All of These People Lied to You, But Only One Faces Jail Time

Anderson Cooper: “Do you still believe the president could be a Russian asset?”

Fmr. FBI Director Andrew McCabe: “I think it’s possible. I think that’s why we started our investigation. And I’m really anxious to see where Director Mueller concludes that.”

That was a recent exchange between fired FBI acting director McCabe and CIA intern Anderson Cooper on CNN. McCabe had launched his book tour and was eager to sell copies of his bestseller, which should probably be moved over to the “Fiction” section of the bookstore by now – perhaps in the “Espionage” subcategory.

Here are some additional powerful people who have lied to the American voters for the past two years.

Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke: “It’s beyond the shadow of a doubt to me that if there was not collusion, there was at least the effort to collude.”

Fmr. National Intelligence Director James Clapper: “More and more I come to a conclusion that after the Helsinki performance and since, that I really do wonder whether the Russians have something on him [President Trump].”

Failed Two-Time Loser Who Is Not President, Hillary Clinton: “It’s clear you [Donald Trump] won’t admit that the Russians have engaged in cyberattacks against the United States of America, that you encouraged espionage against our people, that you spouted the Putin line, sign up for his wish list, break up NATO … and you continue to get help from him.”

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), Chairman of the House Select Committee on Intelligence: “I think there is direct evidence in the emails from the Russians through their intermediary offering dirt on Hillary Clinton as part of what is described in writing as the Russian government effort to help elect Donald Trump. They offer that dirt. There is an acceptance of that offer in writing from the president’s son, Don Jr.”

John Podesta, Crooked Hillary’s Campaign Manager: “It’s starting to smell more and more like collusion.”

Current DNC Chairman Tom Perez: “There is, I think, a mountain of evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.”

Former DNC Chairperson, Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL): “It was a disgusting and traitorous act and it needs to be prosecuted.”

Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee: “We know there was some collusion. We know the president’s son and campaign manager were involved in a meeting with the Russians to receive what they thought was information stolen by the Russians from the Democratic National Committee, as part of the Russian government’s attempt to help Trump in the election.”

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA): “We saw cold, hard evidence of the Trump campaign – indeed, the Trump family – eagerly intending to collude, possibly, with Russia.”

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), responding to a request from Tucker Carlson to provide any evidence at all related to collusion actually happening: “You’re peddling the narrative that the Trump administration is putting out, which also is the Putin narrative because they’re retweeting this with their Russian bots. If you’re on the same side as WikiLeaks and Putin, you should take a step back and wonder whose bidding are you really doing?”

Fmr. CIA Director John Brennan: “I use the term that this is nothing short of treasonous because it is a betrayal of the nation. He [President Trump] is giving aid and comfort to the enemy.”

Rachel Maddow, MSNBC Employee and Possible Insane Asylum Escapee: “The presidency is effectively a Russian op. Right? If the American presidency right now is the product of collusion between the Russian intelligence services and an American campaign… I mean, that is so profoundly big!”

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT): “The evidence is pretty clear that there was collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.”

Jussie Smollett, Former Actor on ‘Empire:’ “Subway is open 24 hours. People kill me when they say things like that. Subway is open 24 hours for a reason. So that when you hungry at night and you don’t got no food, you go to Subway.”

Also Jussie Smollett: “I like to believe that there’s this thing called justice.”

Those are all exact quotes from people who went on national television and knowingly told lies to us. One of them faces 26 felony counts for lying and has had his career effectively ended. The rest of them have gotten away scot-free.

Sorry to break it to you Jussie, but that “thing called justice” is broken. Until the people other than Jussie Smollett face jailtime for lying to us all, there’s a two-track justice system in America: One for the Deep State, and one for everyone else.

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3,159 Responses

  1. Every one of these individuals should be arrested and charged with lying to the American public and they should be prosecuted to the full extent of our laws. They should also all lose their jobs and those that are members of our Government should be barred from ever holding a job in our Government again.

  2. It’s time to investigate some of the accusers for the financial gain they have received to make them wealthy and lying to the public to dethrone the President! Karma is still alive and well!

  3. I think all of the Democrats,need to look @
    Hillary and Obama ,for conclusions with Russia, selling our Uranium and Obama givi ng mass amounts of cash to a forein nation. There is where the collusion is.
    Wake up America!!

  4. Its relly a shame that these politicians think they can get away with this type of bull#****#… They need to be arrested and given jail time and losse of thier jobs. Enough is enough and this us way past that point. Stand up Americans lets get them out of office..

  5. Been assembling commonalities of characteristics symptomatic of liberal Democrat Socialist Communists TDS.
    They’re universally delusional, irresponsible, at a deeply personal level. That’s why 65 million of them could vote for Hillary. “BELIEVE HER”, without evidence, to the point of destroying honorable lives. (Ford, Smolette, Feinstein, Harris, Booker, Clobacher, Durbin et al)
    Amazingly, irrationally hypocritical, narcissistic, socially malignant, often violent (hitting children for wearing MAGA hats?) But more, an obtuse determination to “save the planet” while they destroy their world, freedom, liberty, opportunity.
    Liberal Lying Democrat Socialist Communists must be isolated and detained. Supervised. Sussession of the Clinton archipelago is a very good resolution if America is to avoid Socialist malignancy and remain a Constitutional Republic. MAGA

  6. Yes, depose the deepstate traitors but also for a higher legacy, return the courts to the people not the bankruptcy debt slaves they call citizens (dead corporate entities) paying their lives to debt creditors.
    Shut down the corporations the debt slaves are trained to call government by 90% and educate our children not just train them.

  7. I think everyone of them need to betreated as traitors and jailed for treason especially McCabe Clinton Clapper John Brennan Rachel Maddow Ohr

  8. Nothing will be done to these scum bags and the hateful rhetoric will go on! What is wrong with our justice system? Double standards for Democrats!
    Media should be shut down and all the liars fired!
    It’s sickening! God help us!

  9. Now the cat is out of the bag, ALL that pushed the communist agenda (helping Putin keeping this government in two separate camps and soon in three ) should be put away (jailed or lose their job). A day of reckoning should come. Not that alone. It is time that the other side should be put under scrutiny like they did OUR President. I said OUR President because he is the President over ALL of America whether you like it or not. He was chosen and voted in honestly by the vote of the people and the electoral vote. Another thing is the money that was used for this absurd special nothing burger is a waste of taxpayer money. Watch Bernie, while living the capitalist life he is promoting the communist agenda. Something has to be done with the education system where the young adults are being brainwashed royally. Although personally I think the brainwashing start much earlier even in elementary realms. At birth you are either born Male or Female. There is no option here…period….. !!!! The option comes in, in later life after a person is ready to make a choice and it is a choice by the individual and it has to be rectified by a Court and then (the change) so duly noted on passports. All people have a right to live the life they want weird or not “it is their life” and they have to answer to their maker only when their face time with HIM comes. And that is just my opinion. Now on abortions I only have one opinion. Spare the life, there are enough families that would like to adopt. It is absolutely murder and on the one that undergoes an abortion it is a burden so heavy that they will never forget.

  10. Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

  11. They have earned the right to be sued for the costs and damages, wrongfully incurred by the innocent victims.

  12. all these people are so ignorant and stupid that they have lied to them selfs so much it has become real to them .they need a a padded cell ,its a shame that these people have people have become so obsessed .they really need treatment baddddddddd

  13. The Democrats need to be idicted for treason And collusion with Russia. Take Soros and his dark state down. Restore the 2nd amendment and the first.

  14. they only need to provide proof of the crap they say………. that is the part they (dems) have never quite grasp.(((. lies are not proof because you want them it too be )))………

  15. I can’t believe a word on the news anymore. Not any of them have the best interest of our country or us. They pander to those who cry the loudest or even the most. Jussie Smollett prays for justice? That’s adorable really. How about the others on that list of liars? Anyone think they truly want justice? Hell no. If that were the case they’d each be serving time in a federal prison. The Democratic Party is a party of fools. Here’s the kicker in this post of mine. I was a card carrying Democrat for most of my adult life. I worked in union positions and therefore voted with the crowd. ( lemmings come to mind? ) I retired at the beginning of Odumbo’s second term and never looked back. When I started to look at what the GOP said I was embarrassed to admit I once agreed with Dems. I have been wasting my votes all along. Now, I sit and read quotes and listen to news feeds and I can’t believe I fed into such crap. Those people on this above list are just the tip of the iceberg. They lie, they gossip and they could care less about the state of our country. They should listen to themselves for a few minutes. Maybe then they would feel the embarrassment I spoke of. It’s never to late to start a new walk in Washington. I’m going to try praying for those who would rather lie to accomplish their agenda. President Trump is a wealthy man, he’s not in it for the loot. He really is trying to make us the great country we can be …again!!

  16. You all are a waste of human flesh. You have lied for so long that you actually believe the bullshit you are shoveling. You must think the American people are really stupid. Actually Americans are becoming dumber and it appears it is from following idiots like you. Oh and just love that you want to give everyone something for nothing. Everything for free. How damn dumb are you college aged kids. Dumb and lazy. The working class of Americans are what have carried this country while you politicians take from us. You can’t get enough power and money fast enough. Clinton your mouth should be permanently closed because if one knows about collusion it is your immediate family and your dirty little government departments ands officials. I have had it with the swamp of DC and the immoral Hollywood crowd. I wish I knew who you ladies are trying to impress because most of the time when you appear in evening clothes you all look disgusting. Don’t flatter yourselves with the revealing gowns you wear because I have seen more than enough of your bodies. Since most of you can’t act I guess this is a way to get into movies. Then you idiots are shocked when someone gets hurt or stocked. What is wrong with you people. Please excuse me if I have offended any of you; however I’m just stating my point of view like when you jam your point of views down our throats. You know what I liked it much better when you were in the closet. If you want to live that way fine; however down jam me up just because I don’t agree. That isn’t bigotry you morons. It is my belief; however I’m not cramming it in your face all the time like you lovers want to do the straights. This is still America and not Socialism. Sorry I got a little off track; however I’m sick of how the Democrats, some Republicans and the Hollywood crowd act. Would it be fair of me to tell you everyday how allot of you can’t act, that sex takes place of acting and I have zero respect for Hollywood. You lie as much as the politicians and are in bed with people like George Soros, Clintons, Pelosi, Mueller, Schiff. The list goes on and on. You also like power and money too much. You rub elbows with the swamp of DC and knew there was no collusion on President Trump’s part, but knew the Clinton’s were knee deep. The only thing this investigation did was make the working people poorer, proved that government is dirty, and money buys trashy people. How do you people sleep at night?

  17. Unfortunately, the left’s control of the media will continue to persuade people that Trump and the right are always the bad guys while the Clintons, ObeyMe, Smollett, infanticide, assisted suicide, men in women’s bathrooms, etc. are pure and noble! I blame all this on the right, who year after year, refuse to make inroads into the left’s MSM. By the time the 2020 elections draw near, the “unbiased” media will have convinced many on our side to stay home because of something that Trump and Republicans supposedly did. Maybe the right will wake up when they see Biden giving the State of the Union (with VP Beto and PeeLousy clapping behind him), but I’m asking for the impossible.

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