Mueller’s Litany of Lies Revealed when Flynn Judge Releases Unredacted Transcripts

Not to keep harping on Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but what a jerk! The guy can’t give a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer, he has a deep personal hatred of Donald Trump that we only learned about this past week (conflict of interest), and now we’re discovering that his report has deliberately falsified information in it.
Let’s start with Mueller’s total inability to give a straight answer. Mueller’s entire job was to give us a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer to one question: Did the Trump campaign collude with Russia?

Mueller’s non-straightforward answer: “We were not able to prove a broader conspiracy.”

Like most sane people, I’ll go ahead and take that as a ‘No,’ even though Mueller is for some reason physically and neurologically incapable of just saying ‘No.’

But then Mueller invented a subsequent question, because that’s what he always does when he tries to frame Republicans on process crimes. The sub-question was: Did the president commit obstruction of justice?

Allow me to summarize Mueller’s mush-mouthed answer:

I couldn’t not disprove whether or not Trump did or did not never not obstruct justice. On the other hand, there’s never not a situation that may or may not have been provable that I didn’t not in any way, shape or form never not didn’t not prove it. So, there you have it!

Imagine awaiting cancer biopsy results and getting that answer from your doctor. So… am I sick or not, doc?

“Well, it’s complicated.”

 Pat Buchanan said it best when he asked, “What’s with this guy Mueller that he can’t give a straight answer?”

Next, what would you think if a person selected to conduct a criminal investigation of your activities knows you personally, and holds a deep, abiding personal hatred for you because of financial reasons?

Some people might think that that investigator has a “conflict of interest” and that they should recuse themselves from the investigation. But not in Swampland, DC!

President Trump spoke with former Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly by phone after Mueller’s mush-mouthed announcement. In that conversation, Trump revealed something that has never been brought to light before: Mueller and Trump know each other – and Mueller personally hates Trump.

It turns out that Mueller had a membership at one of Trump’s golf courses. When Mueller was moving to a new address, he called Trump to ask if he would waive the club’s policy by returning Mueller’s $15,000 deposit. Trump informed Mueller that if he waived the policy as a favor to the head of the FBI (which Mueller was at the time), then he’d have to waive the policy for everyone. Trump refused and says the phone call with Mueller then became “nasty.”

It’s not surprising at this point to learn that Mueller has a personal vendetta against the president. After all, every single member of Mueller’s handpicked investigative team was a Clinton and/or Obama donor and a Trump hater.

Wouldn’t it have been fair for Mueller to reveal his personal conflict with Trump a couple of years ago? Oh, wait, sorry. This process was never about fairness or the rule of law. (See also: Clinton, Hillary)

Finally, we’re just starting to learn that the Mueller Report itself has deliberately falsified information in it. If the Mueller Report had been delivered as a legal document to a court, instead of as a report to the Attorney General, Mueller would have been fined, disbarred and possibly jailed for what he did.

The Mueller Report contains a transcript of a phone conversation between two attorneys: Rob Kelner, who is Gen. Mike Flynn’s counsel; and Mike Dowd, who was President Trump’s counsel at the time. In a paragraph of text stated by Mike Dowd, Mueller’s team cut two lines out of the transcript.

Those two lines discuss exchanging information “for the country” – i.e., for the good of the country – and doing it in such a way that Flynn’s legal team would not have to compromise “any confidential information.”

Mueller’s creative edits make it sound like Dowd was trying to skirt the law and obtain confidential information from Flynn’s legal team. The only reason we know the truth is because the judge in the Flynn case released the entire transcript, which shows that Mueller’s team clearly altered the transcript to change its meeting.

Mueller made it sound like something shady was going on, when in fact the real transcript reveals they were doing everything legally and above board and going one step further by trying to protect national security.

Good riddance to Mush-Mouth Mueller. Here’s hoping he really stays retired this time, so he’ll never have the opportunity to try to frame another Republican official on false charges. (See also: Sen. Ted Stevens)

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