was aided by President Trump’s support. Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee Chairwoman Cheri Bustos, in an attempt to put lipstick on a pig, wrote in her statement, “We fell an inch short tonight…” She also attributed “last-minute Trump rally” as a factor that that sealed Dan McCready’s fate.

Bustos failed to mention that Democrat McCready’s campaign squandered $4.7 million to promote their candidate McCready. Bishop’s people spent far less and were looking at a 16-point lag in the polls just a couple weeks before the election. President Trump to the rescue. The “Trump bump” helped the Republicans hold on to the seat.

Predictably, as soon as they acknowledged Trump was in part the reason the GOP candidates won they posted pieces slamming the President. NBC news led with: “Alarm bells should be ringing at Trump HQ after N.C. House scare.” CNN followed that up with, “House Republicans escaped disaster in North Carolina, but…”

The CNN hit piece purported that the Republican win “averts what would have been an absolute panic within the GOP conference.” The writer continues with the nearly hilarious assertion that Bishop’s victory “should still be read as a warning sign for a party that is dealing with a very unpopular President.”

Unpopular? Are we to believe CNN or the thousands of standing-room only enthusiastic supporters at President Trump’s rallies?

The NBC news report deviated from normal mainstream news wishful thinking in a rare moment of clarity. “Trump” they reported, “could take satisfaction [that Bishop’s district] includes a portion of Fayetteville’s Cumberland County, and those precincts had favored the Democrat in the last House election.”

They stumbled on the truth of the matter and why Trump can win the next election. Those normal people that swung the election back to the Republicans are exactly the folks President Trump will appeal to in 2020. They are the classic Hillary Clinton “deplorables,” and they will be heard from again soon.

When crazy Bernie or fake Indian Liz try to sell their socialism and healthcare for illegal immigrants to voters in the swing states, President Trump needs only to tell them the truth of the matter: As a political party, the Democrats have lost their way.

Democrats once represented the interests of normal people. Their fringe elements like Hanoi Jane Fonda and the Flower Children were tolerated as the spoiled children they were. Unfortunately, their equally spoiled and leftist educated children are now taking over.

Unless the adults can regain control, Crazy Bernie Sanders and Socialist Native American poser Liz Warren will lead the new generation of socialist-loving lemmings over a cliff.

It has been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. That definition applies to how the Democrats do business. “Don’t believe your lying eyes,” they say. “Listen to us. America is not great. It never has been. We’re here to help you repent.”

President Trump, on the other hand, keeps doing the same thing over and over to the Democrats–with the same results. He knows that the Democrats have lost their way. He only has to tell the truth, while they lie, dissemble, and try to construct a quasi-psychotic alternative reality only their true believers believe is real.

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