Texas Town Inundated with Crime and Disease

Uvalde, Texas is a small town boasting 17,000 residents. The continuing southern border saga is causing unbelievable chaos in this small community. According to TheBlaze, Uvalde is now “overrun” with illegal aliens “and an international cartel smuggling operation.”

During an exclusive interview with Conservative Review, the city’s mayor, Don McLaughlin, stated, “From my standpoint, I don’t even know why we have federal elected officials.”

The Texas town is situated some 40 to 60 miles from the southern border. However, under the current circumstances, TheBlaze said “it might as well be right at the border.”

The beleaguered Mayor, who is urging politicians to act on behalf of Uvalde, remarked, “We are in no man’s land. The state is not doing anything; the federal government is not doing anything. We are getting nothing. I’ve lived here all my life and have never seen anything like this. The people in the communities are getting scared. What is coming that we don’t see? Who knows? People up north and in D.C. have no clue what is going on here. They don’t realize that these people are not being screened for diseases. We’re fed up.”

According to TheBlaze, the Texas municipality is located “at the crossroads of major highways coming up from border towns in the Laredo and Del Rio border sectors.” Therefore, it’s become a major destination for illegal immigrants heading north.

Surprisingly, these individuals aren’t just arriving from Central America. In recent weeks, hundreds of African migrants have landed in Del Rio, Texas.

Uvalde has a Border Patrol holding facility. McLaughlin claims that when the facility is full and over capacity, illegal immigrants are sent to the town’s Walmart parking lot. The concerned Mayor commented that Uvalde is forced to pay for the migrants to be sent by bus to San Antonio.

McLaughlin remarked, “In Uvalde, Border Patrol told us if we didn’t have buses ready right at the holding facility, they would have released them in a parking lot at a Walmart or a Stripes. This is what’s happening in outlying areas, but thanks to our working relationship with Border Patrol, we make sure to have buses ready. We just don’t have the facilities for them. We have to pay for these buses out of our pockets, and our citizens are mad.”

According to TheBlaze, those they don’t see worry the people of Uvalde the most. The Texas town’s Mayor stated, “In addition to those being released in parking lots to get bused into San Antonio, what we are really concerned about is the increased foot traffic to our community. We have checkpoints on highway 90 and 83. The migrants are walking around the checkpoints. Now we are starting to see more calls to police of people walking through the neighborhoods, [of] finding car doors open [and] storerooms open.”

He went on to caution, “The Border Patrol is seeing this on their cameras, but they just don’t have the agents to respond. The foot traffic around the checkpoints has increased by 100 percent.”

The Mayor is concerned about crime. McLaughlin remarked, “With the Border Patrol so busy with the family units, we are seeing an increase in the bad guys. Our DPS and local authorities in surrounding communities are having more car chases. When they crash the cars, all of the smugglers bail out. Border Patrol can’t always respond, so we need to take officers and deputies to track down these people.”

Explaining the dramatic circumstances occurring in Uvalde, he said, “Three weeks ago, we had a group come right in middle of town, they bailed out and we had to put all our schools on lockdown. We caught all eight individuals, but it took all day.”

Besides coming to Uvalde on foot, McLaughlin insisted that illegal aliens are piling into his municipality by the dozens on freight trains. He contended, “These are the bad guys with criminal records. According to Border Patrol, 99 percent of these guys on those trains are bad guys and have criminal records. They can’t get in any other way, so they’re sneaking in on freight trains.”

The Mayor revealed that he’s reached out to his Republican Congressman, William Hurd, the governor, the two U.S. senators, and the state’s attorney general. Unfortunately, McLaughlin disclosed that he hasn’t received a consequential response from these politicians.

The Mayor said, “We had a citizen last week who was just on his property right where they stopped the freight train. Some of the illegals got off the train, got on his property, and confronted him. One of them started to get aggressive and the guy threatened him.”

McLaughlin went on to report, “That night he and his family couldn’t sleep. His grandkids won’t even come over any more to swim in the pool unless he sits there with a shotgun. That’s how much traffic we’re getting here right in Uvalde. He’s a farmer who’s been here all his life and is now thinking of moving.”

The safety and sanity of the residents of Uvalde, other towns near the southern border, and places elsewhere in the country are at stake. It’s time for Democrats to stop pretending the border crisis is a fantasy and both sides of the aisle to do something meaningful to secure the border once and for all.

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