Documents Prove Obama Admin Officials Worked with Foreign Government’s in Coup against Trump

While the mainstream media continues to push its ‘Trump colluded with the Russians’ narrative, Tom Fitton of the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch is offering proof that the narrative is accurate except for one important detail – who the actors really were in the whole Russia affair.

Fitton recently told Alex Marlow of Breitbart News Daily, the Trump-Russia narrative enabled by James Comey, his band of anti-Trump agents at the FBI, and Obama’s CIA Director at the time James Clapper as “part of an “international effort to take out President Donald Trump.”

Fitton said, “Yesterday, you had confirmation over in the United Kingdom that that intelligence operation there … knew about the dossier and part of that spying that took place with Stefan Halper also took place in London. The New York Times, at the end of their story, exposing that, disclosed that the UK knew about that spy operation as well.”

Democrats and most of the media have ridiculed President Trump since January of 2016 when he first claimed he was spied on by Obama administration officials. Now it appears the only thing the President was wrong about in his claim was the scope of that spying effort.

According to Fitton, “supposedly a friend of the United States helped to launder the infamous Steele dossier paid for by FBI-DNC-Clinton campaign money by consulting with Russian intelligence.”

He adds, “It’s pretty incredible stuff, and it shows you that it was an international effort to take out Trump. It wasn’t just based here in the United States.”

Thanks to the tireless work of Judicial Watch, employing the Freedom of Information Act, what the media kept under wraps for over a year is now out in the sunlight.

Widespread partisan and political corruption, Fitton notes, permeates the FBI and broader Department of Justice — in particular with respect to surveillance and spying on Donald Trump both as a candidate and then as president. He is right to warn “this must be purged.”

Like Judicial Watch, we are encouraged by an Attorney General like William Barr who has shown no fear in exposing the “big lie” of the Trump-Russia collusion narrative.

Joe DiGenova sees former CIA Director and now MSNBC political commentator John Brennan as the “mastermind” of the conspiracy to frame Donald Trump.”

Fitton agreed saying, “ I think [John Brennan] is a key ringleader. … Brennan was pushing this dossier. He was involved in that infamous Oval Office meeting in Barack Obama’s White House with James Comey, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, et cetera, just before Comey went to attempt — as his FBI people suggested, or were worried about — to blackmail then-president-elect Trump with information about the dossier … that spy operation would not have taken place without FBI help.”

Adolph Hitler first coined the phrase “the big lie” in his seminal work, Mein Kampf. He accused the Jews of using lies that, in principle were true because the big lie always has a “certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily.”

Joseph Goebbels picked up on Hitler’s premise by claiming the English stuck to one big lie “even at the risk of looking ridiculous.”

Now it seems, Democrats and their allies in the media are bound to stick to their “big lie” no matter how ridiculous history will show that to be.

The left is determined to cling to the current narrative about Trump and its ally the media is unlikely to admit it has been captive to this “big lie.”

Fitton believes that AG Barr must “unleash the hounds in terms of using the powers of the Justice Department.” That includes having an FBI get involved in what it would rather ignore. Barr must take this action because an administrative review is a good start but can’t stop there.

The spy agencies are likely to stand united against Barr seeing that the new FBI Director Christopher Wray can’t even bring himself to use the word ‘spy.’

It will be a long, dirty job for Barr to get to the bottom of the real lie of collusion with national and international players. Trump’s new FBI Director has the stench of Washington insider on him and is “compromised in terms of having internalized this deep state approach to reining in the FBI swamp,” said Fitton.

With another election cycle already underway, those who voted for the President must do more than rail against CNN. They must expose the big lie.

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