CA Governor Signs Bill Banning Trump from the 2020 Ballot

California is a special place. This is the state that makes it illegal to comply with federal law, grants the right to vote to people who are here illegally and regularly produces the worst politicians and political ideas anyone has ever come across.

Well, they’re at it again. Their newest bill is aimed to keep Donald Trump’s name off of ballots next year. Clearly, they just don’t care about being fair anymore. As long as they have power, nothing else matters. Since this is what we have to defeat, we better take a minute and learn about the new bill.

What’s in the Bill

This bill was signed into law by California’s governor, Gavin Newsom. Democrats forced through legislation that explicitly targets presidential candidates in the state. It bars any candidate from appearing on primary presidential ballots unless they publicly release the most recent five years of their tax receipts.

This is all very specific, and there are a lot of reasons for that. We’ll get into most of them in a minute, but the first one needs to be addressed now. The most specific part of this bill is that it targets the primary races instead of the general election.

Legality aside, this is because California Democrats prefer to keep their most corrupt means of manipulating elections a secret. If they went after the general election, it would come with backlash and scrutiny into their electoral process, something that they have been trying to avoid for years.

Legally speaking, there’s so much wrong with this bill that it’s hard to know where to begin. It violates the Constitution on multiple levels. One of those levels is a violation of the 1st Amendment. States do not have the right to dictate candidatorial selection to parties. That’s been well established and backed by multiple Supreme Court rulings.

It’s also a violation of the election process outlined in the Constitution. States are not legally permitted to add their own requirements for candidacy. Otherwise, states could bar anyone who wasn’t from their region or didn’t serve whatever special interests they cooked up.

That part of the Constitution was written specifically to prevent what California is doing now. They want to abuse their power to prevent a challenger from even existing.

Lastly, this violates the freedom of the individual to select their own candidate. For as much as liberals talk about voter suppression, this is the most extreme case we’ve seen in the modern era. There’s no better way to suppress votes than to remove the guy you don’t like from the ballot.

Why Are They Doing This?

Sure, we could stick with the superficial answer. They hate President Trump and want power at all cost. That’s certainly true, but the motivations for this specific attack run deeper. This is more than your typical liberal virtue signaling.

California is in a unique predicament. They’ve long been one of the most powerful influencers of national politics, but recent actions taken by our beloved President are undermining that power. The changes in tax code have caused a mass exodus of billionaires. State tax revenue is suffering, and they no longer have money to prop up their socialist experiments.

Additionally, California elections are corrupt. It’s so bad that they actually legalized illegal voting. California has worked tirelessly to keep any member of the federal government from seeing their voting rosters, and we all know why.

Soon, none of that will matter. President Trump is sealing the porous border that has plagued our country for decades. Without a steady stream of fresh illegals for the California Democrats to exploit, they might not be able to stuff ballot boxes and manipulate elections anymore.

Of course, that last part is completely speculative. What you can trust is that California is very afraid of losing its political power and influence. With their sharp losses in tax revenue, they’re on a fiscal cliff with two choices. Either they clean house and fix their budget, or they have to get Republicans out of federal office. We now see which option they have chosen, no matter how corrupt.

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