Well, Looks Like Occult Witch Marianne Williamson is Who Democrats are Going to Go With in 2020

The city of Seattle, Washington had a big earthquake in February of 2001. It was a magnitude 7.0 shaker and it injured about 400 people. It was a big deal at the time. A group calling itself the Coven of the Green Witch immediately took credit for the quake. They sent a letter to some fairly well-known conservative luminaries at the time, including myself, radio host Lars Larson, Joseph Farah, Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) and others.

In the letter, they demanded that all of us icky conservatives publicly repent of our climate heresy – otherwise, the Coven of the Green Witch was going to call out to ‘Mother Gaia’ and hit Seattle with another earthquake.

Seattle just had another earthquake a few days ago – a 4.8 shaker. I guess I should have taken the Coven of the Green Witch’s threat more seriously. So what if it took them 18 years to make good on their threat? Witches are apparently very, very patient.

Speaking of witches, have the 2020 Democrats had another televised debate?

Oh, yes, they have!

CNN hosted the debate, which is why we all missed it. The good news is that spiritualist witch and full-time occult kook Marianne Williamson has emerged as a surprise breakaway candidate after the debate. Look out, Donald Trump!

Williamson is a modern-day cross between Madam Blavatsky and Aleister Crowley. (Just Google them. It’ll be much more fun if you lookthem up yourself.)

Despite CNN’s best efforts to give Williamson less speaking time than Bernie Sanders – another candidate that CNN hates – Democrat viewers were absolutely captivated by Williamson’s spiritual-sounding blather.

She said that President Trump has “emboldened a dark psychic force in America.” She noted that “dark days” are coming for our democracy. Witches, Satanists and Marxists love playing games with verses from the Bible like this. Gullible non-Christians fall for the tactic every time, because they’re too intellectually lazy to do a few seconds of research.

While the Christian Bible teaches that we battle “not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world,” Marianne Williamson is preaching the opposite to her new legions of smitten followers: Our enemy is definitely of flesh and blood – the Bad Orange Man – and he IS the principality of darkness!

Uneducated Democrats lapped it up like a pitcher of Kool-Aid on a hot summer day in Jonestown. Google’s search engine blew up as people in 49 states clamored to learn more about this diminutive, kooky weirdo who is going to cure their long, dark nightmare of Trump Derangement Syndrome with her own personal version of “love.” Marianne Williamson won every snap poll after the debate, including the one on the Drudge Report.

Apparently, Marianne Williamson has a big network of supporters who call themselves witches, warlocks, chaos magicians and “energy workers.” Williamson supporters in this group usually call themselves the “orb gang,” because… well, probably because it sounds spookier than crystal ball readers. Maybe?

Anyway, the orb gang set up an “occult task force” to make magic hand gestures during the debate, and they’re now taking credit for her big victory, much like the Coven of Green Witches took credit for the Seattle earthquake all those years ago.

This is an interesting turning point for the Democrat Party, after they went to such great lengths to cover up Hillary Clinton’s occult ties for decades. It was only after she lost to Trump in 2016 that the media finally admitted, “Oh, well, yes, of course Hillary is a witch. She belongs to a coven in New York called The Wing. We thought everybody knew that.”

With Marianne Williamson, the occult woo-woo stuff is front and center. You can almost see the abyss if you look straight into her crazed, lunatic eyes. If she sacrifices a goat to bring on the “Night of the Blood God” to defeat the forces of Trump in her next campaign commercial, I wonder if CNN will air it?

Make no mistake about it, though: She has a shot at the Democrat nomination as of today. Donald Trump was a giant middle finger at the Republican establishment in 2016. Marianne Williamson is the same thing for everyday Democrat voters in 2020. But somehow, I don’t think President Trump is quaking in his boots just yet.

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