Are You Going to Trust your Common Sense or Believe those Lying Liberals?

Someone once said that in war the first casualty is the truth. Liberals, especially democrats like the “crazy twins” Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi in their demented war against the President of the United States, have pummeled the truth beyond recognition.

Included in the legion of liberal liars is that goofy gaggle of liberal congresswomen—“Mad Maxine” Waters, whose intemperate ramblings are the stuff of legend; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez once referred to by Donald Trump as “Who?”; and “Let’s impeach the M.F.!” Rashida Tlaib.

The following are illustrative examples of liberal disregard for truth and common sense:

Nancy Doesn’t Know (or Doesn’t Care about) the Law

According to a Fox News report, Nancy Pelosi told a New York crowd that “violation of status” is no reason to deport illegal immigrants. Given the fact that Ms. Pelosi is the majority leader of a legislative body that makes the law, shouldn’t she at least know the law?

Here it is: 8 U.S. Code Section 1325 says that anyone found to have violated U.S. immigration laws may be arrested, detained and – if found removable by final order – removed from the United States. Speaker Pelosi has sworn to uphold the laws of our country, yet for her own political gain she lies about what the law says.

Crazy Bernie’s Unfunded Education Plans

Here’s another from a U.S. Senator married to a college president. That would be “Crazy Bernie” Sanders. According to Forbes Magazine, Senator Sanders plans to announce legislation to forgive all student loan debt and make college free.

His plans to fund it? Institute a modern version of the British Stamp Act of 1775 and tax financial transactions.

Student debt is about $1.6 trillion now. That amounts to an average of over $33,500 for each student with a monthly loan payment of almost $400.

Imagine the U.S. Government – you know, the one that gave us the IRS — taking over the financial affairs of the already bloated and liberal infested higher education system in the country. That bloat is illustrated in the current cost of going to UCLA. California residents have to fork over almost $34,000 per academic year. Out-of-state students pay twice that) to go there.

So, Bernie’s fuzzy math lies at the roots of one of socialism’s foundational lies: the notion that other people’s money can be distributed by the government fairly and efficiently. If the government takes over higher education, look for it to go belly-up about the same time as the Social Security trust fund.

The Delusional Lie of Impeachment

The aforementioned gaggle of loony lady liberals in the House who whine to their leaders for Trump’s impeachment are prime examples of how liberals put their emotions ahead of the truth and common sense.

The lie is that President Trump committed an impeachable offense. He didn’t, and the weasel wording in the Mueller report notwithstanding, there’s nothing to impeach him for.

President Trump rightly complained that the whole charade of the Russian collusion investigation was a shameful waste of time and taxpayer’s money. However, he never took any steps to halt or sabotage the investigation.

The delusion is that in the unlikely event democrats could get enough bipartisan support to draft articles of impeachment, how are they going to get about 20 republican senators to betray their party’s leader? They would need clear evidence of some crime, and Mueller didn’t give it to them.

Jerold Nadler Leads the Lying Pack of Liberal Hypocrites

While we’re adding liberal liars to our lineup, let’s not forget the Congressman from New York, Jerold Nadler. He’s now the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and he is hinting at starting impeachment proceedings against the president.

Nadler is the same guy who back in 1998 shamelessly defended Bill Clinton with the lame talking point. Nadler said over and over during Fox and CNN interviews that President Clinton’s behavior (although reprehensible) didn’t “rise to the level of an impeachable offense.”

Using Nadler’s definition, it’s hard to imagine how President Trump’s lack of interference (and notable absence of Clinton’s perjury) could rise to Nadler’s criteria.

So, in this new era of the Trump Derangement Syndrome, truth and common sense have taken a vacation. Liberals in their current demented state prefer to burn with Bernie on the altar of their white-hot hatred of Donald Trump. They would rather not face the truth that The Donald has wiped the floor with them with a smile on his face.

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