The Real Russia Collusion Story Just Got Worse

In case you missed it, every Republican voted to release Mueller’s official report when he finishes. Despite how that may look on its surface, that’s actually a good sign for President Trump.

Additionally, Nancy Pelosi has now publicly abandoned the idea of impeachment, and several of her colleagues have joined her. That’s incredibly good for our President.

At this point, it looks like the Russia investigation is proving as empty as every other condemnation the left has thrown at our commander in chief. If you’ve followed this story closely, none of this should surprise you. The entire investigation has been ripe with corruption. It turns out the real collusion story had nothing to do with any Republicans at all.

The Great Twist

It’s no secret to conservatives that the Russia investigation itself is actually an act of foreign collusion. This isn’t necessarily an indictment of Mueller himself, but the series of corrupt actions necessary to launch the investigation relied heavily on foreign meddling.

Mostly, this refers to Christopher Steele. He’s the former British spy who compiled the infamous dossier. Considering it was pretty much the only evidence used in court to initiate the investigation of President Trump and his campaign, this already reeks of foreign meddling.

So, to recap what we know, the initial investigation into Donald Trump was founded on information gathered by a foreign intelligence operative who was paid by Fusion GPS—a company contracted by the Democratic National Party for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Steele was instructed to dig up dirt on another candidate. That’s what we’ve known for almost two years now. But wait it gets worse.

The biased nature of this investigation was left out of the FISA court that launched the whole thing, and that makes the entire Mueller investigation suspect, if not entirely illegal. As if that wasn’t heinous enough, now there’s new evidence that paints a significantly darker picture.

Judicial Watch is a conservative watchdog group that investigates suspicious government activity. They recently came into possession of a large number of redacted files that show the Mueller investigation was founded on much more corrupt activity than we initially thought.

Bruce Ohr is a name some of you might not recognize. He was a Dept of Justice attorney when Steele was contracted to compile his dirty dossier. Ohr’s wife, Nellie, was working for Fusion GPS at the time. For anyone who needs a reminder, Fusion GPS is the group that hired Steele by proxy for Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

Let’s put this string together. Fusion GPS hired a foreign spy to dig up dirt on then candidate Trump. Ultimately, they got that money from Hillary Clinton’s campaign company—of which she is the de facto CEO of. The information provided by Steele was supplied to a federal court that then initiated an investigation. While that was happening, the wife of a major player in the Dept of Justice’s office was on the payroll for Fusion GPS. This is Watergate-level scandal, but it gets much worse.

By following the breadcrumbs, Judicial Watch was able to uncover direct communications between Steele and Bruce Ohr. During the entire time he was illegally intervening in an election, he was working with an Assistant Attorney General. This means that the conspiracy to go after Mr. Trump has now reached extremely high office in Obama’s administration. Simply put, this is absolute proof that the entire investigation was a political hit. It’s one step shy of Stalin throwing dissenters in the gulag.

Even More Scandal

While Judicial Watch was releasing this bombshell, another huge story cracked. Prior to his Congressional testimony, Michael Cohen met with Adam Schiff in secret. The meeting between Cohen and the head of the House Intelligence Committee lasted for 10 hours.

What did those two have to discuss in private for so long? We can only speculate, but it would take something extraordinary to convince the public that this was an innocent encounter. It seems very likely that Schiff was outlining exactly what he expected to hear from Cohen’s testimony.

It’s also likely why Cohen went on his erratic rant about President Trump being racist despite having no evidence to support the claims. When you think about it, this sounds like the exact thinking of a Democrat.

Let’s recap. The corruptly compiled, false testimony that justified launching an investigation into Mr. Trump’s campaign was something even more sinister. It was collusion between high-level Obama officials and a foreign agent. When that wasn’t enough, the leader of the House Intelligence Committee had a secret meeting with a key witness for 10 hours. Everything about the Russia investigation stinks, and it should be enough to throw every major Democrat behind bars.

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46 Responses

  1. OK , Freedom News,, now what ? You reported this which most of “WE THE PEOPLE” , knew all of this already but why and how does no one get “CHARGED” ? I’m not a “REPORTER OR JOURNALIST” as most here, so why don’t you have a headline, “CRIMINAL BIASED FBI, DOJ, CLINTON SHOULD ALL BE CHARGED OR INDICTED FOR TRYING TO RIG AN ELECTION AND ILLEGALLY REMOVE A DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP” ? I am saying since over 90% of all news is BIASED against President Trump, why don’t you lead “SUPPORTING NEWS FOR A DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP? Yes, I am mad, because I see the way that you and other NEWS Media put things out, as if you are supporting News, but you put it out and then go hide!! PUSH IT LIKE ALL THE OTHER MEDIA DO, PUSH THIS INFORMATION EVERY DAY FOR AT LEAST A MONTH, SO EVERYONE KNOW’S OF THIS ILLEGAL ACTIVITY!!!! I am saying , ” ISN’T THIS BIG NEWS” ? Shouldn’t this NEWS , be known across all NEWS MEDIA?

  2. Let’s hope that it is enough to put the major offending democrats including Obama and Hillary Clinton and James Comey in jail. What we need is another special investigation after Robert Mueller (who was involved with these seedy democrats in Uranium One which also was REAL Russian collusion) to look into the REAL scandal of the democrats rigging the democratic nomination away from Bernie Sanders and this whole Steele Dossier fallacy to cause Trump to fail and also the illicit sale of 20% of America’s unranium supply to Russia by these dems and the payment went into the Clinton Foundation coffers. They should also investigate why the Clinton Campaign was running the entire democratic party even before Hillary’s nomination and how the Clinton Foundation bankrupted the democratic party coffers, which are still low to this day. I think that this is going to happen because people like Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch and Trey Gowdy and Jim Jordan and Jason Chaffetz are not going to let this go unanswered for, not in their lifetimes. We do have very good and honest and fair lawmakers among us to make up for and run checks on the dishonest ones we are so stuck with, apparently.

  3. My question is -Why isn’t of these dimwits charged with conspiracy&treason-Are the Dumbocrats paying someone to obstruct these investigations??

  4. So nothing happens because the D.C. swamp is one big social club where everyone covers each other’s back.

  5. Throw all of them in jail and throw away the KEY they are sick and and needs to be put away forever and the sooner the better.

  6. So, …. all of this information——-this now prove; do we have a single… or… double tier of justice????

  7. I agree with Michael Cieslak: why aren’t you trumpeting this stuff from the house tops like the mainstream media? THAT is the way you take these clowns and scumbags down. You have to fight the media the same way they try to suppress you: good old Saul Alinsky style. How do you think Trump has managed to drive them all nuts? He probably read Rules for Radicals and he’s dishing to them what they give to him! We have to do the same! This is not some gentlemanly game .. this is war. And we are not going to win by trying to play nice. Freedom News … go get ’em.

  8. Will somebody please communicate clearly as to how anybody who tries to frame the President of the United States can actually walk free

    It blows my mind and I have read some of these posts. We are beyond upset, actually extremely pissed off. We have nobody in the republican non establishment that will actually risk their life to take these guys down- except Trump.

    It’s high risk, because that is what you are doing- risking your life to take all these criminals down

    Remove a duly elected President ? That is treason in its worst form. The democrats are so prepared for 2020 and their mission statement is to cheat cheat cheat. Illegals, dead people etc. that is their plan to win

    People, we are dealing with people that actually want a regime. They want to burn the constitution. Don’t let them make any deletions whatsoever to our constitution

    The first and second amendments are under the biggest attack in the history of this Country.

    The problem here is that you have proven that all these higher ups tried to frame the President, remove him from office, built the phoniest Russian fake story etc. you have people like Adam Schiff, who is married to George Soro’s daughter who literally lies every day and simply gets away with it.

    You have the idiot Hollywood that has nobody tell them what they really are — trash , just a piece of trash that no zero about America and it’s history.

    The entire border is bought with Billions in off shore bribes where nothing happens without the Cartel Operative knowing everything. The media is not just the biggest enemy of this Country but they are the biggest corrupt, evil, murderouse criminal of them all.

    And they get away with it.

    America will,vote again- and if we can catch all of the democrats cheating , then Trump will win without issue.

    It will take $100 billion or more to solve the border and it has 2 phases.

    $40 billion for a real wall that also goes 30 feet deep in the ground with deterrents for anyone who touches that wall underground.
    This will involve huge border patrol armed additions and a military faction permanently put on the border – maybe it is 20,000 soldiers permanently spread out on the entire border permanently

    The other $60 billion is cleaning up all of the swamp that is on the take and waging an all out war on all of the cartels and drugs. Anybody caught with major drugs come in they get life or the death penalty

    An all out war at the border to take them all down. There are thousands and thousands that need to be taken out

    Our system is so horribly corrupt and until,Clinton, Comey, Lynch, McCabe etc. all go away for min 10-20 years, it will never change

    – your comments are encouraged and appreciated. It is so very clear to me

    1. I totally agree with most of these comments and solution to the real problem which is bought and payed for corrupt politicians. That is the real truth and mostly the left wing radical Democrats i.e. Obamas, the Clintons, Lynch, Comey, McCabe, Pelosi, Schumer and the list goes on with all of the DOJ, FBI personnel who agreed with or committed these treasonous acts.

      I am also shocked and upset with how they seem to be getting away with these criminal actions. However as a citizen, veteran, voter and patriot, I know there will come a time in 2020 where true Americans will make the right decision. If every true American does not know by now we have a good POTUS in the WH they must a part of the problem.

      Bottom line is If we do not take matters in our hands by re-electing
      President Trump then it may be too late and God will take care of business not some dumb ass Green Plan master minded by these radical left wing-nuts.

      God bless America and our POTUS. He has my support as a patriot and veteran.

  9. Well hopefully mr Trump will be cleared of any wrong doeing And Americans will know what a great president mr Trump truly is! # MAGA god bless president Trump and family

  10. Matt, I support ur ideas. And waiting for our signal to unite on the misused power of so many in our government.
    We need the deep south and our border taken care of right now!!
    We need ten million of us to march on Washington and just start throwing them out. Our FBI, DOJ, even president Trump really have nothing to give us, it comes down to. We The People!!
    We are the POWER united….

  11. Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

  12. Is Adam Schiff really married to that old Nazi, Soros’s daughter? I know Chelsea Clinton is married to his nephew but I never heard about Schiff being part of that crime syndicate. Makes sense though.

  13. Spot on Michael Ciesla. Abuse of power, attempts on coup detat to overthrow the elected Pres Trump, corruptions, and illegal surveillance of Americans are very serious crimes. This is the largest scandal in the US history. Why don’t Republicans aggressively take legal actions and govermental actions against the culprits. Talk is cheap. Rhetoric is cheap. Reporting of these revealations are cheap. No actions. You don’t have the balls to remedy the crimes committed. At the end of the day, it’s just bullshit as usual. The message: Crimes are lucrative when you are too big to jail and become untouchable. 👎👎👎👎😩😩😩😩

  14. Unfortunately, the MSM will simply report this all as “(R) politics”, and many will believe it. When will the right finally wake up and start making inroads into the left’s media, or will it be too late?

  15. Wake up! The mainstream media has long sold out and for at least the last forty years has been nothing but a propaganda tool…and has recently been allied to social media to complete the presentation of the “one” narrative…Anyone with 1/1000th of a functioning brain would have seen through obama when he “introduced” what was to become “Russiagate” and eventually morph into the mueller enquiry…The only “hacking” at the time for those who were paying attention, that was blown out of all proportion by “the enemy of the people” a.k.a. the Fourth Estate, was that of the Maine electrical grid…and that the “speed” of the supposed transfer of data precluded a “hack” and was conclusively a “download”…Seth Rich…RIP!!!

  16. The demonrats are nothing but muslim SCUM. We need to get them all(demonrats) in one place and take care of business just as the POS muslim scum do.

  17. We badly need to call on a investigation into the demwitocrats and keep insisting it get done and let the whole world know the truth we owe it to America

  18. I feel the same as most. This is all true. Has been known the whole long months that herr Mueller was collecting a payday from the taxpayers that voted in a fair election to put our President Trump in office to do exactly what he has promised.
    Ok now. Go do your duty. Charges brought against each and everyone that is mentioned in this dirty un lawful, and un American deeds.

  19. I really feel if all conservatives joined together andcancelled their suscriptions perhaps this could not only hurt them financially but it might force them more to the middle.

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