More Obama Corruption Comes to Light

It’s time to put this in plain terms. Former President Barack Obama is a bad man, and he was a terrible president. Nothing he did was in good faith.

He ran his office on nothing but corruption, self-interest and political manipulation. It’s no wonder that he was the worst president in history in terms of economic scorecards.

He also has one of the worst records on foreign policy. He started more conflicts, killed more people and dropped more bombs than any other president in our history. The fact that he bombed more people than FDR in WWII is difficult to comprehend.

The important thing to remember is that none of Obama’s actions are justifiable through the lens of history. It was all in corruption, and we have more evidence to support that. This latest round is tied to China.

Obama’s China Policy

It’s easy to feel like tension with China is relatively new. If we look back to 2009, China was still an emerging economy. Investors were excited about the prospect of reaching a billion new customers in a number of markets, but China was far from their current level of power and influence. In 2009, they had less than half of the current GDP, and growth has slowed massively over the past three years.

A large part of the reason for China’s success is Obama’s policy towards them. He and his administration worked hard to bring more investment into China. He held as soft a line as he could in regards to the Chinese military, and Obama watched their recruitment and military investment surge without saying a word.

More importantly, Obama adopted a no-red-line policy with illicit Chinese activity. Obama had his administration ignore currency manipulation, prolific intellectual property theft and large-scale capital theft from foreign investors.

Investment capital was stolen so frequently that several industries in China become effective danger zones for foreign investors. It was one of the reasons for slowed growth as early as 2015.

Arguably worst of all is how Obama ignored the growing antagonism of the Chinese government. Obama simply watched as President Xi Jinping went on a massive political purge and arrested over 1 million political prisoners in the span of a year and a half. The majority of those prisoners were never seen again.

As Xi seized power and nationalized foreign assets, Obama appeased China under the claim that, “The relationship between the United States and China is the most important bilateral relationship of the 21st century.”

Until recently, you might be able to argue the idea that Obama wanted a benevolent relationship with China despite their flaws. Perhaps the benefits outweighed the costs. Now, we know that this isn’t true at all. This was nothing short of pure corruption.

It’s difficult to keep track of how many senior members of Obama’s staff received massive perks from China, but we can recount the three biggest cases. Leading the list is Joe Biden and his family. While the former vice president was on a ‘diplomatic’ mission to China, his son signed a $100 million deal for the family business. That deal has since grown.

Then, we have Samir Jain. He was Obama’s senior director for cybersecurity policy. That’s an important position, but it doesn’t often come with book deals. So, Jain looked to a different cash cow. He is currently a leading lobbyist on the payroll of Huawei.

Next, we have James Cole. He served as deputy attorney general. That’s another powerful position that might not land $100,000 speaking fees. Fortunately for Cole, Huawei needs influential legal minds, so Cole took a job with the Chinese company.

Just in case any of you are completely out of the loop, Huawei is a Chinese cyber company. They are one of the world’s technological leaders in developing 5G networks. They have also been caught performing political espionage on foreign countries a number of times.

According to Chinese law, they’re required to share any and all data they collect with the Chinese government. So, essentially, their 5G technology is a massive spying tool beholden to the communist dictatorship that rules China.

This is just the latest example of corruption from the Obama Administration. When you add it to other cases, like the Uranium One deal, shielding Hillary Clinton from criminal prosecution, covering up the Fast and Furious, giving cash to the Iranian terrorist complex and the rest of Obama’s long corruption resume, it’s hardly surprising.

Barack Obama was clearly one of the most corrupt politicians to ever hold office in this country, and it will take a long time to fully root out and correct the damage he did to our nation.

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