Democrats Want to Release 30,000 Criminal Illegals into US Cities

Now we know the reason Democrats shut the ICE spokesman out of recent border talks in Washington. They didn’t want ICE’s facts to interfere with their false narrative.

As reported in the Washington Times – “If [the ICE spokesman] had been allowed to speak, he would have told them that the limits they’re pondering to immigrant detention, proposed by Democrats, would lead to 30,000 people being released back onto the streets, including thousands of migrants with criminal records.”

An administrative source said, “ICE was disappointed not to be able to address the conference committee directly.”

The most recent round of negotiations to ensure the government remains open included more Democrat political gamesmanship – this time an attempt to trade more illegals detention beds for some concession on the wall.

President Trump previously asked for 52,000 detention beds. Democrats wanted to only allow 32,520 and even Senate Republicans only agreed to 40,520.

ICE argued more detention beds would cut down illegal immigration, and result in more criminals being ousted from American communities. Immigration Control says there are now one million migrants who have been ordered deported from the country who are still roaming free in our city streets.

The move is just one more attempt by Congressional Democrats to circumvent President Trump’s promise to stem the tide of illegal immigrants. Homeland Security spokeswoman Katie Waldman told reporters that if Congress is serious about cutting the recent record surge in illegal immigration, it must provide the number of detention beds needed.

Waldman said, “Without the necessary detention authority and sufficient funding for family beds to enable ICE to detain family units when they are ordered removed, ICE will still only be able to remove a very small percentage of family units, thereby increasing the pull factors and further contributing to the border crisis.”

A continuing problem for ICE is that it often has to release illegal immigrants only to see them vanish into the general population, never to return for proper processing.

Republicans like Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina warns that by demanding a cap on Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention, Democrats are endangering public safety.

“They are trying to undermine our ability to do interior enforcement,” said ICE Deputy Director Matt Albence.

President Trump agreed in a Tweet, “The Democrats do not want us to detain, or send back, criminal aliens! This is a brand new demand. Crazy!”

At a White House briefing, Albence warned, “We’ll be releasing gang members and individuals convicted of domestic violence and drug crimes.”

Albence said ICE currently holds upwards of 22,000 people because of arrest, most with criminal convictions. He said keeping them in custody is the only way to ensure those criminal immigrants show up for deportation proceedings.

He repeated, “Putting any artificial cap on our ability to do our job is damaging to public safety.”

Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee Senator Richard Shelby (Rep -Ala.) said on “Fox News Sunday,” “We got some problems with the Democrats dealing with ICE, that is detaining criminals that come into the U.S., and they want a cap on them, we don’t want a cap on that.”

Sheriffs across the country stand behind ICE and the President, saying that the early release of criminal aliens only makes their job harder.

The National Sheriffs’ Association and the Major County Sheriffs of America delivered a letter to lawmakers last week urging them not to cut ICE’s detention capacity.

Over 3,000 sheriffs signed the letter that warned, “This dangerous congressional proposal not only jeopardizes the risk of our national security, but hinders our law enforcement officers from effectively enforcing and upholding the law and protecting their communities.”

The letter also warns that limiting the number of detention beds “jeopardizes the integrity of the immigration system” and cripples the ability of ICE to detain criminal aliens who “pose a risk to public safety or are a flight risk.”

An ICE representative said “over 90 percent of ICE’s arrests are aliens who have a criminal conviction,” have been previously removed, or have been arrested resulting in criminal conviction.

Though the state of California would pay the worst price for the bedding shortfall and ensuing violent crime, Governor Jerry Brown continues to block all the President’s efforts.

Now, Democrats have backed down on their demand but only time will tell how much they can be trusted. Ronald Reagan learned during his second term that Democrats and honesty do not go together. It appears President Trump has learned his history well.

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73 Responses

  1. Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

      Donald J. Trump the people of this great country will not be silent if the persecution of Publisher and Truth teller Julian Assange moves forward. Against the backdrop of #FakeNews Wikileaks has been instrumental in exposing the Clinton cabal and ensuring your victory against her. We are greatful for his help and we are demanding, not asking that you return that favor on behalf of the American people and issue a Pre-Emptive Presidential Pardon IMMEDIATLEY!!! #OperationFreeAssange

  2. Why is Al Qaeda more compassionate than pro-lifers?

    The 9/11 hijackers got to die instantly!

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  4. I don’t understand why they would
    let illegals go. Oh they hate our President.
    Well I’m sick and tired of their hatred of
    The President to succeed. I am on the
    side of ICE and the Democrats better get
    it together and get with the program.

  5. Sir has USA states made a law to sue USA congress persons who pasted a law to set free crime makers that are illegal immigrants?? if not why???

  6. When these illegals begin losing their lives too an oh so tired American taxpayer and Patriot, the democratic party will be forced to rethink their position on border security. It’s the democrat lack of leadership that has put us into the position that we’re now in. There are many Americans that are tired of the drugs and the people who sell them to our children, there are gang members in every state of our country that are taking unfettered control of whole communities and law enforcement has theirs hands tied because the federal government refuses to work with ICE and other agencies to take these criminals off of our streets. Until these corrupt money grubbing politicians have one of their own killed because they failed to act to keep the American public safe, then nothing will ever change for the better. As a veteran of our armed forces, I’ve seen death and until these political hacks see it up close and personal by going to a loved ones funeral because of death caused by some of these people, they will never truly know what it means to suffer. I hope this posting is seen by every politician both republican and democrat, because it is your inactions that that keep the American Patriots and average citizens of our country terrorized. It is the corrupt politician that has the blood of thousands of American citizens on their hands. Until these politicians see and realize what they are doing to our country, the American people will continue to suffer all the while that they become richer every day while honest Americans die because of their corruption. The Rooster Has Crowed!!!

    1. I too am a veteran and believe it’s about time for a “Rooster Brigade” as more and more Americans are … WAKEING UP !!! So apparent the dims care very little for this country, and most Republicans are spineless to do much about it! One thing happening in the blue party is that people are beginning to realize how hateful and un-American their party has become … and are leaving. I truly believe their whole reason for mass unchecked immigration is to replenish their loss of voters. This is also why they continually push for NO VOTER ID.
      If I had my way, ONLY PEOPLE WHO “FILED” A TAX RETURN (didn’t say had to pay taxes, just file) would be allowed to vote. Their tax ID. could also be their voter ID.


  8. The Democrats don’t care about the people, they just want to be back in power. What they want is the continued Murder rate from these criminals, especially those that use guns so they can have an excuse to confiscate guns from the American people. They care nothing about their voters, other than your votes. Wake up people, it’s all a big lie. Don’t be suckers.

  9. Is there a way that we citizens can file a lawsuit against Congress? For not protecting us by allowing the wall to be built?
    Because they are going to try anything they can to stop it.


  11. I can see the end of the Democratic party coming to its end in the 2020 elections for their radical and unconstitutional actions and policies are insane and their outrageous taxes have shown us all just how corrupt their party is!!! The Democratic party if full of unethical and immoral politicians and they have shown us just how radical they are!!! What really makes me sick is just how unconstitutional they are and how unpatriotic they are!!!! For we have the Democrats telling us we are being immoral for even wanting a wall and the truth is it is immoral not to have a wall for our wall keeps the undesirables out of our country and protects our citizens and for these radical liberals and Democrats comparing our wall to the Berlin wall is outrageous, for our wall is built to protect our country and citizens from all evil from getting in, it is not built to keep people in!!!! Their is a right way to enter our country and a wrong way and we should be firm on making people choose the right way and those that choose to do it the wrong way when caught they should be deported on the spot no ifs and buts about it !!!! Not only do we need a wall but we must also fix our immigration policies and put an end to giving these illegals everything for free for this is not what our country is about and it is a no wonder why they want to come here and the same goes for those that get into our country legally they should not be getting anything for free either!!!! I can see giving legals a leg up in getting started for about 3 months but after that then they should be removed from our welfare rolls and even up to getting deported if they don’t get a job!!! We are not a welfare country we offer those that come here freedom and liberty to pursue their dreams and the freedom to practice their religion!!! These legal immigrants are all sworn in to uphold our traditions and our values and laws and our constitution and if they can’t abide by our way of life then they should all leave for we only want loyal and ethical people and lawful citizens in our country that put can contribute to the country with skills and great work ethics!!!! Plus we don’t want any lawlessness people or racists or any kind of bigotry whatsoever!!!!

  12. I stand behind President Trump & ICE!!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Legal Immigrants are for the wall & deportation of these illegal Criminals. Our legal Immigrants know the truth just like all American Citizens. It’s already been proven that Voter Fraud took place in the mid-term elections & the 2016 Presidential election to try & get Hillary Clinton elected. It didn’t work!! We weren’t so lucky in mid-term elections!! Whatever it takes, these Criminals cannot be released!!!

  13. ICE can find many of the illegal immigrants at the voting booths during the next elections.

  14. Illegals in the U. S. are not citizens and as such we are not obligated to afford them
    the same opportunities and protections of Our laws in regards to deportation. If
    the have any criminal record that we have determined is enough to bar them from Immigration into our country, there needs be no lengthy time of hearings. Just ship them
    back to their own country. Period! End of report.

  15. Hmmm Democrats equal trash! No brains, no morals, no integrity, no reason to have them around. They are anti American and no longer deserving of their citizenship. Send them to some where far away…perhaps Syria!

    1. That is known as treason, and even can be malfeasance of office or misfeasance of office, Any of these is enough to get them out of office.

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  17. President Trump is trying his best to keep Americans safe yet the crazy Far Left Radical Democrates want no protection for us. God help us if America becomes like other countries with all these millions of illegals coming into our country at the southern border. America will never be the same if this happens. We will be like other third world countries. Maxine Waters has & is encouraging riots & wants protesting & meanness & evil to go on. She should be sued for exciting violence. That is plan EVIL & HATE!!! The Democrates are not like they use to be. The new ones are so radical it is plain scary! They want the “Green Deal” which is a horrible thing. It makes no sense!!! They want no fossil fuels, no airplanes, no cows, only electric cars, tear down all bulidings heated all over the USA, santuary cities that hide criminals from the law, abort 9 months & first born babies( murder them), free Medicare, education, for all including illegals, illegals to vote, try to do away with ICE who are protecting our borders & taking out many MS 13 the most horrible gangs, These gangs use knives; not guns so their victims will suffer longer. They are coming in with the millions of illegals crossing our southern border. Drugs are coming into our country and killing over 75 plus American citizens every year. that is more than people killed in wars. Cortez is trying along with Omar, a Muslim to destroy our country. They want Socialism for us. They want us to be controlled by the government. Medicare would go broke in less than a year & seniors would loose their health care they paid into for years. Socialism destroys a country like it has many including /Venequala(msp). They lost everything and cannot get food to feed themselves. Their socialized government lost all their money and the Democrates want that to happen right here in the USA. They want to raise taxes more so for the rich 70% to 90% and give it to the government & them. They too are rich and they should pay a higher tax. We are paying big salaries to Demos who are doing nothing good for us & are lying “big Time” about President Trump who has already done so much good for us the short time he has been in office. I admire his courage!!! The bully Far Left want power & want to let millions of illegals in to vote for them. Please pray that they will not win in the 2020 election or we as a nation are surely doomed. The Bible says men love EVIl more than love Good and it is happening right before our eyes. Be aware of what is really going on. Do not believe the Far Left DEmos Lies. They are telling lies to try to impeach the president we the people voted for in the 2016 election. Pray for our country that this awful things will not happen-it will if the Demo(young senseless) new Demos get in. Know what you are voting for!! So IMPORTANT!!!

    1. Don’t worry. We have enough guns and ammos in our hands. That’s why DemocRats gonna take it away from us . But we have to fight for our rights and freedom. DemocRats should be carefull , what they wish for. It’s gonna be Civil War ll. That’s will be hard , but we don’t have to many choices. In 2020 we should shaw DemocRats , who is in charge in our country. Go and vote for red.

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  21. It is a law. If somebody from government official support or protect illegal immigrants, should be prosecuted and sent to prison. Unfortunately the law is not for politicians. That’s a reason , they do what ever they want. It’s our fault, because we /or many of us/ vote for them, and than we , people pay for that mistake.

  22. +Over 75 plus millions of American a dying needlessly from drugs being brought into USA at the southern border. What a REAL shame not to support borders along our southern border. Plus, massive influx of illegal aliens come with diseases, drug trafficking, crime, horrible dangerous gangs, and an unbelievable demand on our welfare system. Working every day tax payers cannot support the rest of the world’s failures. Please, close our southern border for our safety! Maybe the drug cartels are paying some Left radicals to keep the southern border open. Who knows? Some Left Wing Democrates like Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, Maxine Waters & others think it is good to have open borders as long as they have tall fences around their properties.
    It makes the rest of us unsafe, but they do not care about our safety. It is only “good” as long as it is not on their doorsteps. Right? Yes, it is! Maxine Waters
    started her criminal violence against the President Trump’s Administration. She is a racist loudmouth! She and others like her have such HATE & JEALOUS hearts. It is plain EVIL, The Democrates want open borders so illegals ( who they say can now vote) will vote for them. Treason is what the new Democrates in office are doing to us.They think that it is immoral to protect our country. They want an uprising so they can have NAZISM back.They want to make us depend on the government for everything & become a Socialized country. Socialized countries take their people’s money & they ended up with absolutely nothing; not even food. The “New Green Deal” is NOT a good deal for us. It wants FREE college, healthcare, Medicare, retirement, housing,gov. jobs, higher taxes for illegals & for even those “who do NOT want to work.” Is that fair-nor does it make good sense. People are fooled into voting for these radicals because they promise them FREE things. It is not free! Every American will be taxed more by the Democrates to pay for all of this FREE stuff & forced to give to illegals as well. Since the Democrates want illegals pouring into our country by the MILLIONS they will be telling them-“Vote For Me.” They must think we are stupid enough to vote for all of this crazy stuff. President Trump is doing the right thing for our safety and many things he has already done that has made America Great Again!!!

  23. libs may want to be careful, they could also be in the cross hairs…

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