Sexual Assault and Threats of Physical Violence are 2 Reasons CNN Will Not Fire Its New Anchors For

Two more outrageous events have come to light about the dangerous, unstable pool of anchors on Fake News CNN. But don’t worry – their jobs are safe! Teachers’ unions must be jealous of the job security that CNN employees seem to enjoy. They can’t get fired for anything.

This time, we have two different incidents to relate to you – involving news anchors Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon. If any employee behaved like these goons in any other job setting, they would be canned and sent to the unemployment line immediately.

But Fake News CNN just doesn’t care how insane, deranged, violent or destructive its employees are, so long as they remain fervently anti-Trump.

We’ve already covered previous CNN employees who kept their jobs for things as egregious as broadcasting pro-Saddam Hussein propaganda to harm the United States. Nobody got fired for that!

We also noted the spectacular arrest of CNN reporter Richard Quest in Central Park. The drugs in Quest’s pocket were the least-spectacular aspect of his arrest. Seriously, look it up. Result: Not fired… and Quest was promoted to anchor his own show on CNN in Europe.

The only person to get fired from CNN in recent years was Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord, who was canned in 2016 for a single non-offensive tweet.

And now we have Chris Cuomo, who has a bit of a potty mouth when he’s out in public. Cuomo was out and about in New York when a Trump supporter spotting him and jokingly called him “Fredo.” Cuomo exploded in rage and the entire tirade was captured on a cell phone video which has gone viral, despite Twitter and YouTube’s efforts to protect Cuomo.

Fredo, if you don’t know the reference, was ‘Fredo Corleone’ in The Godfather movies. He was the dumb, less popular, less handsome mafia brother who made a stupid choice and betrayed his family.

The term is most commonly used these days to describe Never-Trump neocons (Fredo-cons), because they are dumb, unpopular, not handsome and they betray the conservative base in America by constantly licking CNN’s boots and insulting our Republican president.

During his screaming, cursing public meltdown against a guy who mildly teased him in public, Cuomo insisted that “Fredo” is a racial slur against Italians like himself. He claimed that calling an Italian person “Fredo” is just like calling a black person the N-word, which is a ridiculous assertion.

In addition to making up fake news on the air five nights a week, Cuomo is apparently allowed to create fake news when he’s out in public, such as “Fredo” = “N-word.”

Anyway, Cuomo then threatens to “wreck” the poor man and push him down the stairs, while repeatedly screaming the F-word in his face and yelling, “Take a swing! Come on, take a swing!”

It was an epic meltdown, even by CNN anchor standards. Naturally, CNN’s management is standing by Chris Cuomo and will not fire him for violently cursing and threatening to murder a Trump supporter in public.

Then, there’s Don Lemon, the man with the worst case of Trump Derangement Syndrome on the entire CNN roster. Before continuing with this story, you need to know something right up front. This story is really, REALLY gross.

Full disclosure: Stop reading now if you have a weak stomach. We only share this story in the public interest, so that people can know how craven and wretched the Trump-hating anchors at CNN are behind the scenes. You’ve been warned.

A man named Dustin Hice is suing Don Lemon for sexually assaulting him. Hice was at a gay bar in Sag Harbor last summer when he spotted Lemon and offered to buy him a drink. Lemon declined. But then when Lemon was leaving the bar with his entourage, he stopped in front of Hice’s table.

Hice’s lawsuit alleges that Don Lemon stuffed his hand down his shorts, “vigorously” rubbed his genitals and then shoved his sweaty fingers in Hice’s moustache while asking Hice in extremely vulgar terms whether he prefers male or female genitalia.

CNN’s management has accused Lemon’s alleged victim… of being a Trump supporter. Lemon is still on the job.

This is CNN! It’s one thing to not fire someone if they’re just a random unknown employee who the public never sees. But Cuomo and Lemon are the public face of CNN. Who wouldn’t be jealous of that type of job security? They can’t get canned for anything!

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