Elizabeth Warren Struggling to Raise Money: Finance Director Quits

Although she entered the 2020 presidential sweepstakes early, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Democrat – Massachusetts, is struggling mightily to raise money. To make matters worse, the candidate’s finance director Michael Pratt recently quit according to TheBlaze.

So far, Warren, who President Donald J. Trump cleverly refers to as Pocahontas, has shunned glitzy big-ticket fundraisers and wealthy donors. Rather, she’s sought smaller donations from individual supporters. Reportedly, one e-mail Warren’s campaign dispatched read, “Grassroots movements win elections. Period. That’s why I’m confident we can raise enough money to be competitive without holding fancy fundraising events, and without me calling up wealthy donors to ask for big checks.”

Apparently, the Senator’s decision to not court major donors angered Pratt. When he couldn’t get Warren to change her mind, he quit.

According to TheBlaze, Warren was the first serious Democratic candidate to get into the 2020 contest. However, her fundraising efforts have been lackluster at best. She raised a dismal $300,000 during the first official day of her campaign. This is a far cry to the record $6.1 million former Congressman Beto O’Rourke hauled in and $5.9 million Senator Bernie Sanders raised during the first 24 hours of their campaigns respectively.

Warren’s numbers also looked pitiful when compared to the $4 million Senator Kamala Harris brought in during her first day on the campaign trail. In a fundraising campaign e-mail, Warren allegedly admitted her 2020 competitors will be able to garner “fundraising figures we won’t be able to match.”

Ironically, while the Senator is having difficulties raising funds for her campaign, she’s crisscrossing the country pushing policy proposals that would likely bankrupt the country. During a town hall event in March, Warren talked up some of her signature proposals including slavery reparations, the Green New Deal, and universal child care according to Fox News. Recent estimates place a possible $100 trillion dollars on her initiatives.

Concerning slavery reparations, the 2020 hopeful from Massachusetts said, “I believe it’s time to start the national, full-blown conversation about reparations.” She added that “ignoring the problem is not working.”

Warren feels the Green New Deal will benefit America. At the recent town hall event, she stated, “That’s how we build a future. And I’ll add one little piece to it and say when you take a look at the Green New Deal, understand this is about building the infrastructure for the 21st century, for a sustainable world.”

The Senator also explained how she would pay for universal child care. Warren remarked, “We get a 2 percent tax on the 75,000 richest families in this country, we would have enough money to provide universal childcare, universal pre-k, universal pre-pre-k for every child in America and still have $2 trillion left over. Let’s make it happen.”

Besides her paltry fundraising efforts and her progressive policy ideas that would sink America further into debt, some liberals are concerned Warren might be too wonkish to connect with the country’s voters. Michelle Goldberg of The New York Times said of Warren, “You hear from people that she sort of reminds them of Hillary [Clinton], which they mean in a purely stylistic sense.”

Daniel Hansberry, a former New Hampshire state Representative informed the Associated Press, “I just don’t know if she would go over nationally.” Intriguingly, Hansberry signed a letter urging the Senator to run for president in 2015.

For years, Warren has proudly touted her Native American ancestry. According to Fox News, the Senator wrote “American Indian” on a 1986 registration card for the Texas state bar. In October of 2018, she released a DNA test that was allegedly meant to validate her claims of Native American ancestry and put the controversy to bed. The move completely backfired on her. Her DNA test showed the Senator was between 1/64th and 1/1024th Native American—less than the average Native American DNA all Americans possesses.

Furthermore, her media stunt angered leaders of the Cherokee Nation whom Warren was forced to apologize to. On the day she officially kicked off her campaign, Trump tweeted, “Today Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to by me as Pocahontas, joined the race for President. Will she run as our first Native American presidential candidate, or has she decided that after 32 years, this is not playing so well anymore? See you on the campaign TRAIL, Liz!”

Undoubtedly, Trump will destroy Warren with his A-level trolling during the 2020 election cycle. But, if she doesn’t start raising more money and connecting with everyday Americans, he might not have the opportunity.

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13 Responses

  1. All 1064th wants is to get all the children under the care of the liberal left wing of the democrat party so that their indoctrination can start early with the ultimate goal of thought control from cradle to grave, their brand of socialism is like a cancer that will in the end will turn our once free country into a giant concentration camp and sent us all to the bottom of living standards of the rest of the world.Liberalism really is a mental disorder.

  2. I do not see a problem here!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAA! MAGA!!!!!

  3. I haven’t seen a Dem hopeful yet who will ultimately beat Trump, especially now and with all the doubling down on Russiagate these morons have little if any chance. Trump has done many good things for this country and that will resonate with the American people. This isn’t Europe and socialism is hopefully decades away.

  4. So Trump “cleverly ” calls Elisabeth Warren “Pocahontas “. Well, the American Indian tribes call Trump ” Walking Eagle “. This is because he’s so full of crap he can’t fly ! ROFLOL !!!!

  5. She’s competing with some real unsavory people who will do, whatever it takes, to raise money and back stab the others in the race.

    Kamala being one of the worst because she has her buddies in congress who were all groomed by the same corrupt politician.

    On a list of 15, of the Least Trusted Professions, Lawyers are 4th from the bottom and members of Congress are at the bottom.

    California Democrats

    Kamala Harris, another California, lawyer, democrat, groomed by Willie Brown, her lover, who attended The People’s Temple in San Francisco in the 70’s while it was under investigation. Willie Brown was very close with Jim Jones, the Marxist cult leader and mass murderer of Jonestown, Guyana. As well as Pelosi, Feinstein, Jerry Brown and First Lady, Rosalyn Carter, to mention a few.
    Willie Brown was instrumental in helping Pelosi, Feinstein, NEWSOM, Kamala Harris, among many, with their political goals and aspirations in California. Liberal-leaning sources such as Politico acknowledge that Willie Brown ranked among the most powerful California politicians and was knee-deep in allegations of corruption while elevating Harris. The Other far left media outlets such as the San Francisco Chronicle ran investigative pieces on Brown claiming he ran the city based on “’juice’ politics” and Harris was an insider at a time when the FBI was investigating City Hall for corruption.

  6. ‘Beto’ ‘s real name is Robert Francis O’Rourke. He’s NOT Latino.
    This is a virtue-signalling affectation, and not one to be supported.

    1. Sort of like Pocahontas’ claiming she is Native American.
      Or if you will “Lie-awatha”…

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