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Trump to Top 3 Democrat Opponents: Is That All You Got?

President Trump is probably shaking his head in amazement. Are the best the Democrats can throw at him the political equivalent of the Three Stooges: Creepy Joe, Fauxcahontas Warren, and Crazy Bernie?

But in an unstoppable ooze dragging the Democrats to an epic disaster in 2020, the gaggle of goofy front runners is sliding left and even denouncing Barrack Obama, the most liberal president America has ever elected!

The second Democrat debate was like a circular firing squad with Joe Biden in the middle. They took potshots at Biden in hopes of making debate points, while stunning the few remaining moderates left in their base.

And, really, is Joe Biden the best chance they have to beat Donald Trump? At 76, he’s no spring chicken, and his gaffes when he was Obama’s vice president were the legendary stuff of YouTube. Even Biden’s supporters sighed with relief as he staggered over the finish line, bruised and battered fending off snark from lightweights like Cory Booker.

Debate performance and stamina notwithstanding, can Joe Biden win back the working class voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin that caused Hillary’s Electoral College disaster in 2016?

Biden has a fatal flaw: he is trying to keep up with the Democrat’s suicidal sprint leftward. To do that, he will have to throw Obama under the bus and pretend to be a true-believing socialist. He never has been, and he can’t be the credible socialist standard-bearer. It is just not in him.

One candidate who has the right stuff of socialism is Senator Elizabeth Warren. She’s like a scary schoolmarm, who everyone hopes she’ll keep her job as dean of students and never, ever become principal.

Her attacks on capitalism, insurance companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and the energy industry during the debates were downright fanatical. While Bernie Sanders flaps his arms like an angry vulture, Elizabeth Warren speaks with the cold precision and fury of a steely-eyed prosecutor.

Warren’s biggest problem, though, is her joylessness. Her attacks were edgy, stark and grim. She knows what she hates and applies a laser-like and uncompromising focus in her attacks. Compounding that joylessness is the fact that she won’t listen to warnings that her job-killing policies won’t lure the voters that Hillary Clinton ignored.

Donald Trump would probably relish running against Senator Warren. He loves calling her Pocahontas, because like all true believers, she has a thin skin. In fact, her Marxist demagoguery is such a turnoff, that she’d probably end up helping the Democrats lose the House as well.

Then there is Crazy Bernie Sanders, whose time has come and gone. He had his chance in 2016, but the fix was in. The Democrat establishment rigged the primaries, and Bernie had to sit down and shut up.

Nevertheless, Bernie comes across like an angry, demented old guy, and Elizabeth Warren only has to demonstrate that she’s “not Bernie.” She is, however, Bernie’s comrade. So, in the next debate look for the tag team of Sanders and Warren to wear down, and possibly shred Biden.

Biden’s best bet for the upcoming debate in September just might be to leverage the personal animosity both Sanders and Warren have shown towards any moderate Democrat.

He could also double down on the observation of fellow moderate John Delaney. Delaney was a spokesman for the group trying to inject some common sense into the debate. You can’t offer unlimited free stuff with socialist wealth redistribution and expect to beat Donald Trump, he urged.

Delaney cited the dreadful defeats of McGovern, Mondale, and Dukakis, who all lurched left and lost in landslides. Warren’s reaction to Delaney and the rest of the moderates was borderline insulting. How could anyone, she chided, go to the trouble of running for president and reject her big ideas?

Warren may have been channeling George McGovern at that point. McGovern’s keynote speech was “come home, America.” (He won only 25 electoral votes.) It is likely that Warren’s big ideas and vision of big corporations at last under socialist restraint might cause people who have jobs to say, “Go home, Warren.”

So, who are Donald Trump’s dream team of Democrat opponents for 2020? If things keep humming like usual, the Democrats will employ their tendency to eat their young and devour old Joe Biden.

That leaves Elizabeth Warren and a possible running mate like wiseguy and poser Cory Booker. (Booker likes to strut like some cool guy from the hood, but he was actually raised in affluence by two IBM execs.)

Whomever the Democrats put out there in 2020, expect their lies, distortions, and demagoguery to be blown away once again by Donald Trump, who knows that truth is a force of nature.

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