Violent Attacks against Conservatives Will Only Get Worse Unless Democrats Begin to Speak Up

Last weekend, a gang of violent, basement-dwelling thugs who call themselves Antifa descended on the city of Portland, Oregon for the sole purpose of starting a political riot. Armed with blunt-force weapons such as metal pipes and crowbars, these cowardly terrorists began to harass anyone and everyone in their vicinity. For some on the scene of this event, the situation took a dangerous turn.

Over the course of their Portland riots, Antifa members violently attacked numerous individuals, including conservative journalist Andy Ngo. While attempting to cover the riots, Ngo was beaten violently, sprayed with various substances, and reportedly assaulted with milkshakes that had been laced with cement mix.

Following the attack, Ngo was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with a brain bleed. Others on the scene were just as unfortunate, including one man that was sent to the hospital for severe gashes in his head after he was beaten with a metal pipe.

Antifa is not a group that is to be feared. They are a collective of low-lives and cowards that only become dangerous when they severely outnumber the people they are attacking. However, Antifa is certainly a group that deserves to be condemned. And, so far, this is something that those on the left have been unwilling to do.

While 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates are quick to rage about the rhetoric of President Trump and the supposed violence that he is promoting, not a single one of them has so much as spoken a word about the violent terrorist group that exists within their own party.

The word “Antifa” never even came up during the first Democrat Presidential debates, and, following the Portland attacks, there’s been nothing but silence from the Democratic Party.

Condemning Antifa should be the easiest and most natural thing these politicians have ever done. Violently assaulting innocent journalists and bystanders in the name of political activism should have been enough to earn Antifa condemnation from Democrats a long time ago.

And yet Antifa’s abhorrent actions have been met with nothing but silent approval from the men and women who hope to one day lead our country. By the same token, the liberal media has kept their silence on Antifa as well, largely refusing to cover the events in Portland and certainly refusing to outright condemn Antifa for their actions.

At the time of this writing only one of the 2020 Democrat candidates, Andrew Yang, has condemned Antifa for their actions.

So why have those on the left been unwilling to speak out against a group of violent political terrorists who have done everything possible to earn condemnation?

The only possible explanation is that those on the left are genuinely unconcerned by Antifa’s actions. Keep in mind that Antifa did not form in a vacuum. Antifa is a group that was born out of the left’s willingness to engage in hatred and violence for political purposes.

When prominent Democrats such as Maxine Waters call for the harassment of conservatives and members of the GOP, it’s nothing more than a powerful dog whistle for groups like Antifa. Far from condemning Antifa, those on the left have been carefully encouraging them and their ilk all along.

To those on the far left, violence is only unacceptable when it is committed for the wrong reasons. Leftist politicians who have refused to condemn Antifa see the group as being righteous in their goals, and therefore their actions – no matter how abhorrent – are seen as being righteous as well.

Under this line of thinking, the cowards of Antifa who brutalize a journalist simply for having a different opinion are put in the same category as heroes who fought against the Nazis in World War Two. In other words, their violence is excused and, in many cases, even praised.

At the same time, it isn’t politically expedient for the left to admit that violence and hatred exist within their own movement. To those on the left, violence and hatred are things that can only be prescribed to Donald Trump and his followers.

To admit that leftists are capable of committing violent atrocities in the name of politics would undermine the left’s entire narrative of being the party of peace dedicated to standing up against what they perceive to be a party of violence.

With the silent approval of the leaders that they look up to, the cowards of Antifa will continue to terrorize anyone who gets in their way with no fear of repercussions. Given the left’s refusal to condemn these horrible actions, we can only assume that they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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