House Democrats Pass Radical, Unscientific “Equality Act”

On Friday, one of the most radical pieces of legislation to-date regarding transgenderism and gender equality was passed by House Democrats. Every single Democrat in the House voted in favor of this legislation, dubbed the “Equality Act”, sending the legislation through the House and on to the Senate.

Unfortunately, the so-called “Equality Act”, is both radical, unscientific, and a direct assault on women’s rights.

The main thrust of the “Equality Act” is to outlaw discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation across the board and in every instance, amending the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in order to protect gender identity as well as gender.

Discrimination based on one’s gender is already illegal. Now, though, Democrats want to outlaw all forms of discrimination based on one’s gender identity as well.

This may not sound all that harmful on the surface, but the implications of the “Equality Act” must be considered. Under the “Equality Act”, a transgender female – that is, a male who identifies as a female – would be given the same rights as a biological female across the board and without exception.

This means that anyone who claims to be female would be given unrestricted access to women’s restrooms and locker rooms, unrestricted access to join women’s sports teams, access to women only scholarships, and unrestricted access to qualify for everything that a biological female qualifies for.

The “Equality Act” also makes no exceptions regarding the state of transition that a transgender female must be in before their rights as a woman are protected in this manner. In other words, a 6 ft 7, 250 lb male who has never received hormone treatments or gender reassignment surgery could join a women’s basketball team in college and have his right to join that team protected under the law – so long as he claimed that he was female.

Already, we are seeing numerous instances of transgender females dominating women’s athletics due to their unfair biological advantage. Yet even these transgender athletes are required to undergo hormone treatments and pass a number of other qualifications before they are allowed to compete.

Now, though, Democrats want to open the floodgates and enable men to compete against women without exception.

Democrats also want to give men the right to access any space designated for females that they please, including women’s restrooms and locker rooms. Under the “Equality Act”, any man in the world has the right to waltz into a female locker room and stay there as long as he wants, providing that he tells authorities that he is a woman when questioned.

Despite arguing for the importance of giving women privacy and limiting male influence in their lives, Democrats now want to strip away any shred of privacy and separation from men that women have.

The “Equality Act” is as unscientific as it is radical. It is based in the completely disproven and unscientific notion that a man who claims to be a woman is, in every way, the same as a biological female.

Even beginning to defend this position from a scientific standpoint is completely impossible – yet it’s nonetheless a position that all House Democrats seem to hold.

Thankfully, the “Equality Act” is a piece of legislation that is almost destined to die in the Senate. Even one Senate Republican voting in favor of this bill would be a shock, meaning that the “Equality Act” has almost zero chance of passing in the Senate and ending up on President Trump’s desk.

Even if the “Equality Act” did pass the Senate by some miracle, vetoing it would no-doubt be one of the easiest decisions that President Trump has ever made.

However, what the “Equality Act” does show us is a taste of what Democrats intend to do if they are given control of the federal government once again. If Democrats controlled the White House and the Senate, this radical, unscientific piece of legislation would be destined to be written into law.

Time and time again, Democrats continue to provide us with plenty of reasons to take the 2020 election very seriously.

Those who don’t want to see men given the legal right to compete on women’s sports teams and enter female facilities have all the more reason to prevent Democrats from regaining the power necessary to make these radical bills a reality.

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