Border Patrol Council VP, “We Have Lost Control of the Border”

The United States has been dealing with the problem of illegal immigration and lax border security for some time now. Thanks to laws that incentivize illegal immigration rather than discourage it as well as an abysmal lack of funding for border security, though, the situation at the border has become steadily worse over the years.

Now, there is reason to believe that we have lost all control of the border crisis entirely.

In an interview on Fox News, vice-president of the National Border Patrol Council Hector Garza said, “We’ve lost control of the border, as we are right now.”

When pressed on what he meant, Garza elaborated, saying, “Our Border Patrol chief has mentioned that over 50 percent of our agents are not securing the border and they’re now actually processing, transporting, and carrying for some of these asylum seekers. But I would challenge that percentage. I would put that percentage somewhere in the range of 75 percent.”

Garza went on to say, “What we’re seeing is that we’re not securing the border. We’re not out there catching those drug dealers, or those drug smugglers, or human smugglers.”

In recent months, border security agents have been overwhelmed by the number of immigrants seeking asylum in the United States. Now, processing and caring for these asylum seekers has become the primary focus of border control.

The problem is that our border patrol was stretched thin even before they were forced to deal with these floods of asylum seekers. Now, border patrol has become a process of caring for asylum seekers rather than truly securing the border – and the consequences are considerable.

While border patrol agents are busy caring for and processing the thousands of people who show up seeking asylum every single day, true matters of border security have been placed on the backburner.

Border security agents cannot stop the cartel from shipping drugs into the United States if all of their time is spent processing asylum seekers. They cannot stop human trafficking, or illegal border crossings, or weapons trafficking, either.

Forcing our border patrol agents to spend all of their time and resources processing asylum seekers has, in every sense of the word, created a true crisis at the border.

For every bit of time and resources that we put toward processing and caring for asylum seekers, our national security is weakened. Now, according to Garza, we are reaching a point of no return.

Since being elected President, Donald Trump has done everything in his power to provide border patrol with both the resources and the laws needed for them to effectively perform their role of securing our borders. However, every attempt to strengthen border security that Trump has made has been met with harsh resistance from House Democrats.

With Democrats now in control of the House, passing any useful legislation regarding border security or funding for border patrol has been made almost impossible, limiting Trump only to his executive powers.

Unfortunately, executive powers only go so far. What is needed to solve the crisis at the border and regain control of our border security is an act of Congress, and Congress is unwilling to act.

This means that the crisis at the border can only be expected to spiral even more out of control so long as House Democrats refuse to recognize the seriousness of this issue. Rather than secure our nation’s borders, though, and regain control of what is a national security crisis, House Democrats would rather use the crisis at the border as an opportunity to portray Donald Trump as a xenophobic racist who is opposed to immigration.

This narrative has been one of their most valued attacks against the President, and they aren’t about to let it go – no matter how serious the crisis at the border becomes.

What we are left with, then, is a frightening situation with no real light at the end of the tunnel. Despite the impossible demands that are placed upon them, our border patrol agents continue to do their best to deal with this crisis.

However, their best efforts will only go so far without the proper resources and legislation in place. As of right now, we have lost control of our borders – and the consequences of this crisis could prove to be detrimental.

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