Liberals in Laguna Beach, CA Go Crazy over American Flag Logo on Cop Cars

A unanimous decision to make their city’s police cars more visible, as well as patriotic, has sparked a “flag fight” in the otherwise quiet town of Laguna Beach, California.

Now, the tourist town of 23,000 people about 55 miles south of Los Angeles has become the center of controversy. All because a group of less than 300 of its residents is demanding a hearing with the council because they find the Old Glory-themed design on their town’s cop cars offensive.

Carrie Woodburn, a local artist said that she was taken aback by the “boldness of the design.” She said, We have such an amazing community of artists here, and I thought the aesthetic didn’t really represent our community. It feels very aggressive.

Attorney Jennifer Welsh Zeiter disagreed, calling the design “exceptional” and the objections probably due to “ill-will” toward President Trump. She said, “ They are so filled with hatred toward this … office of the president of the United States and the current occupant of that office, that they cannot see through their current biases to realize that a police vehicle with the American flag is the ultimate American expression.”

Corey Stallings of Louder with Crowder put it more bluntly, saying the left “cannot go five minutes without needing something to bitch about.”

Woodburn, whose parents served in the military backtracked, saying she wasn’t objecting to the flag design but worried that some might perceive “some of the missives as threats.”

The artist said she objected to the design because it is “bad art.” She tried to turn the blame on the thousands across the country who reacted in disgust to her call for a “no flag” design. “I’m being attacked for that,” she said, because the narrative feeds a fire of division, which is what our culture has become.

The issue dates back to February when the council agreed to repaint its 11 mostly white squad cars in black and white with the image of the American Flag running through the word “police” on the doors.

“People are screaming that the American flag on a police car is somehow or another … hurting people’s feelings who might be immigrants or visitors,” said Councilman Peter Blake. “People are actually ridiculous enough to bring up comments about our cop cars having American flags on them.”

Councilman Peter Blake told Heather Childers of Fox News, “It started out that they didn’t like the black and white color. [that changed and then] … they felt that it looked aggressive. That it looked militaristic. It wasn’t friendly. From there the debate turned to the flag and activist thought it would intimidate European visitors or immigrants … [They said the flag] sent the wrong signal.”

President of the Laguna Beach Republicans, Emil Monda, said he thought the flap about the car designs was “bizarre.” He added, It’s the flag of the United States of America. It’s not a Republican flag, it’s not a Democrat flag. It’s our flag.

This all began with the beach town of Laguna realizing its all-white police cars did not stand out enough from other public vehicles like Beach patrol.

Officers have complained over the years that all-white patrol cars made it difficult for them to stand out from animal control, parking services, beach patrol, and other city vehicles. Nordic Security also uses white vehicles to patrol clients’ properties in Laguna Beach and some community members have incorrectly assumed they were police vehicles, said Police Chief Laura Farinella.

At first, some complained about the more traditional black and white. Now the focus has turned to the “aggressiveness” of the flag.

Mayor Pro Tem Steve Dicterow said he had received approximately a dozen emails in which a resident of Laguna Beach showed concern over the design approved by the council. “Some of the words people used [were] threatening, intimidating, harassing and a symbol of racism,” Dicterow said.

Once again, we see Trump Derangement Syndrome as the left manages to turn another non-issue into national news.

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