No Laughing Allowed: Why Leftists Hate Comedy

Today, we live in a society full of people who jump at any and every opportunity to be offended. When you take offense to every little thing, though, humor and comedy are things that become very difficult to enjoy. And if any comedian knows just how much those on the left have come to despise humor, it’s Dave Chappelle.

After releasing an aptly-named Netflix special called “Stick and Stones”, Chappelle quickly found himself in the leftist media’s crosshairs for making jokes that those on the left have deemed unacceptable.

These jokes include light-hearted digs at everyone, people on both ends of the political spectrum were dinged as well as all of the “protected” classes the Left has made. The LGBT community, which Chappelle referred to as “the alphabet people”, jokes about the #MeToo movement. Chappelle goes hard on Jussie Smollett too. He also has jokes about guns, abortion, and a host of other issues that typically divide conservatives and liberals.

While Chappelle’s special was designed to be bold and unapologetic, all of these jokes were obviously in good fun. Those on the left, however, weren’t laughing.

It didn’t take long at all for the internet to explode over Chappelle’s special, with leftist critics essentially calling for the end of Chappelle’s career as punishment for his not bowing down to their protected classes of people.

On Rotten Tomatoes – a site that compiles reviews of films and television shows from critics and audience members alike – Chappelle’s special received just a 38% rating from critics in spite of having a nearly 99% positive rating from audience members.

This stark contrast in reviews shows that Chappelle’s special was indeed quite funny – if you still have a sense of humor that is. For the “woke” leftist critics now crusading against Dave Chappelle, though, a sense of humor is something that is in short supply.

If you want a further snapshot of just how much the left’s sense of humor has slipped, look no further than the comedians that the left still enjoys. Comedians such as Samantha Bee and Trevor Noah are two examples of comedians that those on the left will prop up as examples of what good comedy looks like.

These leftist-approved comedians, however, do almost nothing in their shows accept attack President Trump and the GOP. In other words, unless you are bashing Trump in your routines, those on the left probably aren’t laughing.

Comedy, however, is one of the most ridiculous things in the world to take offense to. It’s a tool by which we can all make fun of ourselves and shine a light on our society’s flaws in a way that is lighthearted and fun yet still informative and meaningful. Nothing a comedian says is meant to be taken seriously.

They aren’t legislators making laws or activists fighting for societal change; they’re jokesters making fun of you, themselves, and others. And if you are only able to laugh when a comedian is saying things that you agree with then you might be entirely too sensitive for your own good.

Fighting back against sensitivity, in fact, was the entire point of Chappelle’s special. Throughout his routine, Chappelle lamented about the pitfalls of our overly-sensitive culture and the damage that it has done to comedy.

He created a special that was designed to be controversial and unapologetic, then named it “Sticks and Stones” to remind viewers that no matter what he says, it isn’t going to hurt them in the slightest. Those on the left, however, apparently didn’t get the message.

Being able to make fun of yourself and laugh at things you would otherwise find offensive if you didn’t take them as a joke is a sign of mental maturity and an understanding of the importance behind not taking life so seriously. When leftist critics blast Chappelle for daring to write jokes about the LGBT community or the #MeToo movement, they are only proving the comedian’s point and broadcasting to the world just how immature and easily-offended they really are.

If you do have a sense of humor, though, and haven’t seen Chappelle’s latest special yet, it is well worth checking out. In a world where many comedians are now choosing to toe the line and avoid drawing the ire of a group that has zero sense of humor in the first place, Chappelle’s bold and unapologetic routine is a breath of fresh air.

Whether or not he will end up falling victim to left’s cancel culture for his crimes of offending “woke” leftists is yet to be seen. Until those on the left win their crusade against comedy, though, there’s no reason why those of us who still have a sense of humor can’t enjoy a few laughs at their expense.

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