#MeToo Fallout: Man Dies after False Rape Allegation Sparks Revenge Attack

The fallout from the #MeToo movement continues. In the wake of several false rape allegations, there is a story that explains fully why this movement was terrible for America.

It almost seemed like the country learned a lesson the last time women were caught perpetuating rape hoaxes. Maybe the Jussie Smollett thing helped cool the trend a little.

Whatever was working seems to have worn off because we have a new sexual assault hoax, and this one turned deadly. Everything you’re about to read is going to upset you. It’s time to be upset.

The False Accusation

This tragic and disturbing story begins on a bus in Logan, Utah. While on the bus, an unnamed girl (we’ll get to why in a minute) claimed she was sexually assaults by a stranger.

She’s only 16 years old, so when she informed her brother of the assault, he was understandably upset. He did what many of you reading this would probably do, and he met his sister’s attacker at the bus’s destination.

When Michael Fife stepped clear of the bus, he was tackled to the ground and knocked unconscious. The two kids then fled the scene. It was at this point that the girl called the police and reported the sexual assault.

The Police Investigation

This is where the story turns sour. The police were called to the scene for two reported crimes. One was the attack on Michael Fife that left him unconscious. The other was the assault allegation against Fife. They took both seriously.

Fife was rushed to the hospital to be treated for his injuries. In the meantime, the police began looking for evidence of a sexual assault.

They were able to obtain surveillance footage of the entire bus ride. There very clearly was no sexual assault. Fife had no contact with his accuser.

The police were eventually able to track down and detain both the 16-year-old girl and her brother. Because they are both underage, details on the two kids or the investigation are not being released to press or the public. At this juncture, we have no idea why the girl fabricated the assault and goaded her brother into committing a felony.

Sadly, Fife ultimately succumbed to his injuries while in the hospital. He is dead, and a young man is now a murderer. All of this was based on a lie that, at this point, is actually pretty common.


The left will tell us that this isn’t important. They’ll say the problem was entirely with the brother’s reaction. Clearly, these kids should have left things to the police.

These words come from the same left that tells us all police are sexist and racist. It’s from the same left that tells us that our justice department is compromised and beholden to Russia. This is the same left that tells us women shouldn’t have to report assaults to the police in the first place; society should just magically solve the problem.

There’s not a good man in this country who would idly sit by while his sister was attacked by a stranger on the bus. We don’t know anything about this brother, but based on the extremely limited information at hand, his reaction to the situation is easy to rationalize.

No, this is emblematic of the real problem. Believing a woman who claims she was attacked should be the most normal and natural thing in the world. It is the radical left that took the sincerity of Americans and weaponized it.

They paraded obviously false accusations across Congress in political theater. They backed hoaxers on college campuses and all over the country on repeat until we had to trade that sincerity for tactical cynicism.

At this point, there might be more false accusations than legitimate cases of assault, and it’s all because the left tried to show women (and especially young women) that victimhood is a form of currency.

Women like this have been duped into believing that they stand to gain something by faking attacks that never happened.

There’s a lot to hate about the modern left. This just might be the very worst thing they’ve done to our country. The weaponization of victimhood has destroyed our basic ability to trust each other.

Make no mistake. That was the goal all along.

A united America is the most powerful human endeavor in the history of the world. The only way to destroy this amazing country — and that is unmistakably the left’s goal — is to destroy our ability to stand together. Leftism, and all of the fake causes it embraces, is deadly.

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