AOC Caught in Corruption Scandal

In her short political career thus far, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made a name for herself as the Representative with a perpetual foot in her mouth. It’s rare that she can get through an interview — or even a tweet — without saying something radical, embarrassing and devastating to her credibility.

We now know that this problem isn’t limited to direct communication. She’s just an embarrassment all around, and the way she has handled her campaign and staffing her office, it’s clear that even her attempts at traditional nepotism and corruption are below the bar for Washington.

Following the Money

Political corruption is rarely opaque and clear. As much as we might criticize the intelligence of some of our leadership, they tend to put a sincere effort into hiding the things they do wrong. That’s especially true with money. It took years for people to uncover the connections between the Clintons and Uranium One, and that’s just one example.

Unfortunately for AOC, she’s clearly less intelligent than average. She seems to have tried her best, but after a little more than a month in office, her first cases of unethical finance have already been revealed. There are still facts that need to come to light, but when you follow the money, you’ll see that she is shady at best.

This all tracks back to Brand New Congress. It’s a PAC that heavily supported AOC throughout her campaign. They probably would have done more, but regulations limit how much any one PAC can give to a candidate. That’s why it’s so suspicious that they paid $6,000 to AOC’s boyfriend, Riley Roberts. That sum was achieved in two payments of $3,000. They claim it was for marketing services that he provided to the PAC, and alone, it wouldn’t be so suspicious.

Things turn darker when you see that three weeks after Roberts was paid, AOC’s campaign gave $6,191.32 to Brand New Congress. Typically, PACs donate to campaigns, not the other way around.

The Violation

For the sake of honesty, we need to address that all of this is in the allegation stage. The money definitely changed hands, but it has not yet been proven that AOC broke the law. Regardless, here’s why this strange, circular exchange matters. There are two possible violations that happened.

One possibility is that AOC channeled money through the PAC in order to put campaign donation money in the pocket of her boyfriend. That would explain why she essentially reimbursed Brand New Congress for the money they gave to him. It even looks like a little interest was included.

The other possibility is that the PAC was trying to funnel extra money into AOC’s campaign. Since they can’t give more than $5,000 to a candidate directly, this would have been a means to circumvent that violation. The reimbursement could have been an attempt to cover the excessive donation after the fact. When you read the next part, the nepotism explanation will seem more likely.

Getting Even Fishier

AOC took heat for more than a potential campaign finance violation. It was also discovered that Riley Roberts is on her Congressional staff. That’s clear nepotism, and it’s not allowed. Spouses are permitted to volunteer in the offices of Representatives, but Roberts is neither AOC’s spouse nor a volunteer. Officially, she refuses to employ volunteers. Everyone in her office has to receive a ‘living wage’ after all.

We’re still not done. AOC’s staff also includes Aikat Chakrabarti, the founder of Brand New Congress. It looks very much like a wealthy person moved money around for a candidate and was then rewarded with a position in her office. That’s three strikes.

The full nature of this scandal has yet to become public knowledge, but it’s fishy enough to gather attention. The truth won’t stay hidden for long. Whatever details emerge, the one thing we can trust is that AOC is another run-of-the-mill corrupt politician. She’s ok with playing money games for personal gain, and she clearly hasn’t shown herself immune to the influence of campaign contributors.

The real question is how her fervent supporters will try to spin all of this to make it ok. It will be hypocritical nonsense, but if they’re sticking by her after the myriad of stupid things she’s said, corruption won’t dissuade them.

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3,456 Responses

  1. Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

  2. Still to be looked at is whether or not she paid income taxes on her income as a bar tender. Also, she’ll probably succumb to the temptation to spend campaign contributions for personal expenses.

  3. Don’t forget all the men and women she slept with . Sad to think they were that hard up. There are a lot of much prettier women !!

  4. Don’t under estimate this NUT JOB!! SHE IS THE DEMON RAT PARTY!!! She is embarrassing to them because she can’t control herself and neither can the DEMON RATS!!! She is part of the INDOCTRINATED and the NORMAL people are getting old!!!! Your children and grandchildren are going to live UNDER THIS COMMUNIST REGIME sooner or later!! MARANATHA!!!!!

  5. Just another example of the saying, “If it weren’t for double standards, the liberals would have no standards”.
    Our education system has failed to teach our young people of the many failures of Communism/ Socialism in the 20 th Century.
    I hope that they don’t have to relive this sad history to learn.

  6. She also did not live in the district she is representing, which is also illegal!

    She is one of the nerviest, stupidist, loud mouth Dems and now she claims she is the BOSS!

    What an impudent twit- it is the dems who should be shutting her up because she makes them all look even worse!

  7. But according to her……….the world will come to an end in 10-12 years if we don’t accept her unbelievable New Green Deal!! If anyone remembers New Year.s Eve of 2000 that was the prediction then. And according to Jim Jones back in the 80s (?) you had to drink the kool-aide because the world is coming to an end!!! Wonder what flavor kool-aide AOC is giving away? Sad thing is about this ignorant, big mouth idiot is the fact that some of her following would actually be brainwashed enough by her to drink it! Now she claims ‘she’s in charge’ and wants to dictate what we eat, what we live in, and if we can have children!! Is she being paid by China or someone determined to destroy or country?? WAKE UP PEOPLE…….THIS BITCH IS DANGEROUS!!


  9. Will the Democrats or Republicans follow through and take a hard look at the money issues, and her residence at the time she ran for office. Where does she live? The sooner they get the dirt on her, get rid of her – she is dangerously stupid.

  10. The time to put a stop to all this nonsense is NOW!!!! Our people in Congress won’t do it because they, and that includes some Republicans, are all part of the deep state and to do so would crush them also. Wake up, and do what’s right for the people of this USA, we need the people who WORK FOR US, to actually work for us!!!!!

  11. This WACKO needs to be CHARGED with a CRIME, sent to jail and then go to trail and sent to PRISON. She does NOT know what on earth she is doing!!!

  12. Oh come on! All liberal progressive democrat socialists are above ALL US laws.
    NOTHING will happen if AOC broke any laws!
    ONLY conservatives are held to the letter of the law!

  13. A wise professor of Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh told me 50 years ago” People get the kind of politics and government they deserve”. I was 30 years old at the time and now 84. His words could not have been more true. AOC being the latest example–the Clintons and Obama are great examples of political disasters to the USA.. Universities no longer teach critical thinking or are they attempting to teach critical thinking to students who are UNABLE to grasp critical thinking? We need to rethink this FREE COLLEGE FOR ALL and reopen all of the vocational schools that were closed about the time the Government got involved in student loans and professors such as Fauxahontas was earning 325,000.00 per year salary plus bennies for teaching one class per week over a nine month teaching year. It should not surprise anyone that AOC is dipping illegally into the government till–isn’t that what politicians do? To the victors go the spoils.

  14. It seems thr is no END to to the GRaft, Thievery and outright criminal things thes new Muslim,Loud mothed Women will do to Wreck our nation.She nedds to be GONE…out of our govenment and our COuntry,,,we HAD/HAVe more problems then our “BRAIN DEDAD ” CongRESS CAN HANDLE W/OUT these CrOOKS!

  15. When this Soros financed phony ran for office she knocked on doors of the voters in her district. Now that she’s won she’s never to be seen in her district, but rather involves herself in national issues and trying to make a name for herself. People in her district should make her an outcast because she’s doing nothing for them. She associates with terrorist leaning members of congress and anti-Semetics. She is a plant that must be eradicated before she does lasing harm to we the people. To quote HRC, this narcissistic loony tune refers to herself as the “boss.” She does not practice what she preaches: wants us to redistribute our duly-earned wealth while she amasses her own without sharing.


  17. If it wasn’t for the lamestream media, this bug eyed big mouth beaver would be a nobody! An infatuation has developed with the msm because it’s fascinated with a karismatic buffoon that has a knack for exposing her narcisstic arrogance in a grandious style! All fads eventually disappear like shooting stars which she thinks she is right now! It’s only the stupid people that won’t get tire of her stupidity!

  18. Just like illegals, Democrats don’t care about laws of our land.
    And it’s funny millennial generation believes Democrats care about them,. Hey wake up!! Democrats don’t care about unborn babies, so u believe they care about you….ha!!
    All Democrats want is ur vote, taxes and power to control ur life and families.
    Wake up America, Democrats are the 1%
    God bless and good luck to all

  19. Time for impeachment if she and her boyfriend broke the law!!!
    She was nothing before and will become nothing again

  20. A.O.-C.’s minor was in economics. What she got was a dose of socialist stupidity. No earth science degree, but she’s sure that the world will end if she doesn’t force her Green New Deal on everyone. If she learned real science she’d know that the earth has been warming since the last ice age and will continue to warm until we have a magnetic pole field shift. Then the earth will slowly move towards an ice age again for hundreds of thousands of years. These earth cycles take that long to complete. This ignorant idiot is scaring people with her idiocy. People have survived these climate cycles and people will continue to survive this one. Stop electing these idiotic corrupt liar demonicrats!

  21. Patrick J. Michaels is a renowned climatologist who has refuted the parameters created by scientists for climate change. Al Gore claimed that the earth would burn up by 2010 if he wasn’t elected to our presidency in 2000. Al Gore got rich off of the global warming scam he created with Soros. Now this socialist indoctrinated mess, A.0.-C. is making a similar claim. People please stop voting for these liars. They are corrupt demonicrats looking for money and power.

  22. This so-called representative and her ilk will bankrupt the treasury in no time at all given their propensity for wasteful spending. We have a sorry state of affairs. What happened to the mid-stream politicians on the left? The Democratic party has been usurped by the extremist left. We had better change the tide or America will become a leftist country and not looked up to by the rest of the free world. MAGA RVN 68-69

  23. Who is the sponsor AO Cortex? Is it Soros or some South American or Central American communist organization. Perhaps she is or will be the MOUTH PIECE for the illegal caravans. Her timing into the political world is suspicious.
    The Media has hyped AO Cortex just as they did Obama to give them creditability so they could implement their plan as a means to destroy the American history and convert this country into an official communist state.

  24. All true American patriots should remember only one thing beside Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s stupidity; the Democratic Party “IS” the Communist Party in America! The Communist Democratic Party has devoted over two years in their attempt to destroy America’s patriotic United States President Donald J. Trump, and not one iota of investigation into the foreign-born illegal alien Muslim communist agent saboteur Barack Hussein Obama II and his accomplices; and please don’t tell me this fraudulent joker was born in Hawaii. I have all copies of his fraudulent Hawaiian birth certificates, including his original birth certificate # 32018 issued to parents by the Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya, East Africa and a Certified Copy of Registration of Birth # 495 which is kept at the Office of the Principle Register, Coast Province, Republic of Kenya.

    You must understand that the Democratic Party protects all political criminals within their party just as the SS and the Nazi Party protected Adolph Hitler to insure his power over Germany and its people.

    USAF (RET)

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  26. I am 63 yeas old. I have taught in our school system. I have taught courses in our colleges. I have seen the indoctrination and nonsense that goes in in our educational system. For the last 20 years or so we have let socialism teachers teach our students. We have closed our eyes and let it happen. Our young adults are dumb. Not all of them but the majority. They are like AOC. I was told to pass students just because they showed up every day. It didn’t matter if they disrupted classes. It didn’t matter if they never turned in work. “We will lose our government funding if we fail too many students, so they pass,” was what I was told. So they passed.

    Now these same students are adults and are voting. They claim they are victims of everything and should get everything given to them. And they do. Now they are offered free living by the government. Guess who they will vote for. I fear it is too late to turn this around. Watch the videos, Black Lives Matter, Antifa and so on.

    The left is and has been letting in illegals for a long time. They are allowing them to vote even if they are not citizens. They live in “free zones.” They have flooded our country and the democrats have given them housing, health care, food stamps and education all for free. We can’t track them all down and simply ship them back to where they came from. Guess who they will vote for?

    Get ready, I fear socialism is coming on hard and fast.

  27. Alexandria is an inexperienced young woman filled with unworkable ideas and does’nt know how to pay for her massive reconstruction ideas like how to build a railroad to Europe or Asia. She wants to close down all petroleum based products, like gasoline and oil. How does she expect to lubricate all the wheels on her trains? it’ll NEVER happen.

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