Support for Impeaching Trump Drops to All-Time Low

Leading up to the conclusion of the Mueller investigation, calls for Trump’s impeachment among House Democrats continued to grow louder and louder. If given the chance, many Democratic politicians would have moved ahead with impeachment proceedings before Mueller released his final report.

To her credit, though, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi warned that her party had neither the support nor the evidence to move forward with impeachment. She hoped that both support and evidence would be forthcoming once Mueller’s investigation was complete.

Now that the investigation is over, though, Pelosi and the Democratic Party have less support and less evidence for impeachment than ever before.

According to a new study conducted by ABC News and The Washington Post, support for impeaching Trump among eligible voters has dropped to an all-time low. 37% of all voters support impeachment – a number that is down another 5% from what it was in January.

Among Democratic voters, though, the drop in support for impeachment was even more dramatic. 62% of Democrat voters now support impeaching the President, a figure that is 12% lower than what it was in January.

Independent voters – a key voting demographic for both parties – support impeachment even less than Americans at-large, with only 36% of independent voters saying that they support impeaching President Trump.

With the 2020 election looming large, these numbers mark a major win for Trump. With Republicans controlling the Senate, the chances of Trump being impeached were low even before Mueller released his report. Once Mueller cleared Trump of any wrongdoing, any hope Democrats had of impeachment went out the window – no matter how much American voters did or did not support the idea.

With that said, though, the drop in support for impeachment is still significant for the President and shows that the results of the Mueller investigation had a very positive impact on his image. Heading into the 2020 elections, this boost in favorability could play a key role in helping Trump secure a second term. In other words, the results of the Mueller investigation came at the worst possible time for the Democrat Party.

Nevertheless, the results of this new study do show that Nancy Pelosi made the right decision when she decided not to start impeachment proceedings. With support for impeaching Trump reaching an all-time low, moving forward with impeachment would have cost the Democrat Party a large number of independent and moderate voters.

House Democrats, however, still aren’t quite ready to let go of their impeachment pipe dreams just yet. While Pelosi has tempered the calls for impeachments and pretty well ensured that her party will not move forward with impeachment proceedings, she has promised to continue using her Congressional power to endlessly investigate Trump in the hopes of turning up something that would make impeachment a viable option once again.

These endless investigations are likely to continue so long as Trump remains President. So far, House Democrats have shown zero willingness to work with Trump in order to actually use their control of the House to pass meaningful legislation. Instead, House Democrats have used and will continue to use their control of the House to obstruct and investigate until they either control the White House once again or they are voted out of power.

While most Democrats refuse to give up the hope of removing Trump from office before the 2020 election, the results of the Mueller investigation and the ensuing drop in support for impeachment still come as a major blow to these hopes. Robert Mueller’s years-long investigation failed to show any wrongdoing on Trump’s behalf, and there is little to no chance that House Democrats are going to be able to turn up something that he missed before the 2020 election.

Rather than focusing on investigations and impeachment, Democrats would do well to use the time they have remaining winning the hearts and minds of American voters. At this point, winning votes is the only real hope that Democrats have of removing Trump from the White House.

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19 Responses

  1. the results is a big reason that people are leaving the democratic party how silly watching the meeting and the idiot house member who degraded any sense of a politician

  2. Shakespeare said thou dost protest too much. The guilty who are trying to hide in open site was scream the other party did what we did they were supposed to get caught not us. There’s another saying in the federal government, too bad so sad. Don’t worry many of you Democrats are going to get to see personally a face-to-face meeting with Bill Barr attorney General. The Democrats don’t like it what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Boomerang time.

  3. Well it’s like this. If you think that Hillary lost because Trump in hock with Putin did it to her then you deserve her because you are as moronic as her.

  4. When I hear these communist Democrats scream these idiotic statements! I look at our border , Venezuela etc.The Dems spent 2.3 million dollars on lobster during the last partial shut down and gave themselves a 10,000 raise ! How about term limits! They make me want to puke! They have dipped into Medicare and were are those funds! No party should touch that or SS! No one puts into it they do not get any money! I paid my own health care as a Senior in high school, I worked and went to a private college while I was a junior and senior in high school! I had over a 85 gpa! They get sent back home when they come here illegally! So shut there Big Fat Mouths up! Leave our President alone ! For he or she that is without sin! Let them cast the first stone!


  6. UNLESS…a candidate can do BETTER than what Pres. Trump (is/has) been doing. I will cast my vote for Pres. Trump.

  7. Trump is doing a great job, we must support him 100%. This means all that are going to help him in 2020. We can’t let the dems win the house again. You see what it is costing us now. If they stopped the illegals from coming in our health care would be much easier to manage. Instead, we have to give free health care to illegals. The illegals have cost this country 100 billion dollars since the first of the year. That’s a fact, check it out. And the dems are eating chicken in the Congress to insult our AG. This ridiculous clown show must stop. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  8. Hard to believe that people are still listening to these socialist democrats at this point. They are crazy
    I guess people are really that stupid
    Where were you when Obama Hussein Osama and cohorts were destroying this country
    Wake up

  9. These Democrats in the Judiciary Committee, make themselves look
    totally stupid,what a bunch of morons,we the people of America need to vote these poor helpless loosers out of our Goverment. Their job is to help our President make and pass legislation to help our country and it’s people. The Democrat party is doing nothing but obstructing everything our President wants to make it better for the American oeople. These Democrats need to go and some of the Rhinos too. Cast your vote in 2020 to make America Great Again.

  10. Democrats need to stop hating Trump and try loving their Country.
    What they are doing now is not working well at all for Democrats.
    TRUMP 2020

  11. Wait 3 weeks and retake the poll. Barr missed represented Mueller Report. As Congress have more open sessions including Mueller & McCann this will shift further impeachment.

  12. They will look for anything to take full control even if they have to set him or anyone else up they are not beyond doing that to win they are a Cancer on America and need to be stopped at any cost SAVE AMERICA GET RID OF THE CANCER

  13. The News that we all knew is Finally Come and now to go after the Criminals and Traitors from OBAMA , CLINTON SND Down.

  14. When it comes time to vote again, remember what Mark Twain said, many years ago – -“Politicians and diapers have to be changed frequently and for the same reason.” Just let that sink in for a minute.

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