Bitter John Kasich Makes Crazy Claim about President Trump Regarding Mueller Report

The long-awaited Mueller report was released last Thursday evening. As expected, Democrats quickly sounded the alarms. Listening to the fierce accusations liberals have been hurling at Donald J. Trump ever since, one might think the world is about to end.

Several of the 2020 Democratic presidential contenders have called for Congress to start the process to impeach the President. Among them are Senators Elizabeth Warren and Senator Kamala Harris.

During a CNN town hall earlier this week, Harris said, “I believe Congress should take the steps towards impeachment.” At the same event, Warren, doubling down on her call to impeach Trump at an earlier town hall, stated, “There is no ‘political inconvenience’ exception to the United States Constitution.”

Obviously, 2020 Democrat hopefuls wish to score political points with the contents of the Mueller report, regardless of how non-incriminating they may be. However, it is surprising that more than one Republican is following liberals’ lead. After the Mueller report was released, 2016 Republican presidential candidate and former Ohio Governor John Kasich blasted Trump for “unacceptable” actions.

According to TheBlaze, Kasich maintained that the President’s behavior, as outlined in the Mueller report, consisted of blatant lies and attempted investigative manipulation. In an over-the-top display, Kasich responded that Trump’s actions were the worst he’s ever seen in his long political career.

In an April 20, 2019 tweet, Kasich said, “@realDonaldTrump’s behavior described in the #MuellerReport is more than disappointing. It’s unacceptable & not behavior we should expect from our president. It’s worse than I’ve seen in my career observing & working with presidents or public officials. America deserves better.”

Since the former Ohio Governor has been active in politics for more than three decades, his accusations that Trump’s actions are worse than the scandals that dogged Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and others are baffling, if not downright preposterous.

Need we remind him of Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server debacle?

Kasich, who’s reportedly mulling a 2020 presidential bid against Trump, is currently a senior political commentator for CNN. After the Mueller report broke, the former Ohio Governor said on the network, “I’m not only disappointed and angry — I’m sickened by all this.”

The man who finished second to Trump in the 2016 presidential primary also tweeted, “The reason I’ve never supported @realDonaldTrump is right in front us with the Mueller Report. It’s behavior not fit for a president.”

The CNN senior political commentator wasn’t the only RiNO to direct outrage towards Trump after the release of the Mueller report. Interestingly, another Republican politician who ran for president and lost was also deeply disturbed. On April 19, 2019, Senator Mitt Romney, issued a blistering statement rebuking dishonesty uncovered in the Mueller report. In the statement, the 2012 GOP presidential nominee said, “It is good news that there was insufficient evidence to charge the President of the United States with having conspired with a foreign adversary or with having obstructed justice. The alternative would have taken us through a wrenching process with the potential for constitutional crisis. The business of government can move on.”

Continuing, Romney remarked, “Even so, I am sickened at the extent and pervasiveness of dishonesty and misdirection by individuals in the highest office of the land, including the President. I am also appalled that, among other things, fellow citizens working in a campaign for president welcomed help from Russia — including information that had been illegally obtained; that none of them acted to inform American law enforcement; and that the campaign chairman was actively promoting Russian interests in Ukraine.”

Concluding his statement, the Utah Senator stated, “Reading the report is a sobering revelation of how far we have strayed from the aspirations and principles of the founders.”

In usual Trump fashion, the President called out Romney on twitter. The President cleverly said, “If @MittRomney spent the same energy fighting Barack Obama as he does fighting Donald Trump, he could have won the race (maybe)!”

Perhaps, Kasich and Romney are genuinely sickened by what they perceive are Trump’s moral misgivings and impeachable offenses. Or, just maybe, these two prominent Republican politicians are merely green with envy that a former reality show star accomplished what they never could.

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3,322 Responses

  1. It is really sad to watch grown adults not take responsibility for their own actions and losses. He is almost as bad as Hillary, in not being able to take responsibility for his loss to Donald Trump.

    These people are supposed to be mature; that means accepting your own failures, and having the decency and respect to congratulate the winner, and let it go at that.

    But, then, what they are doing just proves they aren’t mature adults at all, but petulant children!

  2. Grow up John – bitter does not look good on you

  3. John Kasich must have had a nervous breakdown. His is kind of a road to Damascus experience in reverse..

  4. John Kasich has finally come out of the closet and shown his true colors!

  5. Can you say crybaby! Wow glad he never made it to the WH and he never will.

  6. He did a great job as governor of Ohio. He’s obviously been afflicted with TDS. Now he’s nothing but an embarrassment to the people of Ohio and the Republican party as a whole. Disheartening.

  7. Can’ t beat him in an election honestly, so must smear and attempt to impeach him to better opponents chances.
    Kasich your a sleaze.
    Not difficult to understand why you lost. KAG

  8. J.K. is a good example of a has-been. How President Trump and
    his family have stood up to all the B-S thrown at them is a true
    example of a total Family that truly loves the USA ! No socialism
    or “deep state” for them. JK did a good job as Governor and he
    should just keep his mouth shut….President Trump is fighting
    more for the USA than most citizens are aware… Time will tell

  9. When will these idiots learn that us deplorables don’t care about silly rhetoric — just give us RESULTS. Trump has delivered in spades. Leave him alone and he’ll do even more. Kasich has the personality of a wet dishrag. He is bitter and green with envy. Can you imagine him meeting with foreign leaders? They would fall asleep!

  10. Kasich and Romney are spewing the same lies and prevarications that the Marxist Left prepared for their DemocRATic counterparts. Shame on them, as Republicans and as Americans!

  11. All you G.O.P. Dumb Fucks, are so stupid and stuck in your own self preservation zone. That you are so stupid you can,’t see that pee wee dick Trump is going to get you all wiped out as soon as is convienent to him. He and his will survive.He is Tickling your Pussy, and you do not want to stop him.shame on you Make America Generous Again.

  12. Our current is the most despicable man to EVER hold the position of president of the United States. He lies (too many times to count). He bullies people (too many times to count). If you can’t see that this man is a REAL danger to this country and the world in general then you REALLY need to get the rose colored glasses off. All this man wants to do is tear down anything and everything that president Obama (a real president by the way) was able to accomplish for ALL the people of this country.

  13. There are giants and then there are gnats. Kasich can only attempt to even articulate a sentence with great difficulty let alone a whole concept or philosophy of life. So he goes to off the shelf standardised rantings which he tries to memorize to try still with quite some difficulty take a shot at articulating anything at all. I always need to finish his own thoughts for him which take him ages to come to his tired, rehashed, platudinous, rino poisoned points. A plodder of muddied perceptions so slow at expressing anything that you can see him straining at the intellectual activity called thinking. You can go hunt a bear, strike up a campfire, eat heartily, sink a ruby red one, regale friends with idiocies from one’s past and then after having taken awhile returning home you zap on the box and Kazich is still working his damp coal towards his damp fizz. I file such politicians under: UNMISTAKABLE NEANDERTHAL.

  14. I supported both Romney and Kasich in the past because of their family backgrounds. Boy did it ever skip generations. Both are mean spirited and cannot hold a candle to Trump. Retire or join the Socialist Party.

  15. John. I voted for you and I felt you did a great job as our governor until you decided to run for President. And you became a complete idoit. Sad. By the way John you have received my last vote. cNN suits what your doing now. Duh

  16. It is very disappointing for these so-called Republicans to continue in the same vein as the losers of 2016, and I do mean losers in the most pejorative sense. Romney, Kasich and others have gone, and continue to go, way beyond the pale. The President, in many instances, has been his own worst enemy. But he did win, and he has been trying to advance meaningful policies for the country. Dems don’t want our government to work or they would make a genuine approach to bipartisanship. Because they won’t do that, I consider them to be exhibiting a passive-aggressive approach bordering on traitorous behavior. Open borders and an incoherent immigration program means no sovereignty, which the Dems are supporting. Unless that behavior changes, we can kiss the U.S.A. goodbye and emerge as the JSA (Jumbled States of the Americas – Canada, North America, Central America and South America, plus nearby Carribbean Islands. This will happen unless action is taken and proper policies are implemented and enforced.

  17. Apparently this guy was never in politics when Obama was the so called president, or he would not have said it’s the worst he’s ever seen.

  18. Another rhino traitor of the republican party that will sale his soul for political power that is why he lost and will lose again,,PATHETIC

  19. John Kasich takes money from George Soros, $500,000 in one payment. JK is a bought swamp creature

  20. John Kasich is a turn coat traitor that needs to be hung from a high tree and left there until he is nothing but bones.

  21. Not a chance in hell any of these quislings would ever get elected President!

  22. Kasich and Romney are both born losers and the nation knows it. Jealousy and envy are sins and these two has beens, both members of the Washington establishment , have joined the democrats in trying to oust our President.

  23. A Romney or a Kasich would have been another Obama presidency…. A go -along.– get-. along..— nothing accomplished..,, WORTHLESS…. We would be in deep doodoo….

  24. Our duly elected President Donald Trump is one of our best and greatest presidents. Ronald Reagan was also a very good president though not too many people thought he would be, but they were wrong too. I sully support our President Donald Trump. Democrats and Pelosi are not doing their job for the GOOD citizens of this great country, Most of those with jobs in the government forgot who put them there and who they are supposed to be working for. And you sir are sounding bitter becauses of your loss in the past. move forward and work for the good of this country and its’ GOOD citizens.

  25. John, there was a time when I thought you were great. Now, I can’t believe how much you suck today.

  26. Kasich, Romney and other despicable RINOs have done a great service to the Republican party by exposing themselves for the progressive liberals they actually are! Thanks guys, there’s no question about your anti American agendas…

  27. Kasich is every bit the fool we thought he was when he ran for President . Once again we see why he was not the candidate. He needs to run for garbage man or cess pool sucker!

  28. How John Kasich ever became Governor of the great state of Ohio is mind boggling! Such bitter and vindictive individual is fated to die choking on his own bile!

  29. Rinos and the liberal jerks and the lying media buffons….. if y’all are so damn fire sure you’ve got our duly elected President backed in a corner, then impeach him. Or stop wasting the American people’s time. We are tired of hearing about the Russian colution delusion. Blue shitheads need to work for the people who put them in office. You’ve done nothing for them. You’ve got no-one that can beat Donald Trump for 2020. Two rich old white men, NO.. Harris who slept her way to the top and says things that the next day she has to walk it back, NO. And the rest of the get along gang, NO NO and NO!!! Donald Trump has the 2020 presidential run in his pocket. The media buffons if they would play nice, has 5 more correspondent dinners they can invite our President to. KEEP AMERICA GREAT….. GO TRUMP. KASICH AND ROMNEY AND MURKOWSKI, do the republicans a favor, cross over to the blue side. You’re standing in the way of progress.

  30. Kasich Should change parties he more of a democRAT we have enough so-called republicans trying to destroy this president already. SHUT UP AND GO AWAY.

  31. It’s losers like Kasich that help make CNN the least viewed network of them all with MSNBC coming in a close 2nd. Keep it up Kasich and meanwhile change your party affiliation, will ya!

  32. Why doesn’t Kaisch just label himself as a modern-day, Liberal Democrat and switch parties for real? He would get far more support that way. A true Rino!

  33. Kasich many yrs ago was likable. Now, he has joined the ranks of McCain and Romney—-jealous and envious of the Pres success as Pres who has done everything and more for the American people. Shame on you John. You come off as hateful and full of angst. You would have made a lousy pres so get over it and start acting like a man who wants to see this country be a leader and the envy of the world. You barely made it as governor so stop your criticism and your uncalled for commentary and act like an American who is proud of his country.

  34. Once a loser, always a loser. This guy just cannot get over getting wiped out by Trump. All he is doing is making a fool of himself when all he had to do was fade away. While most never even heard of him when he ran against Trump, now he has to come out crying again. Its bad enough we have to put up with a bunch of morons from the Dem side, but this guy takes the cake.


  36. I checked the platforms of all the canidates running, and voted for Trump. I’m happy to say, I’ve NOT been disappointed. He done exactly as he said he would do. To me the one thing that stands out is the Enthusiasm he generates with his followers. His people love him, myself included.

  37. Kasich is just a bitter old rino, Harris slept her way up the ladder, Warren is just an embarrassment to the left, and past bigoted comments show up the rest of the field. The hypocrisy of the left is on full display.

  38. Very sorry I wasted my 2016 primary vote on you !
    I can guarantee it won’t happen again!!!!!!

  39. John Kasich is, like President Trump once said about this jerk, a “sloppy pig – stuffing food in his mouth so full and so fast he chokes on it, he doesn’t even bother to chew his food before he swallows it, just a big gulp, he’s just an illiterate “Pig”, nothing more!” Well speaking of “Pigs”, Kasich & Romney have gone “Hog Wild” firing off “Pig Crazy”, bitterly disparaging, uncalled for, horrible remarks against our beloved President Trump, which amounts to no more then “Sour Grapes”! President Trump wasted both of these nitwit want-a-bee’s who both failed to make the cut, or you might say they are a cut below our President. So now these hateful, willy-nilley’s are resentful and would love nothing more then to insult our President by attacking him verbally with their insanely moronic comments. When I think of the time President Trump stood beside and openly gave his support to Mitt Romney and contributed a large amount of cash to his election fund the first time he ran for President it makes me ill that Romney thanks our President by insulting him and lying about him any way he possibly can. Everyone know by now that Kasich is just a toothless nitwit, but Romney is a real piece of shit, word has it that Romney’s WIVES, yes that’s right, old Mitt the ho-dog, he can’t keep it in his pants. My sources claim Mitt has 5 Mormon wives, which he keeps under wraps, he’s no different then his worthless P.O.S., father and grandfather, they were all polygamists just like Mitt, bet you didn’t know that did you? In business Mitt bought companies going out of business and cannibalized them for their inventories, capitol equipment and pension funds, then the Rat bastard would sell off every scrap of equipment he could find, totally unmindful of the long term employee’s who he CHEATED OUT OF THEIR PENSIONS. Romney is nothing but a scavenger a real bottom feeder who pretends to be a good guy but he is NOT. Go and see home my American Employee’s he outright cheated out of their pension funds and put out of work, look at the divorce rate and the children without 2 parents all because of and thank you so much Mitt Romney.

  40. Go away, Kasich. Just go away. You have nothing useful to contribute.

  41. ” currently a senior political commentator for CNN.” Dang, this is all one needs to know to realize what trash this loser is mired in!
    He and Romney are such inadequate people, both of whom had miserable presidential campaigns yet still believe they are better. This is called denial in the psychiatric world.

  42. Sour grapes Mr. Kasich. Apparently you cannot get another job so you choose to work for the lowest of the low outfits CNN. You are a traitor to your own party. Time to get over it. You lost accept it. Romney if it was not for Mr. Trump you would not be in the Senate now. You are a back stabber and lost even from Killary. If what Bill wrote about you is correct you have to be very afraid of standing before the Master after closing your eyes for good.

  43. BAHAHA BAHAHA!!! This dude has been in politics for over 30yrs. He’s part of the reason we need to drain the swamp parasites like this Jerk only there to suck the people and the economy dry. President Trump has done in 2yrs what these idiots can’t do in a lifetime.. What a rotten pos!!!

  44. President Trump may not be what you call, typical presidential material. BUT this why we the people elected the first place. You see, we the people of this country were sick and tired of the no do anything for the citizens. You do not care at all about the people of this country. All you Rhinos and democrats care about is the power to be in command. You Rhinos and Dems make me sick

  45. Okay…..sure Kasich-please go grab some pancakes to shovel into that pie hole of yours!

  46. I’m all for Kasich throwing his hat in the ring – against the other 17 (so far) Democrats. What a bitter low life he is.

  47. Romney and Kasich are both pathetic men who align better with dem beliefs and should be asked to leave the Repub party. God help us overcome people with beliefs like these men as they will unwittingly lead to the destruction of your country.

    Everyone, please pray for this country IAW 2 Chronicles 7:14 New International Version (NIV)
    14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

    I fear most people will not do as God commands and turn from their wicked ways. Therefore, I fear for this country’s continued existence.

  48. I sure hope you aren’t planning on another run for office in Ohio. I supported you before, but you art starting to sound like John McCain. What a loser you .are.

  49. Kasich… here is unacceptable behavior. Taking $700,000 in campaign donations from George Soros. You sold out your Country when you did that.

  50. American voters do need to quit listening to the media and vote on candidate records and platforms,. These two loser politicians should have never held an office after the first round. Example: Kamala Harris had to respond to a question live T.V., she said, “ all convicted felons should have the right to vote in prison.” 6 hrs later she was back peddling and claimed she meant after they serve their time. Bullshit, we know exactly what she really thinks! America has so many weak assed politicians in office, it’s killing the constitutional process of justly running our country, Re: Warren, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Schiff, Sanders, Booker, Feinstein, Tester, Abraham’s, Governors that pulled their National Guard Units from the Border Wall and those that support Sanctuary Cities ….. and you readers could each add another dozen.

    It’s sad that American politics has this bullshit going on! It a slap in the face to hardworking taxpayers and military veterans! I don’t give a dam if I’ve hurt the feelings of all the freeloaders,welfare and benefit recepiants, illegal aliens, left wingers, progressives, socialists, communists, Violent Muslims, women of color that think their special, Me to Movement freaks, the bitches that sat in white attire and displayed their ugly faces,Jew haters, assholes like J. Smollett, criminals like the Clintons and Obama’s ( totally corrupt poloticians)……and by the way America, cows seldom fart, which their seven stomachs mechanism they belch! You just learned something
    AOC idiot!

  51. Re: JK__ Soros money and CNN money! Really, that is all anyone needs to know about this guy

  52. Kaisch you are an idiot!!!! As far as I am concerned you state is stupid for ever electing you. You have been a poor representative to the entire state.

  53. John,do u need a hanky? Im ashamed my family is buried in ohio
    W.something like u as former governor
    U need to have a pitty party and get over it

  54. Just like Romney, Kasich is a nefarious, bloviate turncoat. This is why he too, was rejected by the people!!! Another example of sour-grapes, cantankerous, obtuse old coot that will never be accepted by conservatives for president!!!

  55. And just who is John Kassitch to think his opinion represents Americans’ thoughts that “Americans deserve better”. WE, THE PEOPLE voted this man into office, you Kassitch nimrod. If WE, THE PEOPLE think we deserve better than Trump, then we’ll vote him out in 2020. If you expect that to happen, then you better bring better candidates and policies up to bat than the 20 losers the Democrats are currently fielding. WE, THE PEOPLE obviously decided we deserved better than Hillary, Kassitch, or any of the other 18 losers from 2016.

  56. The Establishment Democrats and Republicans are against President Trump because he’s actually keeping his promises and doing the job we elected him for, unlike all other previous presidents ( except for President Reagon) and members of the House and Senate who accomplish nothing except work and spend taxpayer money paying out favors for votes to stay in office.. The Republicans had control of the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives for two years. If they had backed President Trump’s agenda from the start, instead of being afraid this politically incorrect outsider might cost them their jobs if they folllowed him unconditionally, Obama care would have been repealed and replaced and the border wall funded. After Trump started bringing factories back to America, with new ones being built due to cutting job killing regulations imposed by Obama, creating jobs for unemployed Americans, including African Americans, Hispanics, Asians and women, cutting taxes, building our military and helping our veterans, just to mention a few of the accomplishments he did practically on his own, some of the Republicans decided they’d better get on the Trump train hoping some of his popularity might rub off on them. It was too late to keep control of the House, so their stupidity put Trump hater, Pelosie, back in control to keep obstructing everything Trump is trying to do for our country and its citizens. It is truly amazing what he’s been able to accomplish with so much opposition, lies, harassment of his family and followers, unproved accusations, attacks from the biased Media, etc. etc.
    If you had his wealth and could enjoy a luxurious retirement, would you take what he and his family have been subjected to in order to help your country or anyone else? I’d say he’s one heck of a person, and we are extremely fortunate to have him for our President. As for the vindictive whining losers and Trump haters, we can take care of them at election time if they have the intestinal fortitude to run for office.

  57. Mr. K. You lost. You stood up in the debates and cried that you were not given enough questions. Haven’ t you yet realized that no one wanted to hear from you because, as now, you have nothing true republicans want to hear. Where would the Market be with you as president? Where would we be with NAFTA, taxes, etc. You sucked your livelihood off the government for thirty years. Mr. Trump earned a living and made billions in the private sector. You sir, are a looser!

  58. What a retard. He reminds me of pervert Biden.

  59. Jealous much! You sound just like John McCain without all the support of family and he had brain cancer! You are a sick, sorry excuse for a human. God is crying over the fact that you have the nerve to insult our Potus the same vile, evil way the lowest of the low Democraps do. Shame on you Kasich, you are on the same low level as the lowest liberats.

  60. May be Kasich should STFU nad go away QUIETLY before he becomes the NEW Version of HILLARY CLINTON…. Babbling on the air and sounding PATHETIC

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  62. Kasich may have had a lifetime of politics but that doesn’t mean he did much or helped much or learned much. If he was a true Republican he would stay loyal to his party instead of pouting about loosing to Trump. Basically the report was written by.and for the Democrats. That says it all and Kasich was totally suckered in to what Democrats wanted people to believe. Good thing you didn’t become President and our country is better off for it. If you want to act like a Democrat like Mit Romney you both should become Democrats.

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