Is America Made Safer by Thousands of Cheap Chinese Coders?

After he came back from fighting Tojo’s troops in the Pacific in World War II, my grandfather got a job working as an engineer for Raytheon. He quit after all of his teeth fell out at work one afternoon. He lived a long, happy and healthy life with a full set of dentures after that. He had a passel of kids and grandkids, present company included.

I mention him because he was one of the first of my relatives (but not the last) to become one of the unsung heroes of the Cold War. I have a lot of relatives – all descendants of the same granddad – who worked to keep America safe from foreign threats, through electronic engineering wizardry.

I mention this to point out that I harbor deep, venomous hatred for the treason lobby in Washington, DC that is replacing American engineers with cheap foreigners from China and India. I’m biased on this subject, but I hope you’ll read this, think deeply and then call your US Senator to urge them to reject HR 1044, the so-called “Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act.”

Even the name of the bill makes a red-blooded American want to puke.

Here are some of the exploits that my electronic engineering relatives engaged in during the Cold War (and after), besides putting Neil Armstrong on the moon:

One of my relatives was tasked with spying on known Russian sleeper cell spies in an unnamed West Coast city. The spies held conversations and meetings in their driveways, because they were worried about bugs and phone taps (this was in the days before internet and smart phones).

Every day, my relative would go for a jog past the homes of these spies in a track suit. He’d flick his wrist and throw what looked like simple blades of grass on their lawns. These were, in fact, tiny microphones that could surveil every conversation within a 50-foot radius.

The undetectable microphones would last until it rained or until the Russkies would mow the lawn, at which point my relative would go for another jog. This is one of the only projects from his career that he was able to tell me about.

Another relative worked with a team of American engineers to design a fake European-model RV that was actually a mobile surveillance vehicle. You could walk through the interior of the vehicle and it looked like a normal RV. The CIA drove several of them through former Soviet bloc countries on road trips. Good times.

Another relative of mine worked on American attack helicopter that was having troubles. The Russians had figured out a certain radiofrequency that was causing the electronics to go haywire, resulting in crashes that looked like simple equipment malfunctions. After isolating the radiofrequency and making corrections, America started losing a lot less chopper pilots in “training accidents.”

Yet another relative of mine worked on a system that triangulates and zaps stolen cell phone sim cards. Jihadis in Iraq and Afghanistan prefer to blow American soldiers up using IEDs that are detonated with untraceable “burner” cell phones. If soldiers see a Muslim furiously tapping his phone beside the road as if he’s expecting a bomb to go off, it’s because one of my family members developed a system to nuke the bad guy’s phone.

And again, those were just the projects that they are allowed to tell us about. They loved their jobs and had a blast doing it for their country. Yet despite being below retirement age, every single one of those relatives of mine is now in a second, unrelated, non-engineering career. Every single one of them was replaced by teams of cheap, poorly trained foreign engineers, primarily from China and India.

Instead of having patriotic American engineers watching China today, we have subpar, cheap Chinese engineers who can barely speak English working at American defense contracting companies. Dozens of the particularly dumb ones are arrested for committing espionage on American soil every year.

And every single one of them is allowed into the country on a work visa, thanks to the DC treason lobby that thinks it’s okay to put American workers out of a job, as long as an employer can save a few bucks through hiring cheaper, unnecessary foreigners.

“Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants?” What happened to fairness for high-skilled Americans? Is America a safer place with thousands of Indian and Chinese workers replacing American engineers? If you believe the answer is a resounding “No,” please call your Senators today and tell them to reject HR 1044. Let’s put American workers first!

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