The Real Reason Democrats Want to Hold AG William Barr in Contempt: He’s Willing to Investigate Obama

So, the House Judiciary Committee officially voted to hold William Barr in contempt of Congress. The vote went exactly according to party lines. Now, the issue will be taken before the entire House of Representatives where spineless Democrats will continue their politicized attacks on a good man.

Now, you’ve been told by mainstream media that Barr is being criticized for hiding evidence from Congress. It’s a complete lie, and we have plenty of proof to show you. On top of that, we’re going to reveal the true reasons for this attack on the Attorney General. As you might suspect, it has nothing to do with Democrats trying to protect the Constitution. It’s quite the opposite.

The Democrats have done their best to present Barr with an impossible choice. They demanded that he present a completely unredacted Mueller report to Congress and make it fully public. For anyone unaware, the Mueller report includes sensitive information pertaining to current investigations and grand jury cases. Making that information public is extremely illegal, and the Democrats know this.

In response to this impossible demand, Barr gave the Democrats and the public a properly redacted report. They yelled cover up. So, Barr went a step further. He and his team prepared a less redacted version of the Mueller report. Because it revealed more sensitive information, it was only made available to members of Congress with sufficient clearance and/or authority to view it. This version of the report only had seven lines with redactions in them — out of 455 pages.

The Democrats had a response to this as well. Every Democrat qualified to read the new version of the report flat out refused to do so, and they voted to hold Barr in contempt of Congress. It’s a complete catch 22. If he does what they ask, they’ll go after him for violating confidentiality laws. If not, they say he’s obstructing justice. This is pure malice.

This leads us to a very important question. If President Trump is the person they’re really after, why are they aiming everything at the Attorney General?

There are two answers to this, and they both apply. This first is a little more obvious. The left wants to impeach President Trump, but they don’t have the grounds to do so. The Mueller report made it clear that our President has acted well within the law, and the Democrats know that. So, they’re going after Barr as a proxy. If they can’t smear President Trump with the report, they’ll try to hit one of his supporters instead. It’s pretty sad, but it’s normal behavior for the American left.

The second reason Democrats have targeted Barr actually matters a lot more. They’re just plain afraid of him. Almost immediately after announcing that he wouldn’t be trying to prosecute the President, Attorney General Barr announced that he would be investigating the actions of the Obama Justice Department to see if the Mueller investigation was ultimately linked to political targeting and foul play. In fact, he’s made it clear that he’s going to hold former president Barack Obama and those from his administration accountable for every corrupt action they took while in power.

The Democrats know what you already suspect: Barr is going to find plenty of dirt. They’ve been digging their own graves for years, and they need to do everything in their power to prevent this reckoning. They’re trying their best to remove Barr from his position. He’ll have a hard time investigating the Democrats if he’s not the Attorney General. And, if they can’t get rid of him, then they’ll settle for trying to ruin his reputation before he can reveal anything damning about their precious Obama or his supporters to the American people.

We’ve seen this act before. They went after Judge Brett Kavanaugh because they feared he would undermine their illegal manipulation of federal law through biased courts. We saw how that worked for them. Now, the stakes are much higher. If they can’t turn America fully against Barr, he will be the instrument of their undoing.

No one has any doubt that there’s plenty of corruption for him to find, but hard proof can be used to remove people from office. Barr is actually their worst nightmare, and you can see them flailing in response.

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6 Responses

  1. As the Old Saying Goes!! They are Going after AG Barr Because, He WILL catch them with “THEIR PANTS DOWN”!!!!!

  2. The homo demos are nothing but white black brown trash racist stupid ugly un America morons and a disgrace to our country
    Thanks to the monkey obommie

  3. The hypocrisy and corruption of the demonazi party is on full display. Scared little weasels aren’t they? You can practically smell the fear emanating from all of them and the statement of Al Green is particularly frightening, ” we have to impeach Trump or he will be reelected.” Nice to know the leftists advocate American citizens not having a choice. He basically is saying he wants to deny our choice.

    1. They are completely terrified of anyone that will actually look at the evidence and follow where it leads instead of DECIDING GUILT and looking for evidence to PROVE what they already decided.

      That is what the entire “investigation” into Trump was about they DECIDED he colluded with the Russians ignoring that COLLUSION is not codified as a crime much less an impeachable offense then spent thousands or even millions of TAXPAYERS MONEY investigating anything they could get away with even going outside the scope of their authority just to find something they can use.

      Now that the report is back and shows NO RUSSIAN COLLUSION found where Trump is concerned they are terrified the AG will follow what evidence did turn up.

      That evidence leads to Hillary, Obama, and several of the DNC having more connection various frauds, and criminal actions than Trump.

      Their latest whine is they (DESPITE the IRS saying Trump has violated no TAX LAWS) demanding his Tax returns be made public so they can use MEDIA SPIN to complain about how wealthy he is compared to the average voter and IMPLY that it is somehow improper to FOLLOW TAX LAWS that allow people to keep more of what they earn. As if it was COSTING those who earn less thus pay less taxes more money. Same fiction they used to imply the rich who pay a higher tax rate on their income somehow are costing those who pay a LOWER tax rate more money by keeping more of their income through deductions that used to be tailored to force investment in the US economy. (before carter plugged the LOOPHOLES).

  4. As the old saying goes, play with fire expect to get burnt, and burnt they will! I’m waiting to see how many Democrat rats try to jump ship after all the dirt comes out, and it will! Let’s see how many of them we can throw under that proverbial bus, or see how many of those rats get eaten alive by the sharks swimming around the sinking ship! To me, I think that they all should be prosecuted for (1) terroristic threats towards President Trump, (2) holding the people of the United States hostage with their obstructionist ways, and (3) for wasting the tax payers hard earned money on frivolis bull shit! Then we need to get the 27th Amendment to our constitution passed and get rid of all those old bastards that are wasting our money! Make it so the house can only hold 3- 2 year terms in office, and the Senate can only hold 2- 3 year terms in office! Also make them carry the same health-care as every other red blooded American has. Then make it so they can not retire from that position. Do you know how much money can be saved every year with this in place? Nancy Peloci make close to 1 million dollars base pay every year! A first year congressman/ woman makes $175,000.00. How many first year congressmen can you get for Nancy Peloci’s base pay? Now figure how much can be saved if each congressman/ woman has to pay for their own health-care! And lastly figure how much can be save if you didn’t have to pay for each congressman/ woman after they retire! Let’s just say in like 10 years we could pay off our national debt! Would you stand behind that? Would you like to see a little more in your pay check each and every week? If so, then let’s pressure our state congress to pass this amendment, and give control of our government back to the people!

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