Hong Kong Protesters Long for American Freedom

A lot of people aren’t up to speed on the current situation in Hong Kong, so we’ll recap. This actually goes back over a hundred years when the British Empire laid claim to Hong Kong as a territory. Back in 1997, Great Britain returned Hong Kong to China, but with huge caveats. Basically, the territory functioned independently from communist China, but with abnormally close ties.

Since Xi Jinping became the de facto dictator of China, he has steadily worked to take more and more control of Hong Kong. This summer, additional power grabs led to massive protests in the territory.

Originally, the people were angered by a new bill that would legalize extradition from Hong Kong to China. Considering the Chinese purge on political dissent (that saw over 10 million people jailed and “re-educated”), it’s easy to see why the people of Hong Kong didn’t like this bill.

China partially caved on the bill. They have killed it, for now, but they haven’t completely retracted it, suggesting that they might try again in the near future.

Additionally, the police response to the protests was overwhelmingly brutal. They beat their countrymen physically with bats and batons, they used tear gas on them and have tried to get protestors fired from their jobs.

The protests in Hong Kong are continuing. The protesters claim they won’t back down until the bill is fully killed and an independent authority is given the power to investigate police brutality.

The Chinese Response

As the protests continue, the Beijing government gets more nervous. Communist dictatorships don’t exactly have a good history of dealing with dissent peacefully. So, China has responded by mounting a huge military force at the Hong Kong border. It really looks like they’re just waiting for an excuse to declare martial law and fully annex the territory.

There’s plenty of incentive to do this. Hong Kong still functions somewhat democratically. That’s a huge affront to the communist government. More importantly, the Hong Kong economy is among the strongest in all of Asia. The communists would love to get their grubby little fingers on it.

More evidence that big trouble is on the way is the official Chinese response. They’re calling the protesters terrorists, and there’s every reason to believe that they’ll use that label as justification for extreme force. Unless things change rapidly, you can expect a massacre.

Now that you understand the setup, full level of tension and stakes, it makes the Hong Kong protesters truly impressive. Completely unarmed, they have shut down the Hong Kong airport in order to get their message heard around the world. It’s worked, too. Every major government on the planet is chiming in.

When you see videos of the protesters, they’re waving American flags, singing our national anthem, and holding up signs demanding a Bill of Rights and 2nd Amendment of their own.

Think about that for a minute. The people of Hong Kong are fighting a real battle right now, and they’re doing it unarmed. They know that they face total annihilation at the whims of a mad dictator, and still they stand firm.

In every way, they are the complete opposite of modern leftist protesters. The people of Hong Kong are taking serious risk to fight for genuine liberty. They aren’t crying about unfair language or demanding handouts. All they seek is the right to live their own lives, free from an oppressive regime.

In truth, we could all learn from these brave freedom fighters. They have embraced the true spirit of America, and they deserve our support.

The next time you see someone kneel for our anthem or cry for a safe space, tell them about Hong Kong. Let them know that desperate people long for the rights we enjoy and the safety that is in our country. Remind them what real stakes look like.

Most importantly, let the people of Hong Kong remind you why we can’t tolerate the leftist, socialist agenda for even a minute.

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