House Democrats Just Voted Themselves More Powers to Investigate President Trump

Do you want to hear something equal parts insane and ridiculous? We’re STILL talking about the Mueller investigation. This is the longest-living nothing burger of all time.

Mueller even went so far as to say that he wouldn’t testify unless forced, and that he has nothing to add that isn’t already in the report. There is absolutely nothing here.

But, we can trust that the Democrats will never let a good nothing burger go to waste. The just voted themselves additional investigative power to look more closely at the Mueller investigation.

If that sounds redundant, it’s because you understand. Unfortunately, this is more than stupid. It’s dangerous.

The House just voted on a new bill. This one is intended to extend House investigative powers. With absolutely no attempt to veil their true motives, Democrats championed the bill as a means to extend investigations into President Trump regarding the Mueller report.

To no one’s surprise, the vote split along party lines. It passed the House 229-191.

In this case, neither party has anyone to crucify. Not a single Representative strayed from party lines. That just shows how deeply entrenched each side has become at this point.

The Democrats are increasingly desperate to remove President Trump from office before the 2020 elections. The Republicans want to move on to more productive issues, like border security and healthcare.

To be completely clear, this new bill is a short-sighted partisan attack. It expands the House’s investigative authority in only two specific ways. Those ways are conveniently named in the bill: William Barr and Don McGhan.

For those who aren’t familiar with the name Don McGhan, he was formerly a White House council, and now, he is just another private citizen. He is guilty of the same crime as AG William Barr: refusing to illegally give information to Congress.

In both cases, the specific details subpoenaed by the House are the subject of ongoing investigations. It’s against the law to reveal any of those details.

This resolution is oddly timed. It passed the House despite a new claim from Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Jerry Nadler (D-NY). According to him, the Democrats have reached a new deal with the DOJ to give House investigators access to more materials used in Mueller’s report.

Clearly, the Democrats are right to call this a cover up. After all, the DOJ, White House and everyone involved has openly complied with Congress and revealed everything they’re legally allowed to at all times. There’s no way the left is crying wolf.

What’s particularly weird about Nadler acknowledging this deal with the DOJ is that it completely nullifies any need for the new resolution. Naturally, the Democrats voted more power into their own hands anyway.

Nadler and other top Democrats are assuring the American people that they passed the additional powers just in case. They probably won’t even need to use them.

If that isn’t a bunch of fascist buzzwords . . . “We’ll vote ourselves more power. But, don’t worry, we won’t actually use it.” It sounds like a line scripted for the Emperor from Star Wars.

Overall, this resolution seems like a small deal, but as always, it’s tied to something larger and more dangerous. Any increase of partisan power is usually bad. Granting politicians additional authority to unjustly spy on and investigate each other is outright dangerous.

If you need clarity, look no further than McGhan. Sure, he used to work for the White House, but he’s now a private citizen. He should be treated the same as any one of us, and legislation that gives Congress authority over him can equally be applied to any of the rest of us.

McGhan is being unjustly scrutinized for literally no reason. Even the Democrats fully admit that what they are doing is not a legal investigation. It’s a civil investigation, and they’re willing to hold individuals, completely unconnected to the government, in contempt over the issue — an issue they agree is minuscule.

One Democrat even admitted this outright. He noted that McGhan is a private citizen and has virtually no protection from the whims of Congress. Because of that, this Democrat suggested that McGhan’s best course of action is to simply comply and avoid trouble.

If you read between the lines, he’s suggesting that McGhan should say whatever they tell him to say, or else!

This is the Democrat Party. They’re using their legislative powers to grant themselves more power, and they’re now proud to display how they intend to use this power — to threaten and intimidate private citizens into compliance. Welcome to the Stalinist Party of America.

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