Mueller Report Omissions Signal Incompetence or a Cover-Up

The 448-page report by Robert Mueller entitled “Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election,” bears two glaring omissions. These omissions indicate one of two things, either Mueller’s world-class team of high-powered prosecutors is intentionally covering up major crimes against Trump’s election team, or they have handled the investigation with supreme incompetence.

When it comes to leading the nation by the nose through massively faulty investigations, Robert Mueller is no amateur. This is the man that helped convinced a nation that we had to fight a war in Iraq because they had WMDs, and that it didn’t matter that the actual attackers were meant to have originated in Afghanistan. 18 years later, we still have troops in Afghanistan, and Afghanistan is still the world’s top exporter of opium.

According to Margot Cleveland, a former law clerk and professor at the Business University of Notre Dame with over 50 years of experience, “[…] the Mueller report fails to consider whether the dossier authored by former MI6 spy Christopher Steele was Russian disinformation, and Steele was not charged with lying to the FBI.”

She wrote an article for the Federalist in which she says, “The Steele dossier, which consisted of a series of memorandum authored by the former MI6 spy, detailed intelligence supposedly provided by a variety of Putin-connected sources. For instance, Steele identified Source A as ‘a senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure’ who ‘confided that the Kremlin had been feeding Trump and his team valuable intelligence on his opponents, including Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.’”

Cleveland continued, “Other supposed sources identified in the dossier included: Source B, identified as ‘a former top-level Russian intelligence officer still active inside the Kremlin,’ Source C, a ‘Senior Russian Financial Officer,’ and Source G, ‘a Senior Kremlin Official.’”

Cleveland asserts that Mueller’s conclusion that no one in the Trump Campaign colluded with Russia means the investigation was premised either on a lie- or on massive incompetence.

Cleveland writes, “…Trump’s victory does not negate the fact that, assuming Steele truthfully relayed claims to the FBI and the media that his Russian sources provided, Russia interfered in the election by feeding Steele false intelligence on Trump.”

The article continues, “Yet in the special counsel’s report, Mueller only identified two primary ways Russia interfered in the 2016 election: the report claims ‘First, a Russian entity carried out a social media campaign that favored presidential candidate Donald J. Trump and disparaged presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Second, a Russian intelligence service conducted computer-intrusion operations against entities, employees, and volunteers working on the Clinton Campaign and then released stolen documents.’”

Though Mueller was authorized to investigate the Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 election, the report makes no mention of any efforts to investigate Russia’s role in feeding Steele purposely misleading information.

Despite the clear conflicts of interest degrading the Mueller investigation, only Senator Chuck Grassley has even mentioned these issues. He raised the issue with Attorney General William Barr, saying “Mueller spent over two years and 30 million dollars investigating Russia interference in the election. In order for a full accounting of Russia interference attempts, shouldn’t the special counsel have considered whether the Steele dossier was part of a Russian disinformation and interfere campaign?”

This is a question that we have been asking from the beginning. The Mueller report was effectively defamed in 2017 when confirmation of illegal spying on the Trump campaign was first revealed. Remember, we saw several mainstream media articles on the topic in 2016 in which major players in intelligence and in government said that they were spying on Trump.

In 2017, Trump found out about it and WikiLeaks showed us how they do it with the Vault 7 info dump.

None of this is new information. We knew in 2017 that the Christopher Steel document was a work of deception that had been passed through a series of hands in an attempt to hide its source.

Now, Democrats are trying to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt for wanting to find out the answer to these questions. Seems more like Democrats are trying to save their own, rather than find the truth.

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3,311 Responses

  1. Muller blamed the Democrats. That was the only thing he got right.

  2. It looks like the Witch Hunt is coming to light and the Democrats are shaking in their boots! The Jigs up so to speak! Every Democrat connected to this should be prosecuted and sent to prison for a long time

  3. I agree that every Democrat connected to this should be prosecuted and sent to prison for a long time. It’s time for the truth be told. Everyone involved, Hillary,Obama and all the rest of the democrats who are involved in this conspiracy.

  4. Who is investigating Mueller for the fraud,waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars.
    About time we had someone with a backbone to take those responsible for this shame to task. People need to go to jail.
    AG Barr will get it done and the chips will fall accordingly

  5. I still think they need to see what connection Clinton and Obama had investigating and spreading rumors about Trump.

  6. He found that Hillary Clinton and Obama administration spied on the president. Hillary Clinton and Obama were the ones that than collusion with Russia. Obama’s administration was corrupt to the core. Democrat party has betray the constitution and America . Mueller is right in the middle with the Democrat party. He knows the truth but if he said it Hillary and Obama would be in jail. . Mueller is a coward. Loves power more than truth and America.

  7. Well Mueller knows the truth, but he doesn’t want to suddenly for of some mysterious Clinton disease!

  8. That should be DIE, not “for”!
    Damn I hate Auto correct!

  9. ” the Mueller report fails to consider whether the dossier authored by former MI6 spy Christopher Steele was Russian disinformation, and Steele was not charged with lying to the FBI.” -Mueller knows IF he brought Stele up on charges they will have to “silence” him. Bruce Ohr testified last summer that he had kept certain people in the loop back in 2016 as to the Steele dossier being a fake. Two of thios he named were Peter Strzok and Andrew Weissmann. Two of Mueller’s henchmen – If they knew Mueller and Comey knew. Strzok was still working for Comey in 2016. Steel himself later said that he had been hired by Hillary Clinton to come up with something to challenge the election results in case she lost. During the 2016 campaign Hillary constantly questioned Donald Trump as to whether or not he would accept the election results. We’ve witnessed how well Hillary accepted them. Now we see Nutty Nancy Pelosi playing same game again. She is saying the “Democrats” are “worried” President Trump will not accept the election results this coming election. Nancy – PAY BACK the $2,000,000 you STOLE from the American taxpayers for your personal pleasures. Where I come from what you did is called embezzling – which is most certainly a crime – for which YOU should be held accountable. American are much more aware of ALL the bullshit coming out of the DO NOTHING FOR AMERICANS Congress than they were in 2016.

  10. The whole reason the Muller investigation drug on for so long was to create doubt for the 2018 elections ! That is the only reason why ! Muller knew there was no collusion over a year ago ! He needs to be held accountable for this !

  11. Our elected democratic law makers are taking millions and millions of out tax dollars in the form of paychecks, benefits, and certainly other unmentioned ways. In turn for our tax payer dollars, we as american citizens are receiving nothing more than being stabbed in the back. It is a real poor bargin on our part.

  12. Jail time for all starting with obomie and all the rest of his goons

  13. Fat boy naddie should be deported with all of his deplorables

  14. USA is still divided as per above comments. Absence of any facts result in temper tantrum comments by over-educated enemies which include Trump’s buddy Vladimir Putin. Trump’s servants have to do the dirty work for Dictator Trump. I feel better now.

  15. attacking trump, to cover-up their conspiring with russia. a misdirection conspiracy, to keep the pressure off of themselves. mueller, was involved in the uranium one conspiracy with russia. and he, was placed in charge of the trump russia false collusion investigation.

    just by using trump’s name, in the investigation indicated a bigoted investigation. in order to hide, democrats and the media involved in conspiring with russia. in a fraud where, the unscrupulous guilty are investigating the innocent.

    to begin with the appointment of special counsel did not follow the constitution to appoint them. the first danger sign.

    the second danger sign, was the use of lopsided criminally bigoted investigators.

    third the criminal misuse of the fisa courts, to do illegal spying only targeting trump.

    fourth ignoring the democrat and media criminal intent in obstruction of justice and criminal involvement.

    fifth not declaring the investigation null void with all the criminal intent involved is also an egregious crime.

    sixth failure to indict all involved in the use of the fictitious evidence and obstruction of justice.

    seventh investigating those, who where out of scope of the investigation to illegally implicate trump, family, and associates.

    eighth failure to prevent the destruction of evidence, rather than seizing evidence with a subpoena to prevent destruction.

    ninth failure to seize the dnc computer as evidence with a subpoena.

  16. Americans better be watching what the Democrats have been doing for years.They are the corrupt paty. Looks whats happening . Muller is no saint,he’s as corrupt as Obama,the Clintons and the Democratic party. Look at Comey,Strok,Page Ohr Nellie Ohr and the rest of them. Wake up America!! Why do you think the Democrats are pushing so hard to find anything on Trump to get him impeached. Because they are the dirty dog party that’s Corrupt and so are some of the Rhinos . We know who they are ,and to take are country back,we the people need to vote these scum bags out of office. They have taken our money and our vote and have done nothing for us or our country. Vote all Demorats out of office,take our country back. Love our country and it’s people vote conservative.

  17. There is obvious proof that the two year witch hunt investigation was a #1 cover up for the dem party conspiracy that is actually their own instigated crimes by bo & hilary using Russia to promote the dems chance to win the election ! Seventy eight U.S. Law violations by bo was the #1 proof that both bo and hil were not trust worthy U.S. reps … ! Ten Constitutional violations by bo & hil were also obvious crimes to prosecute both for high treason .. ! Both are still free to instigate all their crimes that happen daily to internally destroy U.S. Government … ! Treason is the crime and execution is the Justice … !

  18. Mr President, Cram the whole Stinking Pile of Dog Crap Right Straight Up their Noses !! I want to hear the sound of Cell Doors Clanging, and Guards Shouting, ” Watch You’re Fingers There” !!! Way More MAGA Please, We are SO NOT Tired of Winning !! – Johnman

  19. The only reason the democrats are acting like hysterical children is the fear that their sins are catching up with them. Distraction seems to be the only platform the democrats hold. Pathetic whiners.

  20. Now Mr or Mrs law professor what are u a Democrat because they found Obama knew in 2014 Russia was interfering in elections did nothing about it cause all that interference was giving their corrupt party wins but yet when Trump overtook Hillary the lying cheating thieving ass murderer pulled their dirty little shit and started screaming Russian interference their was no Russian interference on the rely loan side except those who never thought Trump would win they were bought and paid for long before the election McCain was involved in bringing Hillary s fake dorssia to light and look what it was a bunch of Facebook media clips made to look like collusion try as they might even with lying fifty year law professor s they just keep digging their corrupt cesspool deeper and deeper and if the Republican party colluded more power to them they beat Obama and killer at their own game what should of made a for sure win for the killer ended up costing her the election so PRESIDENT Trump let’s get this demoshits corrupt party throw their ass s in jail and get on with mami g our country great again and please rid us of all these demoshits and please start the deportation of Obama’s Muslims the one s in our government which never should of been avowed and the ones out their holding our cities hostage

  21. For some two years, the “unbiased” media has been telling us that, due to the simple fact that there was an investigation, Trump was guilty. The majority of people around me believe this as fact. With the report now showing that the investigation was a ruse, this same MSM is now telling us that Trump is still guilty because of… well, that part changes weekly. Again, most of those around me have accepted this because “If its in the news, then it must be true”, and they are fired up to vote (d) next year! Can someone tell me why the (R)s are content to leave the media in the hands of the left?

  22. Whats amazing is that you still have some ignorant fools (besides the Dems) that actually believes there was a cover up and collussion…some people are so ignorant they cant help themselves……Stupid is as stupid does….

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