Teacher Refuses to Allow Student to Select Trump as Her “Hero” for Project, Offers Obama as Replacement

When asked who their hero is, some pre-teen girls might give a favorite actress, beloved singer, or loving parent as their answer. But, when 11-year-old Bella Moscato of Long Island, New York was asked to choose a hero for a recent class project, she selected President Donald Trump.

To diehard Trump haters, the mere mention of his name sets their blood to boiling. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when Bella’s teacher refused to allow her to complete her assignment on the 45th President of the U.S.

According to TheBlaze, Bella’s hero has been Trump since she was a mere 8-years-old. In the third-grade, the young student even dressed up as the President. Bella revealed to News 12 Long Island, “Donald Trump is my hero.”

The teacher’s reasoning for prohibiting Bella to do her class project on Trump sounds like the stale talking points liberals spout at every turn. The educator claimed the President “spreads negativity and says bad stuff about women.”

Allegedly, Bella’s teacher also belittled her about her choice of Trump in front of her classmates. The educator even had the nerve to tell Bella that she could complete the assignment on former President Barack Obama. The young girl told News 12 Long Island, “That’s what got me angry — I didn’t like that.”

During a recent school board meeting, Bella’s parents, Arthur and Valerie Moscato, blasted the teacher’s behavior. They maintained the educator’s actions represented “intimidation and censorship.”

At the school board meeting, Arthur stated, “My daughter’s hero is the president of our country. I can’t believe anybody at the school would tell my daughter that that guy can’t be her hero. I’m incensed by this.”

Valerie contends that Bella’s teacher infringed on her First Amendment right to freedom of speech. The child’s mother told News 12 Long Island, “My daughter has every right to do and pick a hero of her choice. It’s a First Amendment right, freedom of speech, freedom of expression. So it was really upsetting to me that [the teacher] was trying to shut her down.”

The officials from Bella’s school have spun a completely different narrative from the one the young student and her parents are telling. Sachem School District superintendent Dr. Kenneth Graham vehemently denied the charges in a statement. Graham said, “It is not accurate that this student was told that they were not allowed to conduct research or report on any individual for a school assignment, including President Trump. To the best of our knowledge, by choice the student is still conducting their project of President Trump.”

The Moscato’s feel Graham’s public denial of the allegations only makes things worse. During the school board meeting, Arthur remarked, “No one should make a child feel that way, and you’re supposed to protect my child.”

For years, conservatives have been reporting discriminatory liberal biases at America’s colleges and universities. Sadly, the leftist indoctrination of the country’s youth is happening years before they ever step foot into a higher education classroom.

Recently, conservative news reporter Tomi Lahren attested to this disturbing reality on a Fox News segment. Lahren revealed her belief that schools are advocating progressive policies on younger kids than ever before. She even shared her view that this is the reason House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrat – California, and her fellow Democrats want to lower the voting age.

During the Fox News broadcast, Lahren stated Democrats “are very well aware that liberal indoctrination starts at a very young age. Whereas it used to start in college, now it starts in elementary school, middle school, high school. And they want to capture those kids very early. So again, this is just another way for them to pad their voting bloc.”

Continuing, she remarked, “It sounds good. It sounds like a great talking point. It gets young people really energized. But at the end of the day, it’s just the Democrats doing what they can to try to win an election which they can’t do unless they change the rules.”

Due to the particularly hostile environment towards conservative values in educational institutions across the country, both students and parents alike must be vigilant. When liberal teachers and administrators pull shenanigans in an effort to single out and embarrass conservative students, taking a stand like the Moscato’s did is crucial.

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3,070 Responses

  1. These rats need to start getting sued for discrimination. Self bias and hatred should NOT be taken out on others…especially on children. It is straight up discrimination and harassment.

  2. It seems as if they, consciously or unconsciously, are imitating the behavior of the so-called Palestinian schools, which indoctrinate children from a very early age to be anti-Semitic and hate Israel. Well, it seems the left wing has borrowed this and are doing it in our schools. Already CAIR, a terrorist organization, has been kicked out of a school for spreading their anti-Semitic and glorifying terrorists, which had been welcomed by the school board. Other schools have indoctrination features including students visiting mosques and being brainwashed into praying for Islam, all the while teaching students IN A PUBLIC SCHOOL SETTING that Islam is the answer. Ironically, back in the day when left wing often did mean liberal, they rightly complained about Christianity being forced on students, now they are forcing radical Islam on students. And, typically, refusing to permit the student to call President Trump a hero, while recommending the greatest traitor ever to occupy the White House, as a substitute.

    There is nothing liberal about indoctrination, it is hard left brainwashing.

  3. I hope the parents get a good lawyer and sue. Make an example of these hateful people.

  4. The teacher & school should be taken to court to turn this treatment around before it gets any worse. A former teacher who should have done so in 1989 for something similar, it involved praying in the classroom.

  5. We have to, as President Trump supporters, demand that the racist teacher be fired and the school be sued for discrimination. It’s not good enough that they apologize or it will never change.If a teacher said That about Obama they would be sued without a dought. Or if they said that to my child I for one would raise holy Hell,these hipocrites are so blind on what’s going on.

  6. When will American parents wake up to what is happening in our public schools and colleges? The brainwashing of our students began during the first term of the Obama administration 10 years ago. In Karl Marx,s “Communist Manifesto” he wrote that the first step in establishing the takeover of a country is to take control of the school systems.

    They have partially succeeded and will make further advances unless parents take control of their schools and rid their board members and fire teachers who continue to brainwash our children to the communist form of government.. Our colleges today are good examples of what has happened to our education system.

  7. The parents should sue the school system no teacher has the right to tell a child who there hero is.

    The fact she suggested BarackObama is an insult to our justice system. The teacher is an insult ti the US Educational system the teacher should be suspended with out pay & should publicly be forced to apologize to the child, her parents & Trump. If the teacher does not do this publicly the suspension should stay in
    Place indefinitely

    So sad when someone else can tell you how to think. Forced views on Socialism are not acceptabl

  8. These public schools need to be cleaned up about politics in the school. They have no right to try to influence our kids into thinking the way they do. God gave us a brain and we can think for ourselves and not have someone try to change our thoughts to how we vote. God Bless America and President Trump.

  9. Both Obama and Clinton are guilty of treason under 18 U S Code 2381 for giving aid & comfort to our enemies. Penalty for treason is death plain & simple. To not allow that child to pick our current president as her hero is absolutely a violation of her 1st amendment. Our son moved our granddaughter into another classroom because of a similar situation and she’s only 7. Teachers are paid to teach NOT FORCE THEIR POLITICAL OPINION!!! This teacher should be fired & not allowed to teach again. The school board should be voted out.

  10. Trump is a hero, some of our great Pres. of the country have their falts, they are human of course, but did controversial things that make them villains, heroes, scrutiny is good. the teachers union think they are perfect, infallible, not true at all.

  11. That child had the right to choose who she wanted and that teacher should be a shame if herself. Wrong move on her part

  12. The school board denied that this happened – however the student was supposed to have been insulted in front of the entire class. Easy fix, ask the other students what happened. They all will not lie.

  13. This the progressive indoctrination from the teachers and school board members after their indoctrination they had! Yes, they all need to be fired, and the teachers need to be monitored ad/vis at all times in class hours.

  14. There’s two board and teachers should apologize to the students and their parents and a teacher and the school board should be fired

  15. The modern American schools are run by left wing hate groups! And we are forced to pay for it!

  16. This teacher should be fired and the school board president needs to be impeached.

  17. Unless there are consequences these sorts of things will become more and more and bold and prevalent. Legal action must be taken or this indeed will just be swept under the rug and dismissed and forgotten. And then the situation will continue to get worse. This is a violation of the United States Constitution which is the highest order of law in the land. The consequences should be severe and made a very public. Above all the school board and officials need to pay a heavy price. The teacher could simply just be dismissed. Of course none of this will happen and it will get worse

  18. Home school…. then you get a better education.

  19. To many bad teachers. We don’t need our children brainwashed – they are supposed to be improving their mind. We the people need to remove the Teacher Unions that allow this nonsense to go on. When the Tax payers are paying the Teachers, it should be against the Corporate law (codes, rules, and regulations) to be in a Union!

  20. this is truly 1 of our biggest problems! the idiots that are hired to teach our children their own beliefs i hope the parents sue the hell out both the school and the so called teacher if this was my child i surly would

  21. I am a 71 year old American woman. I have raised 4 children and 2 of my 8 grandchildren in this government education system. I was always very involved in my children’s education. I read everything they read and went to every parent teacher conference. I even invited educators to the house for dinner to have discussions on education. What I because aware of at this time is that this federal teachers union/ organization is primarily focused on communist ideology. Through belonging to this organization, the educators are programmed and all of the books and teaching materials are approved by this organization. When my children were in high school in the 80s the schools were beginning to teach behavior modification which really was the start of breaking up the family. I told the principal of my boys school when they left that if the schools kept teaching the way they were teaching, kids would be shooting at them in the parking lots before long and it wasn’t too long until the first shooting took place. My grandson in the third grade was called out for supporting the constitution and sent to the principal’s office. His teacher asked him where he got his ideas and he said “his grandmother”. She told him that he may be correct but he should not talk about it. I would have gone up to school to have a chat but my grandson said he handled it. All of my kids are taught how to handle these things.

  22. So sad that this teacher is allowed to teach young impressionable children and force their views on them. She must be fired. There is no other solution. The hate that she transmits to her student is a sickness therefore, she should not be teaching at all at any level.

  23. I can’t think of one positive thing Obama did while in office. These lib teachers need to be fired!

  24. It shouldn’t even have happened, that teacher should be fired & the school board that supports such despicable behavior. Unfortunately things like this have been happening for years in our schools, it just happens that we got a youngster with a brain that knew this wasn’t right!!

  25. how low, has our public alleged education become. when children are blackmailed, intimidated, bribed, coerced and humiliated by alleged as adults..

  26. This teacher doesn’t seem to know much if she thinks Obama is a better example,he is only an example of failure. A school has no business deciding the one the child should pick unless all are told to only pick a certain person. The schools have no business telling the children who they can like or admire,if the teacher doesn’t like she should keep that to herself. What has happened to us that we can’t be free to express ourselves as the free society we had been. The only reason to stop someone’s opinion if it differs from yours is the fact that yours is the wrong opinion so you force it to be the only opinion.

  27. i think this liberal teacher and the liberal school board of liars should all be sued by the family. it is despicable that they are allowed to push their beliefs onto young children and their minds. once the family prevails in the legal side, then the teacher and the liberal board members that denied it happened should be removed and not allowed to ever serve again on a school board. MY opinion of Obama is that he was the biggest mistake this country ever made, and then they did it twice by re-electing him again to continue his destruction of this great country. he was the biggest abortion that this country’s liberals subjected the rest of us to for 8 years. it is refreshing to have a president that is finally restoring a lot of the things that obama destroyed, like our military. as a veteran, i support our military in every way and praise trump for rebuilding it back to former levels, and also acting to cut off all the freeloaders and freeloader countries that our country has been supporting for years, even decades. i also support his wanting to build the border wall, and i think it should be electrified with enough voltage to knock them clear back to middle mexico if they touch it.

  28. This is nothing new this all started over 40 years ago it is the reason my 3 children were taken out of the public school system and was listed as students in private christen school in Texas even though we lived in FL. we were sent all the school work they did it took their tests and the stuff was sent back to school to keep they used the same program as A lot of church schools use today called the ACE program if everybody pulls there kids out of these schools they will change or close the doors because the schools get paid by the number of kids in school no kids no money

  29. The teacher politically intimidating a student should be retrained / fired in this case. To start with, when the teacher asked an “open” question to choose a hero. Any student answer, per the students idea of a person fitting the hero mold, would be correct. Next, for the teacher to take the position she did to disallow the students choice, select a completely different unacceptable choice, and intimidate the child in front of the class is also unacceptable in this case. Lastly, the D.O Education, local education departments “standards” to control politics in schools is severely lacking. Biased political standards toward any political party in educating students is totally unsatisfactory. Political Party bias and prejudice has NO PLACE in SCHOOL. In my opinion, the Department of Education and our educators throughout the U.S.are paid for by citizens and taxpayers of all political affiliations and the education system should stop this biased, prejudiced teaching immediately. Strict rules should be established and any abuses need to be severely dealt with, as I consider this bias and prejudice an attempt to brainwash students (like NAZI Germany). Student political intimidation toward other students is also unsatisfactory and will require some rules to be put in place to prevent. In my opinion.

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