Proof Obama’s Nuclear Deal Was Always a Scam

Things with Iran are getting intense. They’re bombing tankers, attacking U.S. drones and basically doing everything short of formally declaring war. A few days ago they even tried boarding and taking over one of Britain’s tankers.

The Iranian government needs conflict, and they need it for a few reasons. The people in Iran are deeply unhappy with the government. The distraction of a foreign enemy could go a long way in helping with that. Meanwhile, sanctions are making it difficult for Tehran to expand their political influence in the Middle East. In fact, President Trump’s renewal of sanctions might be the only thing preventing them from going that extra step to full-scale war.

In the midst of it all, they have completely, intentionally violated their nuclear deal. Of course, that was always the plan.

Remember the Deal?

We left the Iran nuclear deal a year ago, and since then, a lot of people have forgotten the details the deal contained. Obama signed the deal without Congress. That’s already illegal. The deal he signed was with one of America’s most overt political enemies. They literally chant “death to America” in the governing offices in Tehran.

Making a deal with an enemy such as Iran might be justifiable if it could guarantee they never got nuclear weapons. Obama’s deal did the opposite.

For starters, the deal protected Iran’s right to keep uranium. It set a mass limit on how much uranium they could keep, but that limit included enough uranium to create multiple nuclear bombs. Obama lied about this, but the scope of the deal ensures that Iran can in fact make nuclear weapons.

The deal also guaranteed Iran’s right to pursue ballistic missiles. Read that again. Obama illegally signed a treaty with Iran to protect their right to develop ballistic missiles. Why would they need that provision if they didn’t want a nuclear arsenal?

The one part of the deal that did restrict Iran was uranium enrichment. You need roughly 90-percent enrichment to make a fission bomb. According to the deal, Iran was limited to enrichment levels under 10 percent. There’s a big but to this. Iran’s enrichment limitations were set to expire after 10 years.

In other words, Iran was allowed to keep nuclear material and develop missiles. Once the missiles were operational, the only restriction in the deal would expire and they would be free to enrich uranium to the point of making nuclear warheads — something they knew how to do before the deal was signed.

When you go over the facts, President Trump was right to leave this arrangement. It basically paved the road for Iran to nuke their enemies. Nothing about this was peaceful. Now, we have proof that Iran never intended to keep to the deal in the first place. They were just trying to stall and get money from the west to fill their war chests.

They’ve done several things to break the nuclear deal despite the fact that the U.S. was the only nation to leave the treaty. All of the European countries involved have remained in compliance and continued to give Iran money. In response to that, Iran has increased their uranium stockpiles and escalated their enrichment. They even announced it to the world.

Iran was never interested in pursuing nuclear power. This was always about weapons. It’s why they spent the $150 billion Obama gave them on war. Iran is a militant dictatorship, and given nuclear weapons, they will prove far more dangerous than any version of North Korea.

This can’t be emphasized enough. Obama knew all of this. He advocated for Iran. He helped them along their road to ballistic nuclear capability. It was all intentional. For the sake of optics and making false claims about creating peace, Obama sold our country out to our worst enemy. Who do you think Iran would nuke first, given the chance?

Now, Iran is already escalating in order to push things towards war. They have attacked international oil supplies to increase the value of their own resources. They seem ready to fight, and when they stun the world with nuclear weapons, we will all know that Barack Obama was the key instrument in helping them obtain that power.

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