Crooked Hillary Probably Running in 2020 – Here’s Why

A newly uncovered email discovered by Judicial Watch offers even more proof that the entire Russian collusion hoax was a dirty election trick by Crooked Hillary Clinton and her campaign. Hollywood producer and Clinton donor Eric Hamburg emailed the Obama State Department just days before President Trump’s inauguration and offered to make a movie about the Russian potty dossier.

It’s a good idea to keep reminding ourselves of what a rotten, dishonest and underhanded individual Hillary Clinton is… especially since she’s getting ready to jump into the 2020 presidential race.

Hillary’s buddy Harvey Weinstein will unfortunately not be able to bankroll the Hillary 2020 campaign. His money’s tied up in other “matters” right now.

But Harvey isn’t the only Hollywood donor in Hillary’s back pocket. We’ve previously covered Hillary’s close ties to some of the classiest individuals in Tinseltown. For example, First Lady Crooked Hillary fired the White House Travel Office staff in the 1990s so she could give their jobs to a charter air service owned by Harry Thomason, the esteemed director of “Revenge of Bigfoot” and “The Designing Women Reunion.”

But who is this Eric Hamburg guy uncovered by Judicial Watch? A quick search reveals that Hamburg has been the producer of several films by conspiracy lunatic and historical revisionist Oliver Stone.

Aside from his work with Oliver Stone, Hamburg once produced a “documentary” about how JFK was actually assassinated by George H.W. Bush. He sounds perfect for a Russian potty documentary about the 2016 election!

Alas, it looks like the Obama State Department wonks didn’t follow up on Hamburg’s request. However, don’t be surprised if Hollywood does spring a surprise Russian collusion movie on us at some point before the 2020 election. You know, to help Hillary win.

The Crooked One has actually stepped up her public appearances in recent days. While the mainstream media has been breathlessly trying to tell us that the pack of losers in Iowa, plus Joe Biden, are certain to unseat Trump in 2020, Hillary has been loading her guns in the background.

Biden appears to be the undisputed frontrunner, but that’s only because his newly unearthed “Good for the Negro” speech from 1973 hasn’t been used against him in earnest yet.

The Democrat Party’s woke Antifa base will love that speech! Biden will be going down in flames shortly. Meanwhile, nearly half of the Democrat field is polling at 0%. Not 0.3%. Not 0.1%. ZERO-point-ZERO percent. Great job, fellas! America loves you.

While mouthing off at a Wellesley College alumni event the other day, Crooked Hillary stated that if you read the Mueller Report, you come to two inescapable conclusions.

“The first,” she droned, “is that Russia conducted a sweeping and systemic interference in our election.”

Um… quick side note about that sweeping and systemic Russian interference. What was it?

I know everyone is supposed to say, “Well, of course, Russia interfered in the 2016 election, but there was no collusion…” What was the interference? What did they do?

Someone – maybe Russia, maybe someone else – hacked John Podesta’s Gmail account (Password: Passw0rd) and the DNC emails. That’s not an election. Publishing those emails is not an election. An election where people cast votes is an election! Am I the only person who’s being driven nuts by the claims that Russia somehow “interfered” in the 2016 election?

Can someone – ANYONE – please explain to me exactly how Russia interfered in the 2016 election? And be specific with your answer, please.

Hillary continued, “The second [conclusion] is that obstruction occurred.” Says the person who smashed phones with a hammer and wiped out a server with Bleach Bit.

Crooked Hillary wrapped up her speech by telling the crowd at Wellesley that Trump is implementing a “textbook” secret “Fascist takeover” of America. She even accused the president of using the federal government to attack his political enemies, which is a truly rich statement considering what the Obama Justice Department, FBI, CIA and IRS did to Obama’s political opponents for eight years.

The point is that Hillary is not staying out of the limelight, because she is seriously considering swooping in and taking over the 2020 Democrat field. One more misstep from Biden and she’ll be “all in” to save the Republic.

And if Christopher Steele, the author of the fake Russian dossier, succumbs to an unfortunate accident this month in which he slips on a banana peel and falls into a wood-chipper, well… we’ll really know she’s running then!

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