All the Times Obama Resisted Subpoenas and Invoked Executive Privilege

Somehow, the Mueller report is still the talk of the town. It was finished and publicly released. It clearly showed that President Trump and his campaign team committed no wrongs. There was absolutely no Russian collusion, and without a crime, it seems silly to even suggest that obstruction of justice was possible.

It seems even more ridiculous to suggest justice was obstructed when the report was completed in full and published. What the Democrats are doing now is absolute, panic-driven insanity.

Despite that, they’ve forced President Trump to invoke executive privilege to protect Barr and allow the Attorney General to do his job and obey the law. The left will paint this as nefarious and indicative of guilt, but executive privilege is a normal operation in the federal government. To prove this point, we’ll review the three times Obama used executive privilege.

Net Worth Sweep

Since Obama never had any scandals, it’s no wonder you aren’t familiar with this story. It dates back to 2012, so he was nearing the end of his first term. Net Worth Sweep was the nickname given to a piece of legislation that specifically targeted Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

After the housing bubble burst and the economy went sideways, a lot of changes were made to mortgage law in a short time. One of the major results of those changes is that the federal government seized billions in mortgage profits from lenders. This included money illegally taken from Fannie and Freddie investors.

Net Worth Sweep was designed to take a closer look at those processes and potentially reimburse investors who were harmed by the government’s actions. As part of the legislation, Obama’s offices were required to turn over roughly 11,000 documents to Congress.

Instead, Obama invoked executive privilege and kept the secrets in the dark. There’s no question that he did it to hide compromising information that likely helped some of his closest allies get rich. Regardless, everyone agreed that this was within the President’s power and you never heard a word about it.

This scandal took place right after the crash. Obama assumed office in 2009, and Congress, desperately trying to deal with the crashed economy, launched an investigation into the SEC. They had evidence that the SEC had contributed to the crash by failing to act on harmful information they had uncovered.

None of this happened under Obama’s watch, but despite that, he invoked executive privilege to protect the SEC members from scrutiny. With Obama’s decree, they were spared Congressional hearings and any wrongdoing that may have occurred never came to light.

It might seem weird that Obama would protect officials from the previous administration, but when you consider how much power he accrued in the name of fighting the recession, it starts to make sense.

Fast and Furious

This one you might actually remember. Again, Obama never had a scandal, so clearly this wasn’t a big deal. The operation dubbed “Fast and Furious” was a joint operation in the federal government that saw ATF members sell illegal weapons to Mexican drug cartels.

Supposedly, the plan was to track the weapons and get a better understanding of the cartels’ weapon distribution systems. The reality is that they used these weapons to fight law enforcement, and a U.S. Border Patrol Agent was killed in the process.

With a dead American in the mix, Congress took investigative action. They subpoenaed documents related to the investigation. Eric Holder, the Attorney General at the time, refused to cooperate. He was held in contempt by Congress. In response, Obama invoked executive privilege, and that was pretty much the end of the story. No oversight happened, and Holder remained in his office for its full run.

If Fast and Furious sounds familiar, it’s because it’s almost step-by-step identical to what is happening in regards to the Mueller report. The major difference is that the Mueller report decisively found that no crime was committed, and nobody died as a consequence.

Here’s what matters most. Despite the shady circumstances in each of Obama’s cases of executive privilege, he actually invoked it less than most modern presidents. This is a normal thing, and President Trump is certainly within his authority. Most importantly, anyone who would defend Obama’s actions during Fast and Furious and condemn President Trump now is a hypocrite. That goes for basically every member of mainstream media.

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11 Responses

  1. Obummer never had a scandal because he never accomplished anything. The man is an out right lier. The man was an educated empty suit. Educated is a stretch because no one seems to remembers Barry at Columbia? Playing 150 days of golf it hard to get into trouble politically. Golf has a tendency to humble anyone except Barry.

  2. Good journalist would report these fox does
    What about cnn and others how much under the table benefits are they receiving
    Most fake news people would starve to death without their baby setters $$$ and armed gun carriers bodyguards

  3. Dims are hypocrites. They remind me of my spoiled Nephews when you take their Fortnite away.

  4. Trump can do nothing right according to the lib media and Hussein can do nothing wrong…..Really….What about Hussein’s trans wife Michael….no one talks about this big hoax on America……

  5. Nothing new. Obamas only purpose as President of the US was to be a mouth piece for George Soros and the Deep State to run this country down and to stir up the people so their was strife in our country. He brought more Muslims to the United States because he believes as they do. Will anything be done about the Obamas or the Clintons; Americans will have to stand up to the Government and that is the only way. The people who should have the most authority gets very little and the ones who have the power have abused it. Most of Congress should be in jail because they have committed treason time after time. Terms should be limited so this does not happen. I do not know how this travesty of justice is allow to go on; however this should open the eyes of ALL Americans to wake up if you want a country left. It isn’t a hard choice. Good against Evil!! Thanks to eight years of
    Obama they have a head start. Don’t stay quiet anymore. When does the normal everyday man get to have a say in government and to have the media report all sides. The media is in bed with the Democrats who have gone around the bend and won’t be back.
    They are so full of hate!! Why!! They did not want to be defeated by a business man and someone who could and would stand up for Americans and try to rid our Government of all the deceit, power, and money hungry representatives. Representatives who are to be serving the American people. They can’t even hear the little people because of their focus is on hate. Pray for America and God Bless America. God Bless our President and guide him safely through this wickedness.

  6. Obama was a Cancer on America. Biggest Fraud/ Liar/ Traitor tonAmerica

  7. Obama was a liar, cheat and fraud. Anyone who opposed him was labeled a racist and he loved it. He and Holder got away with murder. Such a terrible administration.

  8. Obama is doing his best to destroy and the Democrats are going crazy because lots of people LOVE America.

  9. President Trump is not exercising his Executive Privilege. He IS exercising his Constitutional Right to stamp out Idiocy.

  10. Oslima muslim bastard should be dead along with his friend Holder ,the murdering bastards who tried to be the dictators of America! the white American trash demorats , trators go along with them! Oslima’s 12 foot fence around his pig sty they call a mansiom should be torn down so the immigrants can enter his home and rid America of the Oslima’s Piglosi, the Kiltons, the Frankinstans and all the old dictator who hav been in the white house more than 2 terms!!!

  11. The problem always goes back to the “unbiased” media. If they don’t report a story, then it never happened in many peoples’ minds. If they report an untrue story as fact, then it becomes true to many people. Shame on the right for refusing to become engaged in the MSM.

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