Majority of Americans Have ZERO Confidence Mueller’s Report Will Be Fair

Americans’ confidence in special counselor Robert Mueller’s investigation is at an all-time low according to a new Washington Post / ABC poll. Though confidence in Mueller or President Trump is split along party lines, the poll bears more weight because it comes from the Trump hating Washington Post newspaper, where it figures that more of its readers come from an anti-Trump position.

According to the poll: Half of Americans report they have “just some” confidence or none at all that the Mueller report will be fair and evenhanded, and 43 percent say they have at least a good amount of confidence in its fairness.

Almost a third (32 percent) of Democrats and 70 percent of Republicans expressed little or no confidence that Mueller is acting fairly or will produce any real results. Confidence in Mueller among independents has been eroding for some time. Over half of what we often call “swing voters” side with Republicans in their distrust of Mueller’s ability to deliver a fair report.

Special Counsels have a well-documented history of wearing the public’s patience thin with prolonged investigations that seem more self-serving than anything.

During his reign as special counsel in 1998, Independent Prosecutor Ken Starr got an indictment against Bill Clinton. Clinton’s actions and denial of culpability disgusted most voters, but they were even wearier of Starr’s perceived overreach. The net result for all the buzz about Clinton was a financial hit for the former president and a few years without his law license.

The Mueller investigation has several similarities to Starr’s with a few glaring differences. With Bill Clinton, the media was on his side and did everything it could to paint him as a victim of political hacks. The same can’t be said 20 years later with the mainstream media solidly on Muller’s side and determined to portray Trump as guilty of something – anything.

Though the WaPo/ABC poll was taken before Roger Stone’s movie set arrest it came well after Michael Cohen claimed that Trump ordered him to lie to Congress.

The fall in the opinion of Mueller mirrors the public’s approval of Democrats pursuing impeachment of the President. Last August, there was a narrow plurality (49/46) that favored impeachment proceedings. That has shifted dramatically since from +3 to -15 in favor of impeachment.

The fall in Mueller’s support from independents and centrist Democrats is likely due to his string of indictments for what has been dubbed “process crimes” as opposed to anything to do with Russian collusion—the single indictment for what he was commissioned to do.

Mueller’s one banner conviction came for Paul Manafort’s alleged crimes that were from well before his association with the President. As Ed Morrissey of writes: “After nearly two years, Americans want to, ahem, MoveOn and get back to business.”

Americans have not regained confidence in the FBI since the firing of former Director James Comey. Over sixty-three percent of polled voters now say the Bureau had been stonewalling Congress by refusing to provide information about the both the Trump and Hillary Clinton investigations.

A Harvard CAPS / Harris Poll shows that over half of those surveyed believe conflicts of interest are preventing Mueller from being unbiased. Response to that poll by the special counsel’s office is deafening.

Both polls show that there is a definite crisis of confidence for both Mueller and the FBI. More telling is that, even among those who don’t like Trump, approval for the special counsel and the Bureau is worse.

The Harvard CAPS / Harris Poll came before news that disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok and his lover Lisa Page, both high-ranking members of Mueller task force, discussed an “insurance policy” in the eventuality that Trump won the election. One can only guess what those polling numbers would have been had they come after that revelation.

The polls reflect the daily trickle of proof that there is still an anti-Trump bias among political elites in Washington. Add to that increasing evidence that the FBI was complicit if not the designer of the Steele dossier that started this whole Muller investigation.

It may have seemed far-fetched a few months ago that government officials devised a scheme to entrap a sitting President, but that is looking more and more plausible every day.

Add to this the fact that most Americans see the treatment of Trump aides as far harsher than occurred with Clinton’s aides, caught in obvious lies, it’s no wonder even the Washington Post can’t pretend the obvious does not exist.

Collusion did happen – just not with President Trump.

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3,161 Responses

  1. Whatever Mueller publishes will be tainted. Mueller has indicted and coerced every possible witness against.Trump. Michael Cohen would now lie, cheat, and steal to save himself. None of the witnesses are believable, and there is still no case. Plus the whole investigation is based on Democrat paid-for lies and corrupt FBI people. It stinks! Robert Mueller will be remembered as the backer of Whitey Bolger and the leader of a corrupt, ridiculous investigation.

  2. I have always thought this investigation was contrived and illegal!!!!!

  3. Never would have believed that BULLSHIT could be stacked so high. Stand far, far back when the fan comes on!
    Millions spent for lies and deception. The American Citizens want a refund for the money, the lies and the abuse of our legal system, our Constitution and the abuse of the intelligence of Americans.

  4. If we know colusion ocured with Clintons aids, against President Trump, why hasn’t a Republican based party brought up an investigation on Hillary. Could it be the Federal government is being run by Democrats. Are Obama Zars, still dug in the. White house walls…..? Like roaches…..Democrats have infiltrated the justice system,, just like roaches. We need a clean House. Where the mother Roach lives……😕Pelosi????

  5. All a positive lie by the Democrat Hillary party stop stop it the truth is out they lied Look what they are doing now resisting in everyway

  6. This Witch Hunt will end and be forgotten for the waste of time and money it cost the American Taxpayers!

  7. I thought that the primary purpose of this investigation was to expose collusion with the Russians during our last Presidential election. So why hasn’t Hillary been indicted? Mueller is a total failure to not recognise the obvious.

  8. When law enforcement becomes a means of lying & trickery to invent crimes that didn’t exist, this country has become a frighteningly dangerous place to live. Mueller & his cohorts are evil men indeed !

  9. Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

  10. There doing there best to destroy Trump and his family these people are Psychotic Psychopaths there dangerous.

  11. All the funds Mueller has wasted would have built a wall around the USA. Since Mueller is letting the real Democratic criminals get away starting with the Clinton’s, Pesky Pelosi, etc. We should truly be ashamed that all parties can not come together for the better of the USA. We have a great President and he deserves support for the great things he has been able to do in his first two years! MAGA! Build the wall for the safety of the USA & our children that come after us. They will need all the help we came give them with the way society has changed. Vote like you are voting for the continued great life of your children! Family Matters!!

  12. Mueller has been, and will continue to be a donkey dick….He knew what his role in this fiasco of an investigation was…keep the American public distracted with all of his bullshit antics(ex: Roger Stone/Mueller/CNN collusion)…that was a theatrics ploy by Mueller to distract from the real reason he is around…Not to indict for the sake of indicting people, cause God knows if that is his purpose only Jesus Christ would be let off the hook…that is if He were given a fair and impartial jury!

    The Democrats?Liberals know that most thinking Americans know that they are a bullshit Party…make enough noise, and someone is bound to hear and respond…that is what happened during the first few months of President Trumps term, and if he had just as summarily fired Jeff Sessions, after he recused himself, as he did James Comey, instead of letting it get this far, the Democrats wouldnt have been so adamant about their “witch hunt” with Mueller…$30,000,000 taxpayer dollars later we still have no “collusion” whatever the hell that is…

    Anyhow, with a solid Supreme Court of Conservatives empaneled(hopefully RBG will retire or die)it wont matter what the Democrats do, it wont get passed a SC ultimate decision…”Elections have Consequences”…Allah Obama…the Democrats just never thought in this World that would be the very idea that would bring them doom…A lot of these judicial proceedings are going to go thru the SC, and they will meet their ultimate defeat there, also…

    We are at a critical Crossroads however in this Nation…we will ultimately have to decide in the next election(s) whether we can unconciounably keep going down this dangerous and unattainable path of self detruction…Can we allow our very Government duly elected officials be dictated by “special counsels” who have no Masters or checks and balances to do whatever they want, to whoever they want…”All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God” that is what the Bible tells us…if that is the case than Mueller ALLMIGHTY can and just might be rounding up his “ANGELS” of wrath and paying you a visit also?

  13. I think that every thing that was concocted by these democrats should go back on them. President Trump just scared the hell out of them cause they could not BUY HIM.

  14. I agree with all these comments and I just want to add who and why isn’t Obama, Clinton’s, Pelosi, and the rest of the democrats being investigate they all reek of corruption. Why not have us a wall built for the American people almost all these people have walls to keep them safe we pay these idiots to protect us so why are our citizens being killed. Protect us first. And since when does a old ugly person have a right to order A PRESIDENT around.Pelosi YOU Are NOT OUR sit down and SHUT UP.

  15. Mueller is determined to “get Trump” whatever it takes. He has deviated from the original investigation because he found nothing there. He conducted raids in the middle of the night and imprisoned them and put in solitary confinement for 23 hors per day to intimidate and coerce victims to give him what he wants in exchange for a get out of jail free card. He has skeletons in his own closet that have been overlooked in connection with Whitey Bolger, sale of US uranium under crooked Hillary in exchange for tens of millions of dollars donated to the Clinton Foundation, under which charges she was exonerated before being investigated. He is staffed with Dems who have engaged in prosecutorial misconduct like Andrew Weissman, et al. This whole sham must be stopped in its entirety because it has interfered with a duly-elected president to do the job he was elected to do. But because he beat Mueller’s darling Hillary, he had to be destroyed as per the “insurance” plan hatched by the lovers, Strzok and Page. The onset of the Clintons has caused this country to stoop to unprecedented levels. That wicked woman is evil personified,

  16. Mueller is a worthless, corrupt, dishonest piece of shit.

  17. The American people have been saying for the past YEAR,Stop wasting OUR money on this BOGUS investigation..DUH!!!!! There is nothing to find….Is anyone listening ????? vindictive pelosi is just DEMENTED mentally and physicallydementia,ridden, as we all see in her speeches, and hates trump, and WE are ALL paying for it..Are there and dems who think for themselves???

  18. Bob Mueller is the dirtist cop in our nations history >His crimes stem back decades . And range form supporting and defending terroisum to his complisincy in Urainum one . This entire colusion special councle will nevr end . Because of key facts. 1 it is a distraction and keeping the President from proforming his duties in a manner to witch becoming of a president . 2 Mueller is comtaiminating all evidence he gathers. #3 the President has known the who what when and why about all of this for quite some time and has not interfeared due to aligations of being political bias and the fact Jeff Sessions was either incompent or complisant in all of this and has not been defending the president at all for anything . So without rule of law Mueller has free reogn as elsurpreme

  19. This is ridiculous, there was collusion, but not on the part of Trump, you know, I know it and any new born baby knows it!!!!!!!!!! It is time to wrap this crap up and get on with the work needed for “the people they represent, or supposedly represent!!!!! The republicans who have not helped the President are as guilty of the collusion as the democrats, their hands are just as dirty because they know their hands are in the deep state pockets as well, and going against them will expose their complicity! Let’s get this over with and prosecute the real guilty parties! Enough is enough!

  20. you are all either uneducated or do not read. Hillary was investigated and endured 11 hours of questions in front of congress and never once plead the 5th amendment. your whole website is propaganda for trump.

  21. “Tainted” is being kind! I have absolutely zero confidence that any report filed by Mueller will be anywhere close to fair or balanced. I am confident that it will be heavily weighted to the leftist side. I think that Mueller should be man enough to do the right thing and resign. I believe that after he resigns that ALL of his findings should be collected in one pile and thrown into the fiery furnace!

  22. mueller, has to keep pressure on trump. in order to cover-up his collusion, with the russians in uranium one.

  23. Mueller and all his cronies should be in prison for treason or hung in public…I prefer the latter…civil war is long over due……

  24. The tragedy of it all is the cost to the American taxpayer. The suspicion and allegation were implausible from the outset. If there had been absolute proof or evidence to prove the allegation and justify the suspicion, the intelligence community— which would have had to have that evidence— has NEVER come forth, as a matter of justice, to settle the issue one way or the other. They have done a disservice to the nation since the investigation has cast a giant shadow over the administration’s legitimacy—beyond election—and obstructed the justice of unquestionable loyalty. The democrats have not constituted a “loyal opposition” for decades and there is no sign that they are about to change.
    Until Americans reject them with a consistency which informs them that they are out of touch with the real will of the American people, we will have to tolerate the purposeless, detrimental attitudes, behaviors, policies and tactics which liberalism characterizes as “progressivism.”

  25. The Mueller witch hunt is but a slapstick game between the democratic and republican parties! Nothing more. Clearly, Mueller is a sociopath, not caring who he hurts or what “price” is being extracted from his victims. Little different than the game played at the Kavanaugh hearings with Blasey Ford, the “me, too’s” etc. The main victims are the youth of our nation…
    Probably anyone, if one investigates carefully enough, might have crossed a line, even if inadvertently.
    The Steele dossier, which started Mueller’s “witch hunt”, is a “smoking gun” classic immoral criminal conspiracy (no theory here) between the Clintons, the DNC, and who knows what other parties or people is somehow “OFF” Mueller’s “screen” as collusion in the 2016 election, as is the Bengazi deaths, Uranium to Russia, email privacy fraud by Hillary, etc.
    Yet Mueller chases after non-relevant sideshows such as Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, stormy daniels, and others who have zero to do with alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and anyone else. Yet Mueller lets the Clintons off scott free, even though there is massive evidence of collusion on Hillary’s side to influence the 2016 presidential election.
    Clearly Mueller is just a smoke screen, piling fake news on more fake news to bash Trump and to keep people from thinking about the real issues and to try to get Trump to resign so that they can “get on” with “the new world order”, global currency, globalism, debt servitude and wage servitude, more debt-based money creation, etc.

  26. We did not request the investigation, Dems did. We have to pay for the investigation; Why? There is far too much distortion, distraction, discord, and total bias, if nothing else that the “investigation” has gone far beyond the original intent and venue. With Weissman as an investigator, and a loaded bunch of head hunter lawyers, and two years of milking the Citizens with not even one iota of information it is far too questionable.

  27. You people need to go to a super market to buy some judgments what you don’t have. Don’t you see how many people who are already in trouble. Wait you will see what happening in the next few months.

  28. Do you know there 620,000 deaths in the civil war. North against the south

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  30. Keep it coming. More investigations. So far NO proof Trump joined forces with the Russians to overthrow America. But PLENTY of PROOF of conspiracy and TREASON on the part of the previous administration. Now we need an AG to appear and bring ALL to justice based on the facts!

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