Marianne Williamson Calls Out Fake News Media as Liars, Frauds

Democrats are more than happy to remain silent as the mainstream media lies and twist the truth to serve its agenda. That is, until the fake news media targets one of them. Democrat presidential hopeful Marianne Williamson has a sour taste in her mouth after being smeared by biased outlets, and she’s pushing back.

“I know this sounds naive. I didn’t think the left was so mean. I didn’t think the left lied like this,” Williamson reportedly said. “I thought the right did that. I thought we were better.”

What’s particularly telling about Williamson’s remarks is that she refers to the fake news media as “we.” It’s an open secret that the left-leaning media has thrown in with liberals and become a propaganda wing of the Democratic party.

In many ways, Williamson’s frustration with a media she believed she could rely on to push her candidacy is that of a spurned lover. But her outsider candidacy, apparently, got her kicked out of bed.

Williamson tried to position herself as a Democrat willing to take on the Washington establishment elite and, naively, believed the liberal media would support her efforts.

“I challenge the idea that only the people whose careers have been entrenched for years in the limitations of the mindset that drove us into this ditch are qualified to lead us out of this ditch,” Williamson reportedly said. “I think this is one of those times in American history (that calls for a spiritual leader).”

The bestselling author who lost a congressional bid for California’s 33rd District in 2014, has been roundly attacked by the fake news media. What Williamson discovered is that the fake news media believes it is in the business of picking political candidates and office-holders.

Many Americans recall how outraged fake news and biased outlets were when President Donald Trump began bypassing them and delivering his fact-based messages directly to the American people via social media. Some in the White House press corps insisted they were the “filter.”

Without a fake news endorsement, outlets have done a hatchet job on Williamson. They have distorted her spirituality and mangled her image to the fringe.

Williamson says the fake news media has portrayed her as someone who gets her knowledge and direction from “crystal gazing.” Imagine these outlets creating the image of a woman looking over a crystal ball to tell the future.

Williamson says that she doesn’t practice the common spiritual belief of drawing energy from earth elements and that there has “never been a crystal on stage” and there “is no crystal” in her home. The attempt to marginalize Williamson’s candidacy has been linked to the left’s anger that she is a woman of faith.

“Prayer is a power of the mind, and it is neither bizarre nor unintelligent. People of faith belong in the Democratic Party and will be necessary to the effort if we’re to win in 2020,” the Democratic tweeted.

“I was born and raised in Texas, so I’ve seen it. Millions of people today are praying that Dorian turns away from land and treating those people with mockery or condescension because they believe it could help is part of how the overly secularized Left has lost lots of voters.”

While other insider candidates have faltered during debates, Williamson has shined. She was a complete unknown until the first debate when she captured the nation’s attention. Although she posted the minimum polling numbers to get into the second round, she fell just short of the third round. At least part of her decline has been attributed to the fake news smear campaign.

“I’m Jewish, I go to the doctor,” Williamson reportedly said, after being labeled as anti-science by the “political-media industrial complex.”

And if Williamson and other candidates are surprised that the liberal, fake news media would openly unleash a false negative campaign against a politician, they need only look at the phony daily headlines about Pres. Trump. Better yet, they need only look back to the 2016 elections when CNN forwarded debate questions to Hillary so that she could be better prepared at a debate.

Perhaps Williamson’s outrage is hypocritical. After all, Democrats seem pleased each day about left-leaning fake news distortions of the truth. That is, unless they are the target.

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